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Upstart GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard evaluation: Gasket 98 new choice

Upstart recently released two new keyboard products, GM780 and GM980, which adopt the Gasket structure. Both keyboards adopt the same transparent shell retro style design, provide three color schemes, and are also equipped with the current mainstream three-mode Hot-swappable solution, with RGB backlight and two shaft bodies jointly customized with Kaihua, it has a good performance in appearance and hardware configuration. Before, the author has brought you the evaluation of the GM780 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, and then follow the author to see how the GM980 three-mode hot-swap mechanical keyboard performs.


Like the GM780, the upstart GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard provides three color schemes: scorching sun, starry sky and foggy mountain. The one I got is the scorching sun color scheme. The theme color is also consistent with the outer packaging of the fuselage, and it is very convenient to identify. The brand, model and product feature identification are provided on the package, and the simple design style makes it easier for users to understand product features and specifications. In terms of accessories, there are manuals, key pullers, USB Type-C cables, five-sided sublimation-themed keycaps, and replacement shafts. The accessories are still relatively rich.


The upstart GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard adopts the same design language as GM780. The retro body shape and multi-color transparent shell body not only bring super high appearance performance, but also have a higher visual resolution. The keyboard adopts a 98-like arrangement scheme, and the F area and the main key area adopt a compact layout style. It has a complete number key area and a sunken direction area. At the same time, two additional keys are added to the right side of the F area to ensure the body In addition to the size, it also provides users with a more complete input experience. Of course, the compact F-zone layout still needs a period of time to get used to when pressing blindly. The number keypad and the main keypad are vertically separated, which reduces the difficulty for users to get started, and also provides a place for the status indicator light, making it easier to identify in daily use. Like the GM780, this keyboard also has a theme decoration strip on the top, and the orange button on the right provides the system switching function. It looks beautiful and practical, and is user-friendly enough. If the decorative strip is replaced by magnetic suction, it is believed that it can also bring more appearance and play methods to the keyboard, making the keyboard more innovative.

In terms of combined key functions, this keyboard provides lighting control, multimedia control, calling system programs, wireless mode switching, and some function key calls, etc., with the right-moving FN key and the logo on the keycap, allowing users to get started. Easier, faster, and easier to use. At the same time, the MacOS keys are also marked on the bottom row of keys, and it can be seen that this keyboard has also been adapted to the MacOS system, and the details are still very considerate.

The top right side provides a USB Type-C interface, a power switch, and a three-mode switching switch. The switches are all toggle switches, with a clear feel and precise gear positions, which can reduce the error rate under blind operation. The orange round button is a system switching button, which supports dual system switching of windows/MacOS. The light in the middle is also convenient for users to identify the current system status of the keyboard. This design is still very good. The highly versatile USB Type-C interface also allows users to easily find various compatible cables to charge the keyboard, or use it in a wired state, which also has excellent convenience.

It adds rich oblique lines on the top of the bottom case, which not only ensures the flatness of the bottom case, but also creates a more layered look and feel. Through the transparent bottom shell, you can also see that the interior is filled with a thick bottom silicone pad, which is very helpful for improving the feel and reducing noise. The four corners of the keyboard provide long strips of non-slip foot pads, the left and right sides of the top are two-stage feet with non-slip rubber, and the middle position is a magnetic metal information nameplate. The layout is simple and clear. Users can adjust the inclination of the keyboard by adjusting the two-stage support feet on the top to reduce the fatigue caused by long-term use and make the input experience easier and more comfortable. The magnetic metal nameplate in the middle provides the specification information of the keyboard, and can act as a storage compartment cover, so that users can store the wireless adapter with confidence, and the details are still in place.


The upstart GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard provides four types of switches, including the starry sky switch and Dailuo switch jointly customized with Kaihua, and the currently well-known Kaihua BOX White and Jiadalong G Silver Pro. The author got the Kaihua BOX white switch designed for paragraph feel. This shaft body has a moderate sense of paragraph, moderate trigger pressure and crisp and transparent "Click" also make this shaft body have a clear sense of rhythm when tapping, and also have high smoothness and stability when pressing , the overall performance is still very good. The satellite axis scheme is adopted for the large key position, and the feel adjustment is also very good. The vibration and abnormal noise are properly controlled, and the feel is neat and crisp, and the performance is still very good. The GM980 series keyboard is also equipped with a full-key hot-swappable solution, which is compatible with three-legged switches and five-legged switches, making it easier and more convenient for users to replace switches, and also provides higher playability performance for the keyboard.

The keyboard is equipped with a set of PBT double-color injection keycaps with the height of the original factory. The colors of the keycaps also correspond to their respective theme schemes, which greatly improves the overall appearance of the keyboard. The keycap is a closed character scheme with an opaque design. The surface has a slightly frosted texture, which has an excellent tactile performance, and the PBT material has good oil resistance and wear resistance, which can resist surface wear in daily use. The resulting problems such as blurred characters and greasy feeling take into account both tactility and durability. The included theme keycaps are treated with five-sided thermal sublimation process, with gorgeous colors and delicate touch. The embellishment also has a good performance, and can further enhance the appearance of the keyboard.

RGB backlight:

Upstart GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard supports RGB backlight scheme, supports color adjustment of about 16.8 million colors, and can adjust lighting effect, brightness, color, dynamic speed, etc. through combination keys, and still has a lot of light playability Well done. In terms of visual performance, although the brightness of the light is weaker, the white steel plate and transparent shell scheme also make the light look softer and more uniform. The light is projected on the desktop through the surroundings of the shell, which can also create a good lighting atmosphere. environment is more pronounced. Rich lighting gameplay and good visual performance, whether it is for night recognition or as a desktop lighting display, it has a good effect.

Use test:

The upstart GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard adopts the Gasket structure that is currently favored by users, cancels the screw support and fixing structure, and the metal positioning plate is fixed on the fuselage by multiple soft rubber materials. The PCB and the bottom case are filled with very thick soft silicone pads, which not only suppresses knocking noise, but also improves the feel to a certain extent. However, the addition of metal positioning boards still has a certain impact on the softness and elasticity of the hand feel. When pressing the bottom, there is still a slightly tough hand feeling feedback. If it is replaced with a mainstream PC positioning board, I believe the hand feeling feedback will be softer and softer. This keyboard has a built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, which can provide about 100 hours of battery life in the dark state, and about 10 hours of battery life under the highest brightness of the light, which is enough for daily use. The USB Type-C interface and the solution of charging and using at the same time also allow users to recharge the keyboard at any time without worrying about insufficient power.

This keyboard also provides three connection schemes: wired, 2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth. In Bluetooth mode, it supports switching among up to 3 paired devices. It also has good compatibility with Windows/Mac OS/IOS/Android operating systems. , it is friendly enough for multi-platform and multi-device users. At the same time, it also adapts the MacOS keys, allowing users to use it immediately, which is very convenient. In the three modes, the keyboard provides a full-key no-reverse solution, which can avoid operation errors or interference caused by key interference, and is more handy to deal with various usage scenarios. In the wireless state, the connection performance is also stable enough, there is no freeze, failure, disconnection, etc., and the user experience is still very good. The keyboard also provides a wealth of combined key functions, which can also realize quick control of lighting and multimedia, which is very practical and convenient in daily use.


The upstart GM980 three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard adopts a 98-like configuration scheme. The family-oriented body shape scheme and various color schemes also bring higher visual recognition. Bring a wealth of options. The compact key layout, hot-swappable design, Gasket structure, and three-mode connection scheme also have a good experience in daily use, allowing users to obtain multiple enjoyments in terms of feel and hearing. At present, the GM980 series keyboards have been officially released. The official price starts at 649 yuan, which coincides with the 618 promotion. The price starts at 599 yuan. Users who like it may wish to pay more attention.

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