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What is the difference between the peripherals made by hardware manufacturers? NZXT Enjie Function mechanical keyboard and Lift mouse experience

Everyone roar, the jellyfish meets you again.

The NZXT brand is believed to be familiar to many experienced DIY players. The product line covers PC hardware such as chassis, heat dissipation, power supply, and motherboard. It has attracted countless fans with its simple appearance and excellent performance. Not long ago, this hardware manufacturer released its first mechanical keyboard product, the model is Function. This mechanical keyboard focuses on hot-swappable key switches. All key switches on the keyboard support hot-swappable design, and support key line separation, RGB backlight, FN multimedia function key and independent volume wheel, one-key mute and other functions. Also announced at the same time is the NZXT Lift mouse, a minimalist gaming mouse designed for gamers. Jellyfish also got a set recently, and I will share it with you today to see what is different about the peripheral keyboard and mouse made by this hardware manufacturer?

The packaging adopts a simple white and purple color scheme, and the physical rendering of the product is printed on the front. What you see is what you get. The "Function" on the keyboard package and the "Lift" on the mouse package are very eye-catching. The NZXT Function series of mechanical keyboards includes three models: Function (104 keys), Function Tenkeyless (87 keys) and Mini TKL (68 keys). The jellyfish is Function.

The back of the package lists the relevant parameters of the product and the NZXT CAM control software guide and other information.

When you open the keyboard package, you can see that besides the keyboard body, there is also a very thick keyboard dust cover, which is very practical. It can avoid dust well after going out for a long time or not using the keyboard. After all, the mechanical keyboard is cleaned every time. Work is still more troublesome. In addition, the keyboard also comes with a set of purple shaft pullers and key pullers.

Enjie, a manufacturer, is good at designing products with minimalist lines, a square appearance, and black and white colors, which also makes this keyboard highly recognizable. The keyboard is equipped with a magnetic hand rest as standard. The surface of the hand rest is made of soft rubber material, and it is designed with circular anti-skid lines. The rubber surface is soft and comfortable, and the magnetic design is convenient to use.

In appearance, this keyboard has an all-black metal top cover, a frame design, a standard 104-key layout, and an NZXT brand LOGO and keyboard status indicator above the keypad in the upper right corner.

As a keyboard named after "Function", it naturally has certain features in functionality. On the side of the keyboard is the volume scroll wheel and three independent function keys. The surface of the volume wheel has anti-slip treatment, and the overall damping feeling is relatively comfortable, and it can have a clear sense of scale. The three independent function keys are one-key mute, Win lock key, and backlight brightness adjustment function.

Before it is connected, the overall design of the keyboard is relatively low-key and simple. The appearance of the floating design is simple and yet textured, which is very attractive.

The back of the keyboard is equipped with 5 anti-slip feet and 2 adjustable anti-slip feet in two stages.

The keyboard adopts the mainstream hot-swappable design, and the keycaps and shafts can be replaced at will. The standard keycap is made of ABS material, the surface is sprayed with skin-like coating, the touch is very delicate, and the internal reinforcement ribs can be seen; the characters in the middle of the keycap are light-transmitting, the light-transmitting effect of the keycap is good, and the keyboard is guaranteed. The color and brightness of RGB are also more wear-resistant, but I don’t know if the ABS material keycaps in the later period will “grease” after a long time.

In terms of the switch body, the keyboard uses the Jiadalong G Pro red switch. As a typical linear switch, the G Pro red switch has the characteristics of 45g trigger pressure, 2mm trigger key travel, and 4mm total key travel. The response speed is fast, the rebound follows the hand, there is no sense of paragraph, it has a straight up and down feeling, and the sound is quieter.

The large keys are designed with satellite shafts, so there will be no loose feel when knocking.

The principle and structure of the keyboard with replaceable shaft design is not complicated. The two sides of the shaft body are fixed by buckles, the middle plastic column at the bottom is positioned, and 2 metal pins communicate with the motherboard. The shaft puller can be inserted into the buckles on both sides of the shaft body and can be pulled out with a little force. Of course, in addition to replacing the shaft body, if there is a broken shaft or a continuous hit, you can handle it yourself.

After the keyboard lights up, it seems to be injected with soul. The compact layout of the mechanical keyboard and the RGB lighting form a desktop colorful light show, which is colorful and visually impactful.

The Function mechanical keyboard supports NZXT CAM driver software, and the overall playability is still very high. You can customize shortcut keys, function keys, execute macro commands, change key values, etc. At the same time, there are many different lighting modes in terms of lighting settings , you can set it according to your preferences.

NZXT Lift mouse is a simple gaming mouse designed for gamers, also available in black and white.

In terms of the appearance of the mouse, the NZXT Lift mouse does not follow the exaggerated "heavy metal" style that requires gaming gaming mice, but chooses a more concise design. Personally, I think this design is quite comfortable to look at, and the mouse shell is made of dumb The light matte material is more comfortable and cool in terms of hand feeling, and it is also more convenient to clean.

The mouse uses a PMW3389 optical sensor and an Omron micro-movement with a lifespan of 20 million clicks, up to 16000DPI, and an RGB light strip at the bottom of the side skirt of the mouse. The mouse is a common 6-button mouse, the buttons are all Omron micro-movement, the sound is crisp, and the feedback is clear. The left and right keys are independent areas, and the scroll wheel in the middle has a clear sense of scale when scrolling.

In terms of custom wires, the low-resistance Paracord wires used are wrapped with nylon braided materials on the surface. Compared with traditional wires, the resistance is lower, and it achieves an almost wireless mouse experience. At the same time, the attached Velcro is very convenient for storage and organization.

The bottom of the NZXT Lift mouse is designed with two large pieces of Teflon feet, and there are also around the sensor. It is very smooth to use and can be adapted to different material mouse pads.

The overall grip of the mouse feels full and fits well with the palm of your hand. The mouse cannot be without RGB, just like the West cannot lose Jerusalem, the bottom of the side skirt of the NZXT Lift mouse is also designed with an RGB light strip.

Similarly, use NZXT CAM software to customize RGB lighting effects, adjust refresh rate and lifting height, etc.

Custom macro recording is very convenient when playing games. Complicated button combination operations and combo skills can be completed with one button, which greatly improves the game experience.

In general, as NZXT's first keyboard and mouse peripheral products, the Function mechanical keyboard and Lift mouse are still full of sincerity, whether it is game performance or daily office use, they are satisfactory, and the price is also very high. Xiang, if you also plan to buy or replace a new keyboard and mouse, you might as well consider this new set of keyboard and mouse from NZXT Enjie, I believe you will not be disappointed.

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