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[Unpacking] Kuroshio LD.84RGB three-mode mechanical keyboard unpacking

Some time ago, ACECHOO Kuroshio finally released its first product LD84. After using it for a while, the overall experience is still very good. Next, I will share this keyboard with you.

The outer packaging of the keyboard first adopts a pull-out packaging, and the model and brand are intuitively displayed. Next, it adopts a sky-covering shell, with the Kuroshio logo placed in the center. The overall black is simple and elegant, and the damping experience of opening the top cover is good.

Product packaging

The packaging texture is quite good. After opening, there are keyboard body, manual, product warranty card, two-in-one puller and key puller, C-port data cable and a 2.4G wireless receiver, and nothing else. The box is filled with black foam, and the keyboard body is plastic-sealed, which has a certain dust-proof and protective effect.

The overall feeling of the keyboard is square and square, and the DIY playability is high. The keyboard itself can be regarded as a 75% arrangement. This arrangement can be said to have found a balance between practicality and compactness. I have always liked this arrangement.

Keyboard: Acechoo LD-84

Shaft body: Jiadalong green shaft factory run

Liner configuration: inter-axial cushion + bottom cotton (both made of silica gel)

Keycap: Kuroshio yellow gray color matching PBT sublimation keycap set

Battery: Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery

In terms of switch body, this keyboard can choose the green switch, red switch, brown switch, and black switch of Jiadalong manufacturer. Relatively speaking, the selection is narrow, but the keyboard supports hot-swappable switch, and the MX-like switches on the market The switch body can support all the keyboards. We can choose the switch body we like online and buy it back to DIY our own mechanical keyboard.

LD84 is Bluetooth 5.0, wired, 2.4G three-mode. 2.4G can basically connect in seconds, and there is no obvious lag during the game; Bluetooth supports the memory of three devices, and it is easy to switch devices. The 2000mAh battery can also support us for a long time.

There are silicone sound-absorbing pads between the positioning board and the circuit board, as well as between the circuit board and the bottom case, to effectively eliminate the cavity sound and make the typing sound more crisp and comfortable. The outer frame is made of aluminum alloy CNC processing, with high processing precision and good quality control.

It took a lot of time to understand the interior of the keyboard. The color of the Acechoo LD-84 body is white bottom shell + silver aluminum alloy frame. In terms of matching keycaps, I decided to use the yellow-gray keycaps produced by Kuroshio. Use the keycaps of a uniform color to make the overall color matching more coordinated.

yellow gray keycap

The keycap adopts the WDA height design, and the height of the inclined arc is progressive. The process is a single-sided thermal sublimation PBT thermoplastic keycap, which has a delicate hand feel and a more comfortable input experience. I personally like the feel of the keycaps better.

LD-84 is the pioneering work of ACECHOO Kuroshio. The internal structure is very compact, basically 0 cavity, the percussion sound is clear and clear, and the big keys are tight (I personally like the sound of the green switch, and Jiadalong green switch also considered mediocre). ACECHOO Kuroshio handed over a job that I think is qualified. There are no obvious flaws in appearance and no obvious problems in hand feeling. If you pursue DIY design sense and want to experience a more fun RGB keyboard that belongs to you, you will not regret this keyboard. , really really really.

This yellow-gray + pure white color scheme will never get tired of you no matter how many times you look at it.

Keyboard finished picture

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