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What peripherals are worth buying on Double Eleven in 2022? Keyboard, mouse and headset are enough to read this article

I believe that most people have already purchased their favorite peripheral products, but if you are still hesitating and don’t know which peripherals to buy, you may take some time to read this large collection of peripheral product recommendations. This article has carefully selected some peripheral products that I think are good and worth buying for you, hoping to bring you some help.

In the second half of this year, new domestic mechanical keyboard products experienced explosive growth, and brands began to involve wildly. My personal guess is that at the beginning of the epidemic, the sales of mechanical keyboards have increased greatly, which has led to a lot of outside capital entering the mechanical keyboard market. The competition will inevitably start to involve, and both configuration and price will start to soar. Of course, this is a very good thing for us consumers. Due to the high technical threshold of gaming mice, although some excellent products have appeared, there is not much smoke. The same is true for gaming headsets, which are still dominated by a few major manufacturers, with a few sporadic models popping up occasionally.

When recommending peripherals before, people always asked if there was any recommendation for office keyboards and mice. How to put it, the performance requirements of the office keyboard and mouse are not high. At present, under the time-honored brands on the market, you can buy a very good keyboard and mouse set (membrane keyboard) within 100 yuan. Not a big problem.

Logitech's MK series can basically be entered without thinking, and the wired keyboard and mouse set MK120 only costs 69 yuan to start. It must be no problem at all to use it for office work. Before I entered the peripheral circle, I basically only recognized the Logitech brand. MK series wireless kits cost more than 400 yuan. I personally don’t recommend choosing a membrane keyboard at this price for office work. You can consider choosing an entry-level mechanical keyboard with a mouse that fits your hand. The price difference should not be too different. Many, but the input experience will be significantly improved.

For the wireless membrane keyboard and mouse set, I recommend the CHERRY DW2300 set, which can be purchased for less than 100 yuan, which is much better than those messy copycat keyboards and mice. 2.4G wireless transmission, battery life is not low, the mouse is also equipped with a mute button, especially suitable for those quiet occasions that cannot make too much noise.

Now the demand for mobile (ju) mobile (jia) office has almost become the norm. Since the 2.4G wireless mouse needs to occupy a separate USB socket, it is generally recommended to choose a Bluetooth mouse for notebooks. Most of the mainstream 100-yuan Bluetooth office mice on the market have this relatively rounded appearance. Logitech also has a goose warm stone mouse that is similar to Cherry’s MW5180. They are both quiet and portable. If the price is 20 yuan higher, choose the cheap one.

There are not many office mice at the middle price, but there are also some vertical mice, trackball mice, etc., which are skipped here. However, the office mouse must be recommended is Logitech's MXMaster series. Many of my friends are using this series of mice. Ergonomic design, silent buttons, equipped with drivers to optimize workflow, compatible with multiple devices and systems. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive.

As mentioned earlier, in the second half of this year, mechanical keyboards will be heavily rolled, and there will be a large number of new products. The recommendations here are mainly finished keyboards, kits and some unavailable models are not included. Personal energy is limited. If there are excellent products that are missed, please leave a message to supplement the discussion.

Regarding mechanical switches, there are more and more domestic switches. Even if you are in the peripheral circle, if you don’t pay attention deliberately, you will be confused by a bunch of switches with novel names that keep appearing. Of course, everything remains the same, and common axes (including mechanical axes, optical axes, and manipulator-feeling static capacitance axes) can still be simply divided into linear axes and segmental axes. However, different shafts will have subtle differences in feel. Under the premise of the same process conditions, shafts with different pressures and key strokes will have relatively large differences. It is hard to say which one is definitely better, and the one that suits you is really good.

RK’s R87 can be said to be the 100-yuan volume king, with monochrome backlight, side RGB, and large keys that support hot-swapping. This keyboard has been in a state of short supply, and the lowest price has been around 99 yuan. In front of it, there is really no one who can play in the 100-yuan gear. In addition, there is also a full-size R104 optional.

Gauss has also become an expert in introversion in the past six months. The newly launched GS3087T self-axis version has directly set the price to 199 yuan! You should know that this keyboard is a three-mode keyboard with RGB backlight and full-key hot-swappable function, and there are also a lot of sandwich cotton, under-shaft pads and bottom cotton. In addition to really fragrant, I really can't find other words to describe it.

This should be the cheapest fully transparent mechanical keyboard that can be bought. The RGB effect is directly stretched, all keys are hot-swappable, and it is still a Gasket structure. It also has a silicone sandwich and a bottom pad. In addition to the slightly worse performance of the large keys, the price/performance ratio starting from 199 yuan is also directly full.

Mars 2 under HyperX is an entry-level cost-effective product. It is equipped with an independent fire switch with excellent hand feeling, RGB backlight and PBT light-transmitting keycaps. Very high.

There are two brands in the peripheral circle that have been committed to making various color-matched themed keyboards. Among them, Akko mainly grabs the low-end market. Many high-value themed keyboards can be bought within 300 yuan, and there are many IP joint products. It also attracted a large number of users, and has been jokingly called "buy a keycap and get a keyboard" by players. Now Akko has more autonomous axes to choose from, and its performance and reputation have been greatly improved.

Crouching dragon and phoenix chicks in the 300 yuan stall: GS87/GS104 of GANSS, and C87/C104 of IKBC. These two models have been fighting fiercely in the entry-level Cherry switch keyboard battlefield. Although domestic switches are slowly rising, the stability and durability of Cherry switches are still worthy of recognition. If the budget is not high and you want to buy a cherry switch keyboard, these two models will not let you down.

HELLO GANSS is a high-end terminal brand of GANSS, and the two keyboards HS75T and HS98T Pro are its volume king products. Three-mode connection mode, RGB backlight, two power supply options of dry battery/lithium battery are optional, the sandwich cotton and bottom cotton are fully configured, and there are a variety of shafts to choose from.

Royal Ax R87 is also a cost-effective three-mode wireless keyboard, with RGB backlight and hot-swappable, and it is equipped with TTC gold powder switches. This time, double 11 superimposed coupons, the price is directly reduced to 339 yuan, really delicious!

This KC200 from Cherry should be the least cherries-like cherries keyboard. This keyboard is also a big step forward for Cherry to compromise the market. In addition to the black version, there are also a variety of color versions to choose from. Aluminum alloy top cover, plus Cherry's faith bonus, the price is not bad.

Razer's Black Widow series is also a classic model. Although it is a 2019 product, it can be purchased at a price of less than 400 yuan, which is a relatively cost-effective Razer RGB keyboard. It also provides a 2-year warranty, which can be considered by those who believe in snakes.

The cheap donkey RS2 is also a cost-effective Gasket structure three-mode keyboard, with a 98-like configuration. The default is an FR4 positioning board, which feels Q-shaped. The disadvantage is that it only has a single-color backlight.

Dareu A81 is currently the only mass-produced keyboard with steel-free Gasket structure on the market, and it is worth looking at this one. By default, it is equipped with a sky switch. Because there is no steel structure, the hot-swap function cannot be realized. In addition, the keyboard is only single-mode wired.

Since its establishment, the Dujia brand has always put the user experience in the first place, so it has always been popular for its excellent hand feeling. K320 matte version is a stable and low-key keyboard, coupled with excellent feel, it is an unavoidable keyboard at the price of 400 yuan. There is also the K310 with 104 keys, and other variants with backlit or themed keycaps.

As an upgraded version of A87, Dareu A87 PRO has actually changed a lot. It abandoned the magnetic cover design and upgraded to Gasket structure. The switch body is also equipped with Sky Switch V3 and Zijin Switch Pro. The single-mode version can be bought at a minimum of 400 yuan, and the price of the three-mode version is about 100 yuan higher. Basically, after the price exceeds 400 yuan, it leaves the center of the storm with the most severe involution. This level of keyboards mainly competes with workmanship materials, feel adjustment, and their respective appearance design and other elements.

All Kezhi K75 series are equipped with TTC high-end shaft body, which is also a three-mode RGB product with Gasket structure. There was an abnormality in the positioning board when it was first launched and it was recalled once, and it should be corrected later. The disadvantage of this keyboard is that the keycaps are relatively poor, and the lighting performance is average. The main selling point is the high cost performance of the TTC switch.

ROG Ranger is equipped with ASUS's independent RX optical axis, which has excellent axis stability and a good overall feel. It is stable in the first echelon, and it is also the cheapest ROG keyboard. Because of the special structure of the shaft body, there is currently no third-party keycap that can be adapted. The price of the PBT keycap version is 140 yuan more, but it costs about 200 yuan to purchase the PBT keycap alone, so it is more recommended to buy the PBT keycap version.

In addition, ROG Ranger also has an NX version of the autonomous axis, which is also divided into two types: the 104-key e-sports version and the 84-key TKL version. If you intend to start, it is more recommended to choose the PBT keycap version.

These two keyboards are Cherry-axis triple-mode RGB keyboards without steel structure, and the delay in 2.4G mode is less than 1ms. MX3.0S gave a historically low price of 799 yuan on Double Eleven. Except for the lack of aluminum alloy frame, MX2.0S has no difference in function from MX3.0S. It depends on whether you are willing to spend 220 yuan to upgrade the aluminum alloy frame.

Darmoshark K6 should be the only TOP structure 87 mass-produced keyboard on the market at present. Unlike the Gasket structure, which pursues Q bombs and good sound, the TOP structure gives full play to the advantages of good feel, and also has good sound performance. The RGB lamp beads of K6 are brighter than most keyboards. The new design language is a very popular keyboard model recently. Fans who pursue the ultimate feel must not miss this three-mode keyboard. A separate kit was also launched during Double Eleven, and the price of the kit can be bought for less than 400 yuan.

ROG Magician NX axis version, the price on Double Eleven is 599 yuan, 68 configurations, 2.4G dual-mode, this price is already relatively cheap for ROG keyboards, suitable for big-eyed believers who need small configurations of wireless keyboards Brain into.

Dareu's A98 should be the first batch of mass-produced keyboards to complete the Gasket structure. By default, it is equipped with a PC positioning board, equipped with its own sky switch and purple gold switch, which feels soft and elastic. The overall performance is relatively balanced and comprehensive, and there are almost no obvious shortcomings. There are also multiple color schemes and themes, which are divided into single-mode and three-mode versions.

Dujia K620W/610W is a new model released not long ago. The hot-swappable crystal shaft (customized by Jiadalong Cap shaft) has added customized elements such as silicone sandwich and bottom cotton. The keyboard feels excellent, and you can always trust Dujia Gal's big key. The driver of Dujia is considered the best among all domestic brands, and it has long laid out the strategy of using the same driver for the whole family. In addition, among the domestic wireless keyboard products, the wireless stability, anti-interference ability and low energy consumption of Dujia keyboard are all top-notch.

Cherry MX-LP2.1 is a compact three-mode keyboard with 68 keys. It is equipped with Cherry MX original short switches. The overall thickness of the keyboard is about 35% thinner than traditional mechanical keyboards, and the trigger is about 40% faster than traditional MX switches. . The 2.4G connection delay is less than 1ms, and there are a variety of colors to choose from. On the basis of 2.1, MX-LP6.1 is upgraded to an aluminum alloy shell, and a double-layer sound-absorbing structure is added to eliminate unnecessary noise. The basic functions of the two styles are basically the same, only the difference between high configuration and low configuration.

Corsair’s K70 has always been a very popular model. His flagship keyboard has a left macro key design, and many people prefer to choose the K70 RGB MK.2. This keyboard has undergone several upgrade iterations since its launch, but it has always been a very classic model. Now there are several upgraded derivative products, but in terms of cost performance, K70 RGB MK.2 is the highest.

As a very popular model, ROG Ranger has also been entrusted with the important task of launching a wireless three-mode version. It is also divided into two versions of RX optical axis and NX axis, and two layouts of 84 and 104 keys. The above two links are the PBT keycap version. If you choose the ABS keycap version, it will be cheaper, but I personally do not recommend choosing ABS. The 899/999 yuan three-mode keyboard is placed under ROG, but the price is actually not high.

In fact, not only the Q1 and Q5 of Keychron, but also the aluminum alloy series of the entire Q series are very cost-effective products. Moreover, compared with the insufficient production capacity of other brands of Altuotuo products, Keychron's entire Q series has always had a relatively sufficient supply. Gasket structure, RGB backlight, full-key hot-swappable, most of them have multimedia knobs, a genuine CNC aluminum keyboard finished product, and also supports VIA key change, what more bicycles are needed at this price? If you have enough hands-on ability, there are ready-made sound packs for sale, and you can buy them back and modify them a little, and you can get a greater improvement, which is suitable for audiophiles with certain hands-on ability.

These three keyboards belong to the Yaoguang series under ROG. The biggest feature of Yaoguang 1 is the customizable acrylic light guide plate in the upper right corner. Yaoguang 2 has been upgraded in terms of performance, supports 8K rate of return, and has added mainstream customized elements such as sound-absorbing cotton. The price of the version equipped with its own NX axis body is even cheaper than the cherry axis version of Yaoguang 1. On the basis of Yaoguang 2, Yaoguang 2 Magic has upgraded the full-key hot-swappable function, light-guiding hand rest, and a matrix screen with a sense of technology in the upper right corner.

Speaking of the aluminum alloy storage box commonly known as "arms box", there may be many brands, but Cherry is probably the only one that is deeply in everyone's memory. The MX8 series is one of Cherry's most popular products in the past two years. The keyboard shell and panel are made of aluminum alloy, the original CHERRY MX shaft, and the rotating multi-segment foot support. MX8.2 also adds a double-layer noise reduction design, which greatly improves the input experience. These two keyboards are usually believed to exist without brains. Do I care about this keyboard? What I care about is the aluminum alloy box with the Cherry Logo printed on it!

K100 RGB is the new flagship keyboard of Corsair. The biggest highlight is the multi-function control panel in the upper left corner, which is a very good productivity assistant. The equipped hand rest is the most comfortable magnetic leather sponge hand rest under Corsair, PBT two-color light-transmitting keycaps, standard length keycaps, supports 8K return rate, full hardware performance, Cherry switches and OPX independent optical switches are optional , The bright gold version was also released in China.

ROG Dragon Knight 2 is the only wireless dual-mode separate mechanical keyboard so far. The number keypad on the right can be separated from the main keypad, and can be installed on the left and right sides of the main keypad arbitrarily. Equipped with an excellent RX optical axis, it is a very distinctive flagship wireless keyboard. This Double Eleven promotion, the ABS keycap version is directly reduced to 1349 yuan, and the PBT keycap version is 1599 yuan, which is already a good price.

In fact, each person's choice of mouse will be affected by different hand sizes, different grip habits, and different usage scenarios. There are also many people who will care about: the sensor of the mouse, the micro-hand feel, the connection mode, whether it is lightweight/adjustable weight, lighting effects, and drivers, etc. Therefore, the mice recommended below may not be suitable for everyone, and you can make a selection reference based on your usual usage habits.

Daiji GM3323D is a dark horse that suddenly appeared. The lowest starting price is only 39 yuan, pay attention, it is 39 yuan! The ridiculous thing is that it is also a 2.4G wireless dual-mode mouse. The PMW3325 sensor is used, 73 grams lightweight, GPW-like mold, and comes with a 700mAh lithium battery. Although it is still a bit floating when moving quickly, but at this price and this shape, it is really cost-effective and suitable for office or light gaming.

Xiaomi Lite gaming mouse, equipped with 3327 sensor, TTC dust-proof gold micro-movement, 72 grams in weight, plus a good mold grip, the main price is only 79 yuan, and the price performance ratio is still relatively high.

Logitech G102 is also an old player of the hundred yuan level. Its rounded and streamlined shape is more suitable for grasping and playing moba games, and it is also good for office use. The price of this mouse has not changed much. If you can get it within 90 yuan, it will be worth it.

Razer’s Viper mini is also a lightweight symmetrical mouse suitable for small hands. The PAW3369 sensor is lightweight at 61 grams. It is equipped with a paracord cable. The overall performance is balanced and it is more suitable for grasping. If the price is not much different from G102, it will surpass G102 in an all-round way.

Compared with the wireless version of G102, Logitech G304 has excellent battery life and can be used for half a year on a single battery. The only disadvantage is that it weighs about 100 grams, which is not enough for today's light weight. When the activity is strong, you can often get it for around 150 yuan.

Minibus Snake is a wireless mouse suitable for big hands. It has a PAW3369 sensor and weighs 83 grams. Although it is called Minibus Snake, its length reaches 130mm, which is not suitable for users with small hands.

Moonblade wired version, this is one of the few ROG mouse models suitable for small and medium hands. PMW3389 sensor, 65g lightweight design, with paracord line, and has tool-free micro-movement patent technology support, although it is only single-mode, but the flagship sensor still has a very good price-performance ratio.

Although I personally don't like to see the Logitech G502, it is really too heavy for me. The legend in the rivers and lakes is a must for those who practice martial arts. But for so many years, G502 has always had a lot of fans. In recent years, G502 has also been launching upgraded joint versions and wireless models. The weight of the recently launched G502X has dropped, and the mold has been upgraded, but the sensor is still not upgraded, and the price of 400 is not competitive and cost-effective.

Yaqi Orochi V2 and the minibus snake in front are two opposite products with the same positioning, suitable for small and medium hands, the sensor is also PAW3369, only Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless dual-mode connection methods, weight 60 grams, support size 5 / No. 7 dry cell power supply. However, if this mouse can be bought within 200 yuan, it will be more cost-effective, and 249 yuan is not too much value.

Darmoshark N3 is a dark horse of the domestic mouse recently. It has a PAW3395 sensor, a weight of about 60 grams, and a three-mode connection. The mold is optimized from the mature mold of the Mobao V70, which has sold hundreds of thousands of units worldwide. It is currently the cheapest PAW3395 sensor mouse that can be bought on the market, and it is also a ruthless character. The first 200mAh lithium battery was complained that the battery life was not long enough, and now the new version is replaced with a 300mAh lithium battery. The threshold for gaming mice is relatively high, but it is really exciting to see the rise of domestic mice.

After the launch of Moonblade Wireless AimPoint, the Moonblade wireless version is not enough. The sensor is directly upgraded from PAW3335 to a custom AimPoint 36K sensor; using the new SpeedNove wireless connection technology, the wireless connection is more stable and the battery life has also been greatly improved; compatible with 3pin And the 5pin pin micro-movement; the warranty period has also been increased to 2 years; the weight of the mouse is lighter than that of the Moon Blade Wireless, and I would like to call it a full-level magic mouse. There is only a price difference of 40 yuan from the old Moonblade Wireless, so you can figure out who to choose with your toes! In addition, the white version of Moonblade Wireless AimPoint is 50 yuan more expensive than the black version, depending on whether you are willing to spend money on appearance.

The price of GPW has dropped a lot. In the past few days, I often see orders of about 300 yuan. Relatively speaking, the price of Ergouzi has been hovering around 700, anyway, it is not too cost-effective. If you must buy it, I recommend the 300 yuan dog.

ROG Zhanblade 3 wireless version continues the classic right-handed ergonomic design of the big G series. The mouse adopts a lightweight design, equipped with a PAW3370 sensor, and hot-swappable micro-movement patents. Whether it is workmanship, texture, or actual user experience, as well as battery life and wireless performance, they are all excellent representatives. Compared with the wired version of Warblade 3, which is 200 yuan cheaper, I personally recommend Warblade 3 wireless. However, compared with the price of 449 yuan for Moonblade Wireless AimPoint, Moonblade AimPoint is more fragrant.

There are quite a lot of high-performance wireless mice under Razer, such as Viper V2 Professional Edition, Baselis Snake Ultimate Edition, etc., but I personally think that Viper Ultimate Edition is more recommended, and its appearance compatibility is better. PAW3399 sensor, 74 grams in weight, 449 yuan with a charging base, although it is not a god price, but the cost performance is still very high.

Sound is metaphysics, and HIFI is a big pit. I think wearing comfort is the most important thing for gaming headsets, followed by sound performance and listening experience, followed by other factors, such as: microphone, connection mode, lighting effects, etc.

The Razer Kraken Standard Edition X belongs to the basic model of the Kraken series. The biggest feature of the earphone is that it is very light. As a headphone, the weight is only about 200 grams, which brings a relatively comfortable wearing comfort and does not tire you when you wear it for a long time.

The ROG Advent 2 standard version is equipped with a liquid silicone LSR sound unit, an aviation aluminum alloy shell, liquid silicone earmuffs, an omnidirectional microphone, with a remote control, and a 3.5mm plug. As an entry-level gaming headset, the overall performance is good. In addition, there are RGB version, and RGB version with noise reduction, the price is more expensive, and the cost performance is not as good as the standard version.

The HyperX Stinger has been very popular since its launch. I remember that the initial listing price was 399 yuan, and now the price has stabilized at 199 yuan all year round. In the positioning of HyperX headset products, this headset also belongs to the head-mounted entry-level positioning. In the past two years, many upgraded versions and new color schemes have been launched one after another. If you mainly play FPS games and have insufficient budget, you can’t go wrong with it.

Yes, you read that right, this ROG with thick eyebrows and big eyes has also produced good-looking headphones. This headset is a breaking product for the Tianxuan series. But this color scheme and appearance really caught my heart. The weight is 305 grams, virtual 7.1 channel, unidirectional microphone, 3.5mm interface and wide platform compatibility. It’s just that the price is a little expensive after adding cat ears. In fact, it looks good even without cat ears.

There are few earphone products in the price range of 200 to 300 yuan. It seems that Dareu A730 is worth recommending. The appearance of this headset is very recognizable. This design not only brings a strong sense of technology, but also has a significant effect on relieving the pressure of the headset on the head. Equipped with a pluggable microphone and a virtual 7.1-channel USB wired sound card, the overall performance of the headset is relatively good for this price.

The biggest feature of the ROG Fengxing series is the detachable microphone and the foldable storage method. It is also divided into youth version, standard version, Bluetooth wireless version, and dual AI noise reduction version, etc., with different prices for different needs and positioning. The standard version weighs about 252 grams and is a gaming headset that is very suitable for commuting and going out.

The HS55 headset belongs to the entry-level model of the Corsair HS series. It is mainly light and comfortable, and the call is clear. The virtual 7.1 sound effect can also be realized through a USB sound card. The hardware performance is basically the same as the HS80, but the price is much cheaper, which belongs to the low-end version. If this headset can be purchased within 400 yuan, it is a good price. If the budget is high, you can look at the same series of HS80, or HS80 wireless version.

According to statistics, Hurricane 2 is the game headset with the highest proportion among active CSGO professional players, and now the Hurricane wireless version is also launched. The price of Hurricane 2 was still 459 yuan on 6.18, but this time it was directly reduced to 399 yuan on Double Eleven, which is very sweet. As for whether to use the wireless version, it depends on the budget and needs. HyperX’s gaming headsets, I personally think that the adjustment is obviously biased towards FPS games. If you mainly play FPS games, you can’t go wrong with choosing HyperX headsets.

If you mainly play mobile games and have relatively high sound quality requirements, you can consider ROG's arrival of TWS true wireless gaming headsets. The headset also supports wireless charging, has active noise reduction, IPX4 waterproof and low-latency gaming functions, and there is also a mobile app for use with the headset. The sound quality and intonation are very good. At 618, the price of this headset was 599 yuan, and it was 100 yuan on Double Eleven. With the bonus of faith in the big eyes, the price is quite good.

Razer Kraken V3 Ultra Sensing Edition, the most exciting thing is of course its vibration mode, which is very suitable for watching movies and playing first-person stand-alone games, and the sense of immersion is very good. THX spatial sound effect is also an endorsement of sound performance, RGB illusion light effect (why buy a snake if there is no light ~ laugh), and there is also a simple version without vibration feedback and a wireless professional version.

The Prism series under ROG should be the series with the highest positioning, and it is also divided into several different versions. The weight of the whole series is about 300 grams, and they all use 50mm drive units. The price of the lowest model is less than 500 yuan, and the price of the model equipped with AI noise reduction function will be higher. Most of the models are equipped with high-fidelity ESS 4-channel DAC decoding chips, and excellent anti-electronic interference capabilities, and the sound quality is very good. Among them, the Prism S Magic has a matrix lighting effect, and the appearance is more cool.

The 300-hour battery life of HyperX Alpha Wireless is really hard to forget. You can directly rub your friends on the ground. The dual-sound cavity design is also a must. The family-style design also guarantees wearing comfort. The price of this earphone was 1499 at the time of 618, but this time it was directly dropped to 1099 on Double Eleven. Players who like to play FPS games and have wireless needs, now should be a better time to start.

Headphone products are mainly big manufacturers. The overall form of the current headphone market is that several big manufacturers cooperate with different sound standard companies. The products they launch do have greater advantages than domestic headphones. There is no way , money means you can do whatever you want. The road of domestic earphones is difficult, unless they have a unique shape design, they are more likely to attract attention. At present, the whole is to take the cost-effective route to get a share. SteelSeries has been quiet for the past two years, and friends and merchants are about to seize its market. My pit mouse is SteelSeries KANA V2, and the longest-used earphone is Ice 7. In fact, for SteelSeries in this state, it is still Very helpless.

All the peripheral products recommended above are products with a relatively high degree of subjective recognition by me. It's not that what I don't recommend is bad, or not as good as the ones I recommend. There are many products that I think are good at the moment because I can't find a way to buy them, so I have no choice but to not include them. Some high-quality products may have been missed in a hurry, and my personal energy is limited. I just hope this article can give you some reference and help. Friends are also welcome to leave a message to add more, better, and more worth buying peripheral products.

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