Vitality Digital Chapter 23: What else can a keyboard do besides typing? as a toy

As a management consultant, there are thousands of documents from my hands, and the number of words should be millions. Frankly speaking, although there is copy and paste, most of the content is still typed by hand.

Therefore, I am very particular about input efficiency, and I have high requirements for the keyboard. It must feel Q-bouncing and touch-sensitive.

But is it all there? What else can a keyboard do besides typing?

When I have no projects, I am a KOL, and I love everything that is playable, fun, and new to experience.

What does a playable keyboard look like?

This is the skyloong customized mechanical keyboard kit gk75+ I am playing

Xiaoduchong is a domestic geek brand that has been very popular in recent years, and those who play customized keyboards are more familiar with it. It's just in time for his house's Crazy Kit Festival, and there are many kits that are doing activities, so it's an advantage to start at this moment.

I chose the 75-key arrangement that I didn't play much before, and purchased an additional set of shafts and keycaps. When I first started learning to play, I wanted to share my playing process with you.

Back to the root of the keyboard, it is still an input device. Whether the input experience is good or not, many people attribute it to the switch body, which is actually a bit one-sided. For a geek keyboard, both the shaft body and the keycap are added value, and the foundation of the foundation is the motherboard.

Let's play with the motherboard first, this is the keyboard itself that you will see first after unpacking. After removing the keycaps and shafts, the keyboard looks like this.

Coupled with the RGB light effect, from this angle, it looks very geeky, as if it is a precision device in operation. After removing the shaft body, the brilliance is even more eye-catching.

Looking at it from all angles, the design on the back is very simple, and the coffee-colored shell reveals horizontal and vertical internal lines, full of geek style.

There are two height options for the feet, one is tall and the other is short. Including the fully stowed state, there are 3 heights available, which can meet the usage habits of most people.

Read it, remember it, forget it, now we dismantle it. That's right, how can you see the motherboard without dismantling it? As I said just now, you need to choose a good motherboard to play with the keyboard.

Disassemble the frame, it looks like the above, it is very simple, continue, let's take a look at the patented flick gasket structure of the nerd.

Between the positioning plate and the main board, there is a layer of patented flick gasket integrated cushion, silicone sandwich + shaft underlayment, integrated design, you can take a closer look.

The pad under the shaft is only 0.2mm thick, and it is molded with high precision, which can reduce the noise of keystrokes, improve the soft touch, and is reliable and durable.

Below is the main board. The geek customization kit of Xiao Zong Zong adopts multi-chip, low-latency system-level main board to balance the hardware distribution.

32-bit M3 main control MCU, 8M Flash onboard storage, 3 channels of 256-level RGB color management chips, and 3 channels of high-speed I/O expansion chips.

The 3-mode chipset comes from Nordic Semiconductor, and the software optimization comes from geek customization. It can be said that the teacher is famous and the materials are conscientious.

With a good motherboard, the stability and playability of the keyboard are greatly improved, which is also the basis for later software customization.

After reading the main board, let’s take a look at the good things I bought, which is only seen in the customized keyboard-split space module. The space bar we are familiar with is a long bar. In this keyboard, I can split the long space bar.

First, of course, a split space module is required to replace the original part.

After replacing the complementary, the effect is like this. The long space bar can be split into multiple keys.

Then, through software customization, these three buttons can be used for different functions. For example, the shift, ctrl, and alt keys that have been controlled by the little finger can be replaced by the thumb.

This split space module is the patent of the little nerd.

The next step is to look at the switch body. This keyboard supports the whirlwind switch knob module exclusively patented by Xiaobu. The motherboard supports the interchangeability of multiple cyclone switch knob modules and mechanical switches.

The circle in the picture above is the cyclone shaft knob, which is suitable for independent keycaps and silicone covers. After installation, the shape of the knob in the upper right corner is obviously different from that of common mechanical shafts.

It supports hot-swapping, and the shaft body can also be replaced under working conditions. This is very convenient. When you suddenly feel that any shaft body is uncomfortable, you immediately change it.

The shafts have wide compatibility. The 3-pin and 5-pin shafts support many common brands. If you have spare shafts at home, you can replace them, or you can buy some of your favorite shafts online.

The installation of the shaft body is very simple, one radish and one hole, just be a little more careful, don't bend the pins, it is hot-swappable, and can be carried out with RGB light effects, not boring at all.

Be sure to leave a few places for the cyclone shaft knob module, which is different.

The switch body can be replaced, and the keycaps can naturally be played casually. You can change whatever you like. There are many keycaps with 75 keys on the Internet, and Xianyu can also receive good-looking ones, which are very cheap.

I chose a set of keycaps and installed them. The combination of pink and gray is a bit masculine, not bad, not bad, very jumpy.

See that big knob in the upper right corner? The base is also pink, which is very eye-catching.

If you don’t like the cylindrical whirlwind shaft, you can also choose a tapered one. The silicone cover also has a variety of colors, which is more playable.

Three-mode connection, dual-system drive custom software, macro definition of different keys can be performed later, and RGB light effects also have various options.

When I first started playing with customized keyboards, everything was relatively fresh and interesting. I seemed to gradually understand what I didn’t understand, but I felt that what I didn’t understand was constantly appearing. This is the most fun feeling.

What else can a keyboard do besides typing? Be a toy!

Not only do I want efficiency from the keyboard, but I am learning to want happiness from the keyboard! If you are also playing, you can communicate more and bring your brother!

I'm Qiyang, follow me, don't talk too much!

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