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What the gaming mechanical keyboard should look like in the dream, Bloody Ghost B930 optical axis mechanical keyboard review

Speaking of the brand Shuangfeiyan, I believe everyone is familiar with it. When I first came into contact with computers, the keyboard and mouse I used were products of Shuangfeiyan, so I have a very deep impression of Shuangfeiyan. Time flies, and we have all grown up. Yes, Shuangfeiyan has accompanied us for more than 30 years without knowing it, and launched countless classic products in the middle, which made us deeply remember.

With the development of the times, our demand for computer peripherals is not as simple as before. Today's consumers pay more attention to hardware configuration, appearance, personalized customization, etc. when purchasing computer peripheral products. Shuangfeiyan as An established manufacturer has been keeping up with the trend of the times and constantly developing new products to meet the more diversified needs of consumers.

I have recently become obsessed with playing games, and I am going to buy a gaming mechanical keyboard. After comparing it, I decided to buy the third-generation optical axis B930 mechanical keyboard launched by Shuangfeiyan’s gaming brand Bloody Ghost.


The outer packaging of the Bloody Hand Ghost B930 mechanical keyboard adopts black and red as the main color, with a large area of ​​black and red embellishment, and a big bloody handprint in the upper left corner, the combat power is directly full. The other part of the front is the main picture and model of the keyboard, and the back is the specific product information.

When you open the package, you can see the main body of the keyboard, the key puller and the manual.

Surprisingly, in addition to the keyboard body, Shuangfeiyan also provided users with a set of DIY keycaps. There are not a few keycaps, but 63 keycaps. It is really surprising that users have enough keycaps. The keycaps can be matched according to your own preferences.


The exterior design of the bloody ghost B930 mechanical keyboard is full of gaming style. Its keyboard base does not adopt the more regular design of the traditional keyboard, but adds a triangular convex design to the four corners of the base, which looks very Express your personality.

The keyboard base uses an anodized aluminum panel, which looks and feels very textured. .

This keyboard adopts an 87-key design, the keyboard base is black, and the keycaps are matched with red, black and gray colors. You can also freely match them with the 63 DIY keycaps provided. The overall playability is still very strong. of.

The length of the data cable of the keyboard is 1.8 meters, which is also fully competent for consumers who have wiring needs.

The keycaps of the bloody ghost B930 mechanical keyboard are made of ABS material. The keycaps are made of curved surface depressions that fit the fingertips. The surface is also frosted. The touch of the keycaps is very delicate. There is also a detail, each key The lower part of the hat has been designed with cut corners, which is more individual. I have to say that the details of the old manufacturers are still in place.

The four corners of the keyboard base use a large area of ​​non-slip pads, which can keep the keyboard stable on the desktop. The legs of the keyboard are opened at a large angle. I like to use them when the legs are opened, so that the wrist can be used naturally without the palm rest. put it on the table.


The design of the LK optical axis has been perfected after two iterations. This time, the bloody ghost B930 mechanical keyboard adopts the third-generation optical axis technology of LK. The key travel length of the optical axis is 3.5mm. Triggering, the response speed only needs 0.2ms, and the triggering speed is 25% faster than the traditional mechanical axis.

This point is believed to be very important for friends who like to play FPS games. Faster trigger time also means faster response speed. The actual performance in the game is faster response, lower delay, and more immersion for players. Experience the joy of the game.

It is worth mentioning that due to the metal-free contact design of the optical axis keyboard, its service life has reached 100 million clicks.

to experience

As soon as I got the Bloody Ghost B930 mechanical keyboard, I couldn't wait to experience it. After plugging in the computer to play a few games, I felt very natural. Open the League of Legends, the hand is naturally placed on the QWE button, thanks to its reasonable ergonomic design, which makes the hand feel very comfortable; the response speed of the buttons in the game is also very fast, and what you press in the game is what you get. The delay of the keyboard keys is not felt at all, and the gaming experience is very handy.

The percussion force of the keys is relatively moderate, and the rebound is very fast. The keycaps always fit the fingers, which is very handy. The sound of the keys is also very crisp, which sounds very pleasant.


One thing I especially like about this keyboard is its RGB color diffuse backlight system. Each key has an independent backlight design, with 16.8 million colors that can be adjusted, and there are very rich lighting effects, which can be adjusted by FN combination keys Effect, I have experienced its RGB backlight effect myself, the effect is great, it can enhance the atmosphere, and the transition between different colors is very natural when the color changes.

Not only the keyboard backlight, but also the Bloody Ghost B930 mechanical keyboard is equipped with RGB on the side, especially at night, it looks very beautiful from the side, the light band dances with the music, and the gaming experience is directly full.

If you still feel that these are not enough, you can also download the control book, and set the function of the keyboard and adjust the lighting according to your own aesthetics.


After using the experience these days, the biggest feeling I get from the bloody ghost B930 mechanical keyboard is that the workmanship is excellent and solid, and the LK3 optical axis feels comfortable. Not only is the game experience good, but also the daily office code is a kind of enjoyment. Cool backlight, personalized design, and reasonable ergonomics design, if you want to experience it, you might as well start it now.

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