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Very e-sports atmosphere, can also play with the lights, Dujia G series keyboard and mouse set hands-on experience


This time, the landlord has got the newly launched Durga GK90 Nebula RGB gaming mechanical keyboard and GM90 Nebula RGB gaming mouse set. Compared with its own hot-selling K series and FUSION retro series mechanical keyboards, the new G series is completely different in appearance. Changing the previous style, the design is more e-sports. The GK90 keyboard is equipped with an optical axis solution, and a split ice silk wrist rest and multimedia control area are added. Quantification, how about the detailed design and experience of the new product, let’s have a deeper understanding together.

Simple out of the box

The packaging style of Duga’s new Gaming G series keyboard and mouse is mainly black and orange. You can see the appearance diagram of the product on the front, and the functional features and production information are marked on the side of the box▼

The inner packaging of the GK90 keyboard is divided into upper and lower layers. It is still equipped with a transparent dust cover as standard, and the wrist rest and other accessories are placed below. The plastic foam on both sides of the product is very stable and can play a good role. Protective effect▼

In terms of accessories, a key puller, a shaft puller and a paper manual are included▼

The packaging accessories of the GM90 mouse are also relatively simple. Inside the box are the mouse body and paper instructions▼

Appearance details

The GK90 Nebula RGB gaming mechanical keyboard adds more decorative elements to the peripheral design. It is not difficult to see that it has a very e-sports style. The single size of the keyboard is: 502×165×35mm, and the width can reach up to 256mm, this size is not very friendly for small desktop users. It adopts a standard 104-key arrangement, and also adds RGB lighting effects to display the ambient lighting effects on the side. In terms of color matching, the owner chose dark gray, and there is also bright white. You can choose ▼

The keyboard is equipped with a wrist rest as standard, and it fits very well with the keyboard after assembly. The combination method without snaps makes it easier to disassemble and assemble. The material of the wrist rest is ABS and ice silk fabric, and the inside is filled with memory foam. It is soft and elastic and has a good lining. The addition of ice silk makes it feel skin-friendly and smoother. Long-term use can effectively relieve fatigue▼

The keyboard and the wire are inseparable. The wire is made of braided wire with a soft texture. It is more convenient to arrange the wires on the desktop. At the same time, the exit on the rear side of the keyboard is reinforced with a bend to enhance durability▼

The keycap still adopts the R height, and the right key has a number key area, above which is the function indicator light and the multimedia volume wheel control area. The function key area still retains the secondary function items, which are realized through the Fn+ key. , It is also more convenient for daily use ▼

In the area of ​​the upper right corner of the keyboard, a new multimedia volume roller control is added, and the damping feeling of pulling is lighter. For users, it is more convenient to use the roller to adjust the volume of the multimedia control than the combination of buttons▼

An independent RGB light strip is set on the left side of the keyboard, and the lighting effect display can be set independently with the driver software. In addition, L-shaped lighting decorations are also added on both sides of the periphery, and the lighting effect display of the keys makes the entire keyboard have The atmosphere of better lighting effect display is just right for users who like RGB lighting effects▼

The material of the keycap is PBT+ABS two-color injection molding process. The advantage is that it will not be oiled for a long time, and it is not easy to wear. The characters are displayed clearly at the same time, and it has good light transmission. The F key area still retains four multimedia keys. , which is also realized through Fn+ keys ▼

The most conspicuous thing at the bottom of the keyboard is the X-shaped workmanship. Compared with the previous Duga keyboard, it has been greatly improved. It is still not difficult to see its mecha-style design idea, and the vision is more layered. In the middle is the information sticker, which is non-slip The foot pads are set at the four corners of the keyboard, so that the keyboard can be placed flat and stable on the desktop▼

The foot support supports one-stage adjustment, and when used with the wrist rest, the height of the keyboard is just right▼

The Duga GK90 keyboard is equipped with Jiadalong optical axis. The triggering of the optical axis is faster than that of the mechanical axis. The life of the key is as high as 80 million times. The touch of the keys, the large key position adopts the satellite axis scheme, Dujia’s own adjustment skills are quite good, it is stable and the rebound is fast and crisp, and you can also see the built-in silicone layer from the gap of the space bar position, its Adding can effectively improve the button feel▼

In addition, the installed Jiadalong optical axis supports hot-swapping. From the structural point of view, it only supports Jiadalong’s axis body, but it also adds a certain amount of playability. You can also see the built-in lamp beads, which transmit light through the axis body. This design makes the lighting effect display better▼

The technology of the keycap is PBT+ABS two-color injection molding process, which has excellent light transmission effect, and this kind of closed characters is not easy to wear, combined with the wear-resistant characteristics of PBT material, it is durable and also takes into account the key feel▼

experience test

After the keyboard and mouse are powered on, the overall lighting effect display effect is very good. The design styles of the two match very well, and it is difficult to hide their own e-sports atmosphere. In addition, it also supports ambient lighting effect display on the left and side. The GM90 mouse itself is equipped with a light strip area, which also supports RGB lighting effect display▼

The light transmittance of the keycap is very good, and with the white light guide base plate, the light effect display is also relatively delicate, and the light effect scheme can be set with the driver, and the proper light play for the year▼

A closer look at the individual color of the keycap is soft and not dazzling, and the light leakage is also very well controlled when viewed from the side▼

There is also a light strip on the left side of the keyboard, which also supports RGB display, which is the icing on the cake for friends who like light pollution, but in terms of effect mode, it only supports three light effect modes: static, breathing, and color cycle▼

In addition, an inverted L-shaped light effect display is also set on the side skirt, which supports independent light effect display effects, and can also be linked with the keyboard light effect. In general, Dujia played light pollution to the extreme this time▼

Let’s take a look at the GM90 gaming mouse. It is built with brand-new abrasive tools, with a symmetrical design for left and right hands. It supports RGB magic light strip display. The weight is only 70g, which is very light. The three-dimensional size of 128*70*38mm makes the whole mouse look and feel. It is also very technological ▼

The mouse has a total of 9 function buttons, which can be personalized with the driver. The equipped Kaihua micro-movement has a lifespan of about 60 million times. The non-slip side skirts on the side are made of soft rubber, which has a relatively good anti-slip effect. The texture continues the scheme of the previous generation▼

The grip of the whole mouse is more comfortable and full, and there is no sense of disobedience for my 17cm hand. The built-in PMW3327 optical sensor supports up to 6200DPI. There are no obvious shortcomings in the price of more than 100 yuan ▼

The desktop solution supporting the G series keyboard and mouse looks more comfortable as a whole▼

The function settings of Durgod Zeus Engine driver software of Durga are also very powerful. Users can use it to set more detailed settings for the keyboard and mouse, and can also adjust the button functions and lighting effect display effects individually. The overall interface is simple and user-friendly. You can quickly enter the subdivided function setting options. In the custom function, you can change the combination of keys and choose a solution that suits you. The lighting setting option also provides a wealth of modes to choose from, and you can also customize it. Personalized setting and display effect scheme, the most important thing is that it can be connected with Razer's peripherals and supports Nebula function. Users can upload the set configuration scheme to the server, and it can be easily synchronized in the future▼

In the process of using, the experience brought by Dujia's Dujia G series keyboard and mouse set is still very good. The keys of the Jiadalong optical axis of the keyboard feel light and crisp, and the rebound is fast and powerful, combined with the fast optical axis. The trigger method is very suitable for gaming and e-sports. It is worthy of the name of e-sports. It is more comfortable to use with the matching hand rest. The soft lining feels skin-friendly and comfortable. Whether it is games or code words, it is very Good feeling, suitable for long-term use, but also makes up for the lack of palm-parallel keyboard height.

In terms of mouse experience, Kaihua’s micro-movement buttons feel crisp, with quick rebound and strong feedback. The symmetrical design feels comfortable for me with a hand length of 17cm. It is suitable for lying or grasping. PMW3327 optical Although the sensor only supports 6200DPI, the fast moving response is smooth, the pointer does not shake or drift, and it can cope with all kinds of games well, and there is no obvious shortcoming in use. After all, no matter which mouse is used in daily life, DPI adjustment Not more than 5000▼

final summary

The Durga G series keyboard and mouse set has brought a brand-new appearance design, which is in line with the positioning of e-sports in terms of appearance and function. The GK90 Nebula RGB gaming mechanical keyboard is equipped with the Jiadalong optical axis with fast response, the keys feel light and crisp, and it also supports heat dissipation. Plug and unplug, the RGB lighting display effect is colorful, and the GM90 Nebula RGB gaming mouse also has a new appearance design. It has a relatively good experience in terms of grip buttons and performance, and it is very playable with the Durgod Zeus Engine driver.

Combined with the price of 539 yuan and 149 yuan after the discount of GK90 keyboard and GM90 mouse, it has a relatively good attractiveness in terms of cost performance. Friends who like it can pay attention to it.

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