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Wasted an afternoon and failed to put the old keyboard to waste - credit an unsuccessful repair

Back home during the holidays, the fat brother brought his own wireless mouse, but the receiver was unplugged by some brat and he didn’t know where to throw it, so the fat brother had to return to the cable~ Only the keyboard and mouse without the receiver were left. Messy alone in the room~~

The wireless keyboard and mouse models of Fat Brother are as follows, they are from Acer, and they are quite comfortable to use. . . .

Back in Shanghai, the body of the wireless keyboard is still on the table, but his receiver is gone, and the computer can no longer communicate with it.

Open Duoduo Taobao Godong, the matching receiver costs more than 20 yuan, I can’t afford it~~

Looking at the scrapped wired keyboard and this scrapped wireless keyboard, the fat brother had a bold idea! ! !

That is! ! ! Change from wireless to wired! ! ! Go back to your ancestors! !

Wireless keyboard = receiver + thin film circuit + battery compartment + wireless motherboard + shell

Wired keyboard = thin film circuit + wired motherboard + shell

Theoretically speaking, although the shells of the two do not match, the thin-film circuit can be connected by staggering the motherboard~ (in fact, it is not so simple, it needs a million points of means)

Therefore, you only need to use the film + shell of the wireless keyboard without the receiver, and match it with the motherboard of the scrapped wired keyboard, and you can revive it. The theory exists, and practice begins! ! !

The disassembly of the keyboard is still very simple, and the disassembly of this structure is also very easy, just unscrew the screws.

Case and Motherboard

thin film circuit

There is also this button membrane, the old version is a separate piece, and the latest one below is already two-in-one, which is directly attached to the circuit.

There are contacts on the thin film circuit, which are connected to the main board through the contacts. In order to link the thin film circuit of the wireless keyboard with the motherboard of the wired keyboard, it is necessary to overcome the mismatch of the motherboard and the card slot reserved for the shell.

The comparison of the two motherboards is as follows

The upper one is the main board of the wireless keyboard, which is compact, and the gold finger is obvious, while the lower one is the main board of the wired keyboard, the gold finger is black, I don’t know what, it may be toner? ? not sure.

It can be seen that the position and thickness of the golden fingers of the two do not match. If you want to complete the plan, you can only use the legendary taboo technique, the flying wire technique! ! ! ! (Fat brother is not very good~)

In fact, from here on, the fat brother wanted to retreat a little bit, but he thought he could do it, so he bit the bullet and went on. . . . .

just fly~

The fat brother is a research monk in electronic engineering. . . Although I don't know much about it, there is no problem with basic welding boards. . . .

Tin! ! !

Have you seen this black gold finger, this thing does not absorb tin! ! ! ! Wipe the board with water first. .

really dirty. . . Use a knife to scrape off to see the black, leaking the pad below, tinned, this time it's ok. . . The flying lead is the enameled wire used to wind the transformer, so when welding the wire, it is necessary to burn off the outer layer of insulating varnish first.

The first root was successful. . . . Use time to copy and paste Dafa. . .

Whoever welds knows. . . Flying the line is too difficult. . .

I wanted to connect directly with flying wires, but the main body of the thin film circuit is plastic. . . . Touch the soldering iron. . . This thing deforms! ! ! The connecting wires in the middle also become twisted. . . no way. . . The fat brother can only use unique weapons. . . Copper foil stickers. . .

Extend the circuit with a copper foil sticker to which the solder is attached. . .

like this. . . .

The difficulty of this step is to attach the copper foils without touching each other. . .

fly line. . . ah. . fly. . .

Fei's eyes were blurred. . .

In fact, if it is more standard, it should be insulated with green oil. . . . But the green oil in Fat Brother's lab ran out. . . So that's all. . . .

Plug in the cable and connect to the computer! ! !

light is on. . . Not a bad start! ! !

no! ! !

What a waste of an afternoon! ! !

Spicy chicken. . . . . .

There may be two reasons for the failure:

1: There is a problem with the insulation of the enameled wire during the flying lead process, so that it is short-circuited. .

2: Although there are 26 solder pads on the gold fingers of the two main boards, this definition may not correspond to each other. .

Destroy it... The fat brother is tired. . . .

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