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Unpacking Peripherals Part 7: Stacking and unpacking! Click lab CL98 mechanical keyboard unpacking

With the improvement of players' demand for individualization, many manufacturers have followed the trend and launched many keyboard products with a lot of selling points in the past two years. With the emergence of competing products, there are leading brands relying on brand advantages, and many domestic upstart brands that take the ultimate cost-effective stacking style have emerged. These products all have sincerity-level pricing that is visible to the naked eye.

Today I will bring such a stacking work: CL98 from the Click lab brand. I hope that this unboxing from the user's perspective can give some comparison references to friends who are interested in buying such products.

CL98 has been iterated to 3.0, which is known as the full body version. Based on the technology and experience of the previous generation of products, this time the product will be more mature.

Click lab CL98 is currently available on Taobao. Users can choose a single kit (without shaft and keycap 419), TTC gold powder V2 (699), CL custom shaft (TTC OEM 599), etc. TTC has been out of the circle since gold powder isometric bodies After that, relying on the good quality, stable performance and word-of-mouth of its own products, it was well received in the customization circle, and its feel quality is also relatively credible.

In terms of accessories, in addition to the regular manual, C-mount threaded rubber cable, and key puller, it also comes with a transparent dust cover, additional key caps, and replacement shafts*4.

Click lab CL98 adopts a practical and relatively compact 98-arrangement key design. The compact layout makes the keyboard more refined and outstanding in appearance compared with 104 and other full-size keyboards. White, as a fashionable evergreen color, also has a very good appearance when matched with black and white themed keycaps.

The 98 configuration removes the editing area, retains the direction area and the number area, retains the uppercase and lowercase and number indicators, and the maximum bar light used to display the connection and lighting effect status. It is also very recognizable with the nameplate decoration of the top brand logon.

The two indicator lights are close to the keys, very creative, intuitive and easy to understand.

The left and right win buttons adopt a coverable design, and you can choose the normal arrangement or the front teeth (friendly to the game scene). The adjustment of the win on the right and the direction area is very reasonable and harmonious for me. 98 and 65 arrangement are also my personal favorites. I like the practical arrangement of the keyboard.

The brass-colored inscription on the top is very decorative. Although it is a plastic shell, it enhances the texture.

I don’t know if the 2.4g storage compartment on the back is a case or a design reason. The magnetic sheet attached to the back cover fell off, which made the back cover unable to close, which is a bit regrettable.

The four toggle switches respectively control MIC, WIN switching, power supply, Bluetooth switch, and 2.4G mode. I personally prefer physical switches, which are easy to use and have a strong sense of confirmation in functions with low frequency of use. The area is a constraint, and it is more flexible and slender when you need to switch.

The details at the edge turning are still in place, and there is no low-level flaw in the eyes.

In terms of the switch body, the click lab switch (cl) manufactured by TTC has not been released by the official. The cherry red switch is convenient for everyone to understand that it has a linear feel. Since the expiration of the cherry patent, the mechanical keyboard switch has also been available in a variety of versions. This CL axis is composed of a PC transparent upper cover with a POM axis, a nylon lower cover and a long spring. The trigger pressure of about 42g is also the most popular force range of the current linear axis, and the friction triggered by pressing is optimized. And spring sound and shake feeling. The friction and spring sound and shaking feeling triggered by pressing are handled well.

The consistency and smoothness of pressing are unexpectedly high. Visually, it has been lubricated by the factory, and there are not many shafts that have been touched. However, compared with the price of TTC gold powder, I personally feel that the cl shaft may be more cost-effective.

In addition, the PCB and POM positioning board are filled with PORON sandwich cotton, ixpe shaft underpad, and silicone bottom pad. The investment in these customized kit matching solutions brings the percussion cavity sound and shock feeling that mass-produced keyboards have. Common problems have been greatly eliminated. And thanks to the separation of the Gasket small board and the PCB and the help of the filler, the pressing under the leaf spring structure also has a certain soft elastic feeling, and the overall feel feedback is quite good.

Hot-swapping is also a standard configuration of many keyboards nowadays. For novice users, it can greatly improve the DIY and playability of the product, and lower the threshold for customization. It is also very simple to change the shaft. Use the shaft puller to press the shaft Gently pry the lid open. With the included key puller, you can easily replace the diy shaft body. It is also compatible with ordinary tripod and pentapod axes, as long as it is an MX-like axis. The shaft body adopts LED and transparent shaft cover, and the SMD LED at the bottom of the upper light position design is also relatively clear and obvious, and the keycap design has a tight gap, and the light is not dazzling.

The keycap is PBT two-color injection molding, with clear characters and elegant style, moderate thickness, fine and smooth surface, and dry and delicate touch. Supplements and even seven-character carriage returns are compatible with other keycaps.

In terms of connection, the Click lab CL98 three-mode wireless hot-swappable mechanical keyboard supports Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connections. Its anti-interference and stability performed well during the experience period. The Bluetooth connection typing test of the computer/mobile phone was carried out respectively. During the experience process, there was basically no sense of delay. Although the stability needs to be verified for a long time, the field office The use of input requirements can be fully satisfied. And it can match three devices at the same time, and the delay of the second cut is almost impossible to check, which is very useful for multi-device users.

The battery life of the keyboard is also good. The official 3000mAh lithium battery does not provide reference data, but according to the battery life experience of several wireless keyboards with similar capacity I have, it is estimated that the Bluetooth mode/2.4G mode can give almost 200 days. / About 150 days plus the keyboard itself is not very mobile and can be supplemented by plugging in according to the power indicator at any time and supports wireless Qi charging. In theory, there is almost no constraint and anxiety of wireless use.

The compact layout makes the keyboard more refined and outstanding in appearance compared with full-size keyboards such as 104, and it is only a little longer than the 65 layout, while the reservation of the direction area and the number area makes it more practical and practical than other small layouts. It is convenient, and because it occupies a small space on the desktop, it is very friendly to students and cost-effective parties.

Judging from the experience of several days, this is a relatively mature cost-effective stacking product launched by emerging manufacturers after several iterations. The black and white color matching and styling have a very versatile appearance. PBT keycaps, the most popular and well-recognized gasket structure scheme, and TTC customized shafts bring quite good feel feedback. Compared with the mass-produced competing products at similar prices, it is still very cost-effective, of course, there are some in the experience. Defects, such as the falling off of the bottom storage compartment cover and the detailed experience of the toggle switch, have room for improvement, but in general, the impression and experience this time are quite good. Combined with the price of a certain treasure 599 and the evaluation feedback of the hands-on group friends, it is quite worth recommending to practical users.

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