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Upgrade the list of desktop good things for working at home, these few boys and girls like to come and see~

Recently, I spend a lot of time at home, and I don’t like to go out when it’s hot, and I changed the class to three days a week, and exercise or study at home at other times.

Staying at home for a long time actually increases the time spent facing the computer, in order to work more comfortably and avoid bad posture. I started with a few desktop goodies. After using it for a while, I feel very good, so I will share it with you today.

The days of working from home really prolong the time of sitting in front of the computer. People like me who hardly sit for a long time suffer from backache and discomfort. In May, I developed backache and stiff shoulders and necks. Chatting with friends, I found that everyone has made a lift table or a lift table. There are two computer desks at home, so this time I chose Lege's MX1 lifting desk.

The installation process may take only two minutes. After installation, you can see that MX1 adopts a dual-platform design, and there is a 12cm height difference between the two platforms. The upper platform is used to place a computer or monitor, and the lower platform is used to place a keyboard and mouse.

When the MX1 is at the height of the desktop, it acts as a computer stand, allowing us to look up to the display screen. Relieves discomfort in the neck and shoulders.

When it is raised to the standing position, it can also fit everyone's height needs well to meet the standing office with parallel vision. The entire lifting process is very stable and smooth ~ without any noise at the same time!

Don’t worry about the load, the MX1 can bear a weight of 15KG, and our notebook, iPad, and display screen can be put together without any problem~ I even climbed to the highest point and pressed down hard, as a 50KG blogger Lord, use your upper body weight to press down ~ it's still stable.

There are soft anti-wear foot covers at the bottom four corners of the lift table, which will not scratch our desktop or our body. All contact points and surfaces have been carefully processed. Bonus points are the rounded table top edges and the lift handle that feels comfortable to the touch.

The material of the entire lifting platform is thickened and bold, and it is thick enough to be seen by the naked eye. My dad said that the current things are really thoughtful, and they are made with great care. It is very important to protect the cervical spine~ so he hugged it to his computer desk and used it for a day, saying that it is quite comfortable to work while standing, and it is really easy to sit without bowing your head for a long time.

The new home has been decorated, and it is nice to buy a Lege lift desk. It is very nice to do it in one step~ I strongly recommend the Lege lift desk. If you just want to get a new desk in your home, you can directly lift the desk in one step! There are too many tables in my old courtyard, so I chose the lift table as a compromise. The lifting platform is smaller and more convenient to move back and forth, one can be used by the whole family. Just buy what you need~

The prodigal eye is not only the favorite of boys, but as a girl, I really love the ROG logo ~ it's very cool! When we buy electronic products, we first look at the brand awareness in the industry, and ASUS belongs to the first echelon. The second is to look at the value of the face, the value of the face is justice~

Compared to wireless Bluetooth mice and keyboards, I still like the practicality of wired, as long as the computer has power, they can work efficiently. So this time I chose the cable version of the three-piece set~ Let's have a family portrait.

The detailed experience of ROG is in every aspect. There are clear logos and English logos on the bundle of the data cable. It's really fascinating~ so I plan to make a whole set of ROG, and it must be cooler to match the display and the host!

The keyboard that is covered with moonlight in a second after the computer is really dull on the face, the really beautiful and cool blue and white light, coupled with the background color of the silver-white keyboard, is full of high-end feeling ~ the light can be adjusted by yourself, I like the default This color is too advanced.

This mechanical keyboard has an 84-key design, which is 20% smaller than the standard version. Compared with ordinary keyboards, the numeric keypad on the right is canceled, unlocking more desktop space.

This keyboard uses the NX mechanical switch body independently developed by ROG. It feels great, crisp, clean and excellent rebound. As a girl, I also like the mechanical keyboard with a full sense of operation.

The small details of the keyboard are in place. The bottom of the keyboard is made of brushed metal and frosted stitching, which is full of technology. The height adjustment on the back matches your different needs for the height of the keyboard. Anyway, I am very satisfied with it~

The combination of white and gray is the matching color of this three-piece suit. Clean and high-end, the earphone soft case is particularly comfortable, and the left and right sides are ROG and the brand logo, which are quite recognizable.

There are also "player" text and logo at the extended connection, and various small details are handled in place.

The sound quality is nothing to say, the stereo sound of the left and right ears is very good, and the effect of passive noise reduction is also very ideal.

Even in summer, this headset does not feel stuffy~ At the same time, the stability is good, and it will not fall when you lower your head and shake your head left and right.

White is a suitable color for both boys and girls. Wearing it and playing games is completely immersive and enjoyable! It's a pity that I don't know how to play online games, so I just use it to listen to music and concerts!

Smooth and sensitive ~ is an accurate summary of this mouse, gaming-grade sensor, it is a mouse with a 6200DPI gaming-grade sensor, it can track at a speed of 220IPS, and a polling rate of 1000Hz, a real gaming weapon. Such a hard-core configuration and a lightweight design of 72g really make this mouse shine.

Shadow Blade 2 is also available in black. Boys who like dark colors choose cool black, which makes your mouse the focus of the entire desktop.

Two more great features:

First, its unique direct button touch system achieves 0 gap, 0 delay, and the real one-touch eliminates the empty key travel, making the feel more stable and the life of the mouse longer.

Second, ergonomic design, lightweight and symmetrical hand-shaped mouse, the classic low-back streamlined design is upgraded again, taking into account flexibility and different holding methods, smooth operation, comfortable touch and no slippage.

I don’t want to exaggerate the appearance, but the three pieces in this series are really good-looking~ It’s so good-looking.

ROG's Yueyaobai three-piece set is my favorite recently, and I will change it when the computer is new! Upgrading office goods can improve work efficiency a lot, and the money is worth it!

Apple's battery is really not durable, so I have to bring a power bank in my bag every time I go out, so I have three power banks, but my favorite recently is this wireless magnetic power bank from Momis! It is an external battery➕mobile phone holder. When you are working, you can prop it up and put it on the table to support the mobile phone, so as to avoid the pressure on the cervical spine caused by looking down at the information.

It doesn’t matter if the computer’s accessories are wired, because the computer is used at home every day and is rarely taken out~ But the mobile phone is different. I can’t wait to follow me 24 hours a day, so the wired power bank is relatively troublesome.

In the past month or so, the power bank has really been inseparable from the mobile phone~ I carry it everywhere, it feels integrated with the mobile phone, and I don’t feel that I can’t hold it. On the contrary, the mobile phone is not easy to slip out of my hand! When the charging treasure is close to the back of the mobile phone, it will immediately suck it. You don’t need to find an angle, and the suction is stable and does not slip.

Let's just say that this posture of looking at the phone~ Doesn't it look like an old man? But it’s really good for the cervical spine. I don’t have any cervical spine problems, so I recommend everyone to look at the phone at the same level and don’t keep looking down~

This power bank of Momis can also be charged horizontally, it is really magnetic ~ quite stable! MagSafe is accurate in positioning and can be used in various angles. It supports PD20W wired fast charging and 15W wireless fast charging at the same time. You can switch between wired and wireless at will. At the same time, the speed is increased a lot, and the battery can be fully charged to 60% in half an hour.

When exercising, I change equipment back and forth. It is inconvenient to take down my mobile phone if I want to take a photo if I put it there for charging.

There are three colors for this one, mine is Yuanfeng blue, which matches my mobile phone color better, and it also matches the style of daily clothes better. The other two colors are also very good, Vitality Purple and Blue Gray ~ The weight of the power bank itself is very light, only 155 grams, so it will not have any sense of presence. On the contrary, the mobile phone is always charged, which makes people feel safe.

The several good office products shared today are both good-looking and powerful. They are also some items that I have used for a while and are really easy to use. I will slowly expand my office desktop and upgrade while learning in the station. ~ I hope everyone will share more of their office goodies! We learn from each other~

Finally, thank you for reading and liking, remember to like, follow and comment! I love you~Jiu Mi❤️

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