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WalkFish Portable Keypad Start Sharing

At home, I downloaded some cartoons that children love to watch. Since I recently moved and changed the TV, after downloading KODI, I need to edit the information again to use it. Every time I use the remote control to operate it, it is a headache, and sometimes I need to use it for business trips. Use a keyboard (most of them can be used without ), so I thought of starting a portable keyboard to reduce the workload.

Unboxing the three-piece set, manual, data cable and keypad, I found that this thing is not as small as I imagined. In actual use, I found that the entire touchpad on it is more convenient than the small square contact. To sum up the characteristics Share it with everyone.

1. This keyboard is dual-mode, it can be used by plugging in 2.4G and Bluetooth, and it is easy to switch. It will automatically sleep if it is not used for a long time. The overall impression is good, but if the distance between them is far (more than 3 meters) Right) and if there is an obstacle, it feels stuck in use.

2. The overall touch is better, and the DPI can be adjusted, and the 3 and 4 gears can be changed. It has been used to connect mobile phones, tablets and TVs respectively, and the use of mobile phones and tablets is relatively friendly. In the case of TV, the mouse will freeze when it reaches the area to be clicked and then automatically select. I don’t know if it is a software (KODI) problem or a compatibility problem (or insufficient battery?). Compared with remote control, it is more comfortable to operate blindly.

3. The buttons are easy to use, with powerful key travel feedback and click sound, and you can choose the backlight position, which can be used well under low light conditions. In addition, there are several useful combination buttons And shortcut keys are available, the design is very user-friendly.

4. In addition, there are corresponding colors and icons on the top and bottom. It is very intuitive to switch modes and check the power. When you get it, it shows red and low power. It took about 3 or 4 hours without charging and still has power. , I feel that the actual battery life is relatively good.

But I don’t know if it’s because I’m not familiar with the operation or the keys are too small. Every time I press a button, I need to look at the keyboard before typing. This makes the operation efficiency very low, and I originally planned to write this article entirely with a small keyboard. But halfway through the writing, I feel a bit dazzled, so it is not recommended to use it for a long time.

The overall workmanship and operation feel of the keyboard are worthy of its price, and the buttons are more comfortable to use. It feels good to use it in an emergency or in accordance with the corresponding scene. Friends in need can refer to it.

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