Unpacking and assembling a customized keyboard-sunset80

sunset80 is a customized TKL keyboard kit, this keyboard is really beautiful, with low-key narrow side frame and sunset RGB decorative lights,

And although you can't see it, it is still very trendy mirror weight and titanium mascus press forged titanium weight.

The first experience is really heavy, the keyboard bag I received this time is just the black color I like, Lucky~

Inside, a super-large keyboard cloth is sent, and the positioning board, PCB, and sound-absorbing cotton are also packaged in separate plastic shells.

Opening the curtain, let’s take a recent photo of the titanium mascus counterweight and decorative lamp. Surprisingly, the decorative lamp is also made of the same material, so beautiful~

PCB, in fact, the main feature of this model is welding and steelless configuration, so the fixed position of Gasket is made on PCB instead of positioning board.

Therefore, there is no PCB slotting process like many kits. You can open and install after finishing all the shaft seats with tweezers~

The axis used this time is Wallaby, and Jiadalong’s new flagship is an early stage axis.

I heard that the initial batches of the model were poorly run, and there were a lot of shafts with new oil, which led to smelly shafts.

After the actual test on my side, it has actually been reduced a lot, and only one of the 90 pieces has been oiled.

But there will be an obvious sound of shrapnel, if you mind, you still have to take it apart and re-run it

In terms of actual playing feeling, it is really comfortable. Like a typewriter, the double-segment spring is also very handy.

Of course the volume is not politely loud

However, due to the low grammage of the spring, it is mainly on the blank key. If you use a thicker blank keycap, it may be a bit awkward.

Deliberately raise your hand very slowly, or even fail to rebound,

It can be solved by changing the spring.

This time I was lazy and chose the specifications of hot-swappable and PC positioning boards. I used TX 2023 AP for the satellite axis.

But the steel wire I got this time is slightly crooked, and I still need to make a small concave.

Also done the processing of the patch in the fake shaft and the lubrication of the shaft of XHTBDZ and 105+205MIX.

Finished, like the personal thick sound, stuffed well.

Finally assembled, remember that the PCB cable should be correctly embedded in the groove of the counterweight, the installation of the two cables, and the positioning column of the PCB in the shell also need to be plugged.

There is also a protective film for the weight of the mirror on the back that must be torn off, hehe

Next is the keycap, this time I want dark, blue, decorative lights will also be lit in blue, blue and green, similar to the feeling of the deep sea

So when I saw KAT Atlantis, I was deeply attracted by the replaced ancient symbol keycaps and color schemes, so I decided to choose this one! !

You can see the beautiful two-color molding pattern on the inner side of this model, but the soup mouth on the outer side is a bit obvious, which is a pity for QQ

Done spicy!!!

There is also the typing sound, the overall feeling is not muffled, but brittle between the tea shaft, maybe this is the so-called clack


In fact, this one has some small disadvantages:

1.sunset80 has shaft lights, only white light, and very dark, compared with capslock, other shafts are much dimmer,

When the light is turned on, there is almost no white light, and only a small reflection can be seen on the wallaby shaft of the transparent cover.

In addition, I don't know why it is very dark, but it has 30 levels of brightness,

So I often can't feel his brightness change, and then keep pressing the head, reset until the axis light is turned off, and I have to press it 30 times again.

2. WKL is not a disadvantage at all

In addition to TKL, it is still WKL, that is, without the windows key, there is a subtle symmetrical beauty visually,

But both windows and macOS have very useful functions on the windows key,

For example, range screenshots, clipboard, switching desktops, vscode copy and drag, multi-cursor, etc.,

The last customary configuration is to tie windows to the alt position on the right.

In fact, this is more convenient, because on the macOS used at work, you often need to press a bunch of command+shift+option+ a bunch of keys,

I often get my fingers stuck together, which is not comfortable. At this time, pull the option to the right and press it more accurately~

3. Weight, the weight after assembly is 3.08 kg. Carry this monster to the company for use, commuting until you are sweating profusely and out of breath. Orz

For the above, I probably won't change it for a long time, probably (super guilty.

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