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What? How did you know that I got a Rapoo gaming kit?

What? How did you know that I got a Rapoo gaming kit?


Now that e-sports games are popular all over the world, more and more young people have joined the queue of e-sports. Of course, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. In order to better experience the thrill of the game, I chose to start with Rapoo To enrich my gaming life, Rapoo has always been a brand I personally trust. Next, let’s take a look at the performance of the Rapoo gaming kit.


The Rapoo e-sports game set includes a total of 6 devices, namely VT960S wireless gaming mouse, V700-8A wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard, VS300 heart-shaped pointing gaming microphone, V10S fine mesh woven mouse pad, VH650 gaming headset, V600 Wired gamepad.

These 6 devices are all packaged in cartons, with a black background and blue embellishments, just like twinkling stars embellishing the dark night. The design of Rapoo is very straightforward. The high-definition rendering of the product, Rapoo brand logo, and product model are printed on the front of the packaging box, so that buyers can see it clearly at a glance.

Each product package is equipped with an instruction manual, and the wireless version of the keyboard and mouse is equipped with a wireless receiver and charging cable.


VT960S Wireless Gaming Mouse

The shape of the Rapoo VT960S dual-mode wireless RGB gaming mouse with screen display is a hollowed-out “supercar”. The mouse adopts a right-handed symmetrical ergonomic design, which can be dexterously pinched and grasped. The thickness of the mouse is about 2mm, and the one-piece aluminum alloy palm rest allows us to hold it for a long time and comfortably during use.

The mouse uses V+ wireless gaming technology, and the response speed of 1 millisecond is comparable to that of a wired mouse. During my use, it is very silky, and the click feedback is instant.

Using newly upgraded low-power wireless technology, equipped with a 600mAh rechargeable lithium battery, up to 125 hours of battery life, USB-C port connection charging, 3 hours full charge, the charging port is on the front of the mouse, and it is charging immediately The process does not affect the use.

V700-8A wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard

The Rapoo wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard V700-8A adopts an 84-key layout. The entire key layout of the keyboard is compact, and the key line separation design greatly reduces the space occupied by the desktop and is easy to carry. Friends who are used to their own keyboards like to go out with their own keyboards. Playing games, this keyboard is very portable. Of course, this keyboard also occupies a small area. It is easy to create a simple and orderly desktop game space. Some other objects can also be placed on the table.

This keyboard has three colors, namely Lonely Brave, No Man’s Land, and Mecha Purple. Each color has its own characteristics. Users can purchase according to their own preferences and match with desktop materials.

The multi-mode link keyboard has a total of 4 connection methods (Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4G, and wired connection), and various opening methods meet various usage needs.

VS300 Cardioid Gaming Microphone

The heart-shaped pointing sound pickup records the front sound source, which can minimize the useless noise from the side or back of the outside world, and can accurately identify and transmit it, allowing gamers to hear commands clearly.

The cool RGB backlight of the microphone can shine brightly in dark conditions, and the 8 lighting modes allow us to feel the e-sports atmosphere brought by the microphone.

The VS300 cardioid gaming microphone and the tripod are not designed in one piece, but a cardan shaft structure design is used at the connection, which can be rotated and adjusted 360°. We can adjust it at will during use, no matter which angle it is, it can be satisfied.

V10S fine mesh woven mouse pad

The V10S fine mesh woven mouse pad adopts a high-density woven cloth surface, and the surface texture of the mouse pad is specially optimized to be wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, which can improve the friction recognition when the mouse moves quickly. The rubber base on the back of the mouse pad can firmly attach the mouse pad to the desktop, making it more stable and providing movement feedback when we move the mouse.

The mouse pad is surrounded by neat wire lock edges. When we use the mouse, the wrist feels very comfortable on the pad, and it is durable and not prone to off-line and loose lines, which can make the mouse pad last longer.

VH650 gaming headset

The VH650 gaming headset can enable the virtual 7.1-channel sound effect through the driver software, creating a more realistic sense of ambient sound layering and bringing an immersive gaming experience. Hair wins.

The microphone of the headset is a high-sensitivity omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone that can rotate freely at 360°, which can effectively suppress environmental noise and ensure pure and clear voice communication.

Multifunctional ear shell control design, the adjustment buttons are all on the ear shell, which can be adjusted at any time according to the needs, and the adjustment is convenient. The ring-shaped RGB light strip on the earmuffs can be integrated with the flashing e-sports atmosphere light to create an immersive e-sports atmosphere.

Thick padded headband design, metal retractable single head beam can adapt to the angle. The over-ear thickened large earmuffs are made of hydrolysis-resistant leather sponge, which is soft and delicate to the touch. The wrapping effect of the all-around ear can effectively reduce the interference of environmental noise.

V600 wired gamepad

The front of the V600 wired game controller is made of sandblasted mirror, and the back is made of hard matte. The texture of the matte will strengthen the friction between the palm and the handle. The positive and negative double feel gives the player comfortable control.

Three cores and three modes are compatible with multiple platforms, X/D/A one-key switching, compatible with a wide range of systems PC360, ordinary PC, PS3 host, Steam, Android 4.0 and above systems, and can play on all major platforms. There are also Android game platforms that recommend and support multiple games, massive resources, and continuous updates.

The joystick can be accurately positioned at 360°, which can be linearly stepped in the range of 0-255, and responds quickly. The 50° Puyao large joystick, 6° virtual position, and anti-shaking quasi-center, help players complete every turn, Drift, shoot and other actions, perceive subtle operations.

write at the end

I bought the Rapoo Gaming Set, which can meet my gaming needs. I have used these devices for a few weeks. The crisp clicking sound of the mouse, the rebound of the keys of the mechanical keyboard, the super strong package of the earphones, and the silky operation of the handle, The precise audio transmission of the microphone is my heart.

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