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Unpacking domestic peripherals: Shuangfeiyan's "This Is Street Dance" co-branded keyboard and mouse kit is here

do you know?

Wang Yibo in "This Is Street Dance" was actually not a professional dancer at the beginning. He first debuted as an idol, and then practiced his dancing skills hard. Now he has countless fans with his excellent movements and popularity.

And Lao Huang received the same inspirational peripheral set as Wang Yibo today, which is the co-branded desktop peripheral set of "This is Street Dance" from the Flying Times series under Shuangfeiyan. There are three types of desktop peripheral sets co-branded by Shuangfei Yanfei Era and the fifth season of "This Is Street Dance": FS98 Trendmaster mechanical keyboard + FM30 Trendmaster e-sports mouse + "This Is Street Dance" joint mouse pad.

Do you know about CS1.5? Do you know the wheel mouse? Do you know the tips for the dirty rollers? It's over, you've revealed your age if you know it! In the 1990s, when Internet cafes were still popular with CS, Miracle, Crazy Tank, and Legend, the Shuangfeiyan mouse began to be popular on the desktops of the streets and alleys. A reliable gaming Internet cafe.

As a domestic product, Shuangfeiyan's peripherals have been advancing very fast in recent years. From DIY obscurity in the past few years, to becoming one of the representative brands of domestic desktop peripherals again, aggressiveness is the most important factor.

A4Tech Shuangfei Yanfei Era FS98 trend master IP co-branded mechanical keyboard, this theme is called "Yibowangzhao", which represents the mentor team Wang Yibo. The main color is black and green to highlight the coolness, the base technology blue is embellished with vibrant orange, similar to deeply customized products. The keyboard layout is 98 keys, but the arrow keys have been compacted.

The primary and secondary colors at the bottom of the keyboard are reversed, and the primary green and secondary blue are dotted with orange, highlighting the vitality, dynamism and technological atmosphere. There is a detail at the bottom of the keyboard that I personally find very interesting. Note that the tripod part can be adjusted in two levels of height.

The core reason for buying a mechanical keyboard is naturally the switch. The switch used by the FS98 trend master is the F1 red switch switch of the fine-tuning master. Shuangfeiyan’s R&D team has repeatedly adjusted this trigger force and key through the feedback of the player’s big data. The axis body with just the right distance is sensitive, quiet and fast, which is very suitable for fast-paced battle games. I have used ordinary red switches on the market before, they are rather weak, and sometimes I feel that there is no difference between using it and the 20-piece membrane keyboard, while the F1 red switch of FS98 trend master has human-machine feedback such as rebound strength. , Compared with the ordinary red axis, it has improved too much.

The keycap and the shaft body can be taken out through the shaft extractor attached to the keyboard. The shaft body itself has two asymmetrical contacts, and another support point to form a triangular stable body, so players who want to DIY this keyboard can insert it in the direction pull. Through the exquisite shaft body and circuit design, the starting frequency of this keyboard is as high as 1000Hz, which is much higher than the 125Hz of ordinary keyboards. It is indeed the ecstasy of interstellar players!

The keycap is also a self-developed CAO trendy keycap. This keycap is not only as simple as its stylish appearance, but the four corners of the keycap are ergonomically designed to avoid accidental touches during fast-paced input. Of course I don't scratch my hands anymore. By the way, 2 SHITF and space bar traditional style keycaps are included in the box. If you think the original keycaps are too exaggerated, you can replace them.

The second player to appear on the stage is the A4Tech Shuangfei Yanfei era FM30 fashion master IP co-branded e-sports mouse, which is equipped with a BC3332A customized sensor with a resolution of up to 6200CPI and a refresh rate of up to 8000FPS. Directional skills are more precise.

The color of the mouse body is a mix of black and green, with orange embellishments; there is a small finger rest area on the left side of the mouse, which is not big, but enough; the side buttons are convenient for players to bind shortcut functions, such as many players in "Eternal Tribulation" like it Bind the one-key vibration knife to the side key.

The F/S button on the middle line of the mouse can be bound to the mouse configuration scheme for quick system settings; the resistance and stepping feeling of the scroll wheel are not very strong, which highlights a "sensitivity". Top 50 logo sync.

Compared with the front of the mouse, the bottom of the Shuangfeiyan FM30 Trendy Game Master has a lot to say. Compared with the multi-point design of the traditional mouse, the sliding plate of the mouse has been improved, and it is more stable and smooth when traveling. FM30 provides quick setting of resolution in four gears from 1200 to 6200, and also provides three environmental configuration schemes, including games, multimedia and office, which are mapped to F/S keys corresponding to one-key screenshot/recording and volume level Adjustment and one-key hide/lock screen. By the way, remember to download the "Mouse Master" control software from the A4TECH website in order to activate the above functions.

If it is said that many co-branded products are under the banner of co-branding to fool fans into krypton gold, then this set of co-branded peripherals is quite worthwhile, with everything in appearance, function, and performance. I think even if you are not a fan of "This Is Street Dance" , and can also be attracted by the real value behind this set of products.

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