What kind of keyboard and mouse should girls use? Daryou Yugui Dog Keyboard and Mouse Picture Tour

This is not a traditional evaluation of peripherals, but more like a grass-like posting pictures. Rigorous and rigid evaluations are not suitable for this set of Daryu cinnamon dog keyboard and mouse. After all, which girl likes such boring words, beautiful, cute, and good-looking That's it.

So, directly on the picture

The round body lines seem to be created for the theme of this Yugui dog cute, but it is not, the original design language of this Z82 is like this.

Keyboard keywords: round, cute, three-mode connection, PBT sugar cube keycap, white light, mute switch, 82 keys, multimedia knob

Mouse keywords: fresh, three-mode connection, magnetic magic color base, 88 grams, KBS 2.0 button, 12000DPI, RGB light

I don't think it is necessary to redevelop the appearance of the mouse to achieve a deep IP appearance at the expense of the feel of the mouse. First of all, the mold opening cost of the new appearance is not small. Secondly, after all, the mouse needs to be held in the hand for a long time. great.

In fact, there is no need to worry about the performance configuration of this set of keyboard and mouse. It has basically surpassed the current mainstream, especially the mouse. This set of keyboards is also a difficult product to play just by removing the skin.

In terms of user experience, the A950 mouse can only be said to be very conventional because it adopts a very symmetrical shape. Compared with using it, staying on the phantom color base is the best state of this mouse. ,

The Z82 keyboard uses sugar cube keycaps, which has a very different feel compared to traditional keyboards, and it is relatively positively improved, with a better wrapping feeling.

The scroll wheel is very comfortable to use. It is the most practical additional configuration on the keyboard nowadays, and it has become the standard configuration of various keyboards.

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