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What's so good about a keyboard with one shaft and one cap? Luofei Xiaoqiao Customized Keyboard Experience

The keyboard may be the most playable among computer peripherals, but many people are limited to a mechanical keyboard with RGB equivalent. In fact, the highest level of keyboard playing is customization. For customized keyboards, you can choose the body, axis, keycaps, etc., and install a keyboard of your own according to your hobbies. In the past two days, I have bought the keyboard of Lofree, and I will share with you the experience of installation and use.

The first thing to explain is that when purchasing on the e-commerce platform, there will be fewer options for customization. After all, the presentation of the e-commerce platform needs to be standardized, so customization needs to be carried out in the Luofei building applet, so that you can choose by yourself Keycaps, switches and body. I chose the tofu color of the 68 keys, the yellow switches of Jiadalong and the keycaps with the theme of summer invasion.

Here I want to explain that in addition to 68 keys, there are 100 keys, because I have been using keyboards with more than 100 keys before, so I chose 68 keys this time, which can save some desktop space.

After receiving the package, there are actually three core components in the package, namely the fuselage, keycap and shaft body, all three of which are individually packaged, and there are also three batteries, connecting wires, key puller, manual, certificate of conformity, etc. small component. It is worth noting that the packaging of the keycaps is actually fixed in order, which is convenient for us to install.

Because it is customized, we need to install it by ourselves. The installation sequence is to install the shaft body first, and then install the keycaps in the corresponding order.

The shaft I chose is Jiadalong's yellow shaft. The top of the shaft is yellow, the bottom stitch is golden, the two stitches are staggered from each other, and the base of the shaft is white. Pay extra attention when installing, because if you are not careful, the pins will be bent. There is an experience when installing, that is to tilt the shaft body slightly, the angle of inclination is the same as the body, and then press it hard.

In fact, a total of 71 shafts are equipped, and three more shafts are added to prevent the pins of some shafts from being broken or broken. When installing, it is recommended to install the shaft body from one side, and it is recommended to press after each installation to test whether the installation is successful. If the installation fails, you can adjust it in time, otherwise it will take a lot of trouble to check it out after everything is installed later.

The installation of the keycaps is much easier, you only need to install them in the order of the keycaps. After installation, the height of the keycap may be different due to the force. Don't panic at this time, just press all the keycaps once to achieve the same height of the keycaps. The entire installation process is actually much simpler than imagined. When you face the keyboard you installed with one axis and one key, you will feel a sense of pride in your heart.

The set of keyboards I customized is called Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao. In fact, it is named after his appearance. The entire keyboard has a high top and a low bottom, showing a rounded arc with a slight upturn, which is more ergonomic and more comfortable when typing. In fact, the reason for the warping is a very clever design, that is, the position where the battery is installed at the bottom of the top of the keyboard, which forms the key to the small warping.

I chose this set of beach-themed keycaps. On the keycaps, elements of the beach are integrated, including lighthouses, coconut trees, waves, parasols, iced drinks, etc., and they are made in cartoon style, very cute, male and female suitable for all. The lower three rows of keycaps are sea blue, and the upper two rows are light blue, which is very harmonious. Although it is said that there are only 68 keys, but everything is available, switching from 104 keys to 68 keys can be directly adapted. It is worth noting that there is only one hidden indicator light on the front of the entire keyboard, and that is the indicator light on the upper and lower case keys.

As for the yellow axis of Jiadalong, I personally feel that the pressing is relatively smooth, the pressing feedback is moderate, no force is required, the sound is relatively calm and not too noisy, and it is very suitable for people like me who have a lot of code words. Of course, you can also choose to buy another set of shafts for other scenarios.

This pair of keyboards can be connected in three modes. In addition to direct cable connection, you can also use Bluetooth connection, or you can choose to use 2.4G wireless network connection. The branch factory is considerate, especially the connection cable is also made more beautiful and easier. Cable elbow design.

The assembled Lofree 68 keyboard, I think, may be the most comfortable keyboard I have used in these years. After all, the shaft, cap and machine are selected by myself, and it is installed by myself with one shaft and one cap. . In fact, the appearance is really high. If you play with mechanical keyboards, then I think customized keyboards must be your final destination. Luo Fei, you can really think about it.

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