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What about Shuangfeiyan FBK11?

Often have to switch between computers, mobile phones and tablets, especially when typing is particularly inconvenient. Using the keyboard for a while and the screen for a while is time-consuming and error-prone. Before I saw that there are keyboards that support multi-device connection on the market, which are very easy to use. Recently, I also tried a FBK11 from the Fstyler series of A4Tech Shuangfeiyan's new flying era. After trying it for two days, I feel that it is really convenient to use.

I believe that for most of my friends, they will not invest thousands of dollars into the keyboard like keyboard enthusiasts, so if you have a budget of about 100 yuan, it will become a difficult problem to find a convenient and easy-to-use keyboard. This domestic brand does have a lot of choices. For example, my Shuangfei Yanfei era FBK11 is a keyboard with a price of 100 yuan. Although it does not have fancy functions such as RGB, it is no problem as daily office equipment.

This keyboard adopts an 86-key layout without a numeric keypad, but provides control keys and rich function keys. Except for heavy users of spreadsheet software, most friends are very suitable for use. FBK11 provides two basic colors of black and white. My model is black, which looks very low-key and is suitable for use in office and learning environments.

In terms of button layout, FBK11 takes into account the differences between Windows and MacOS, has wide applicability, and can support iOS and Android devices. We can use it to type on the devices we usually use.

In terms of connection methods, FBK11 supports 2.4G and Bluetooth, and its Bluetooth can also connect 3 devices at the same time, plus one 2.4G, a total of 4 devices can be switched at any time, I am now It is mainly used on computers, mobile phones and notebooks. I used to prepare at least two keyboards, but now one is enough

It is worth mentioning that this keyboard is also splash-proof. When eating or drinking, it is okay if you accidentally spill a drink on the keyboard. The keyboard itself will not short circuit, and you can continue to use it after drying. , and the keyboard is also easier to clean.

In terms of power supply, FBK11 chooses reliable and durable dry batteries. The specification is two AAA batteries. The battery life of this keyboard is very strong, and the continuous use time can reach 346 hours. Even if it is used for 8 hours a day, it can last about one and a half months. The battery life is long, and its maximum battery life can reach 12 months, so there is no need to worry about power issues in daily use.

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