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Upstart GM780, GM980 Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard Picture Appreciation Review: Make the Colors More Charming

Speaking of upstarts, do you still only think of national style? Since Upstart launched the brand-new GM780 and GM980 three-mode mechanical keyboard, it has been upgraded several levels in the hearts of young users. After all, who doesn’t love a keyboard with high appearance and fashion sense?

GM780 and GM980 are not only the first three-mode mechanical keyboards equipped with Gasket structure, they are also equipped with the linear star switch and paragraph Dailuo switch jointly customized with Kaihua, plus the current mainstream three-mode wireless connection, full key Bit hot-swappable, RGB backlight, compact layout, etc., make it have a good performance in terms of appearance, hardware configuration and percussion feel.

The upstart GM780 and GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboards both adopt the same design style. The retro body shape and three-color transparent shell body not only bring super high appearance performance, but also make it The visual recognition is very high, you can remember it and recognize it with just one glance.

Upstart GM780 is a 78-key layout scheme. Although the keys in the F area are completely deleted, the number keypad is retained and the direction keypad is sunken. The input function is relatively complete and can meet the daily use of users. needed. Upstart GM980 is a 100-key layout scheme. Although it retains the complete F-zone function, the F-zone and the main keypad adopt a compact layout design, so it will take a while for users who have never used a 98-like layout scheme. adapted.

The functions of the keyboard are very rich, and they are basically concentrated on the top position on the right side, such as the Type-C interface, power switch, toggle switch for switching between three modes, and the orange system switching button, making it practical and convenient Sexual performance is very good. The system switching button can not only realize the quick switching between Windows and MacOS, but also quickly identify the current system status through the light above it.

The keyboard is matched with a set of original height PBT two-color injection keycaps. The surface has a slightly matte texture, which feels dry and non-sticky to the touch, and the design of closed characters also makes it more aesthetically pleasing. The theme keycaps attached to keyboards with different colors are all made of more colorful five-sided sublimation technology, which can make the appearance of the keyboard and the theme color more prominent.

These two keyboards are also very rich in optional switch bodies, including the Xingkong switch and Dailuo switch jointly customized by Xingui and Kaihua, as well as the currently well-known Kaihua BOX White and Jiadalong G Silver Pro. Among them, the star axis is a linear axis with light pressure, and the side wall of the axis and the inside of the axis seat are also lubricated. Together with the guide rail structure, it can provide a smoother and more stable pressing performance. The Dailuo shaft is a shaft body with an advanced feel. The guide rail structure and the small feet of the shaft center are also thinned, which can improve the smoothness of pressing, reduce the noise of the shaft body and internal noise, and exceed 70 million click lifetime.

They are all equipped with RGB backlight, and the lighting effects can be switched through FN+combination keys, and the brightness and speed of lighting effects can also be adjusted through FN+direction keys. Not only are they rich in playability, but also soft in visual performance, and they are also very easy to use. At the same time, they also provide three connection modes: wired, 2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth, and support the full-key no-touch solution in all three modes. In Bluetooth mode, it can also support up to 3 device connections, and can support devices The seamless switching between them makes the user experience quite good. The built-in 3000mAh lithium battery can also provide 100 hours of battery life in the dark state, and about 10 hours of battery life after turning on the highest light brightness, which is enough for daily use, and the convenient Type-C interface and side charging The side-use solution also allows users to not worry about insufficient power.

Both the upstart GM780 and GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboards are equipped with the Gasket structure that is currently favored by users. While canceling the screw support and fixing structure, the thick soft silicone pad filled on the PCB and the bottom case, and multiple pieces The soft rubber material is fixed, which not only effectively suppresses the noise when the keyboard is tapped, but also improves the hand feel to a certain extent. However, since these two keyboards are equipped with metal positioning plates, they also have a certain impact on the soft bullets that are exclusive to Gasket, so you can still feel a slightly tough feedback when bottoming out. It depends on personal preference.

Generally speaking, the stepped structure, ice-through casing and three different color schemes adopted by these two keyboards have brought them high recognition and high-value performance, while the mainstream configuration and Gasket structure And the two customized shafts that debuted for the first time can also provide practical use performance and comfortable feel performance.

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