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What the old man said, Chapter 45: Not only a tool, but also an expression of personality--Dujia HiKeys Bluetooth wireless dual-mode keyboard experience sharing

With the development of mechanical keyboards, there are not many things to dig out at the technical level. Whether the feel of each axis is good or the user experience is also a matter of opinion, it is very subjective. Nowadays, the keyboard is not only a typing tool, but also has the function of expressing personality, which means that the keyboard should not only be easy to use, but also look good.

The Dujia HiKeys Bluetooth wireless keyboard I will share with you today is such a beautiful and easy-to-use keyboard.

HiKeys adopts a simple layout of 84 keys. Although there are 16 more keys than their 68-key FUSION, the overall volume does not increase due to the narrow frame design. The extra 16 buttons are more convenient in terms of efficiency than the three-layer switching buttons.

In terms of button design, HiKeys’ ESC, space and enter buttons are designed to be eye-catching yellow, and the blind spots of the space bar 00 and J and F are also designed to be eye-catching yellow, and there are obvious differences in feel. It is easy to use even in low-light environments.

The keycaps are square and round keycaps, which are more comfortable than traditional square right-angle keycaps, but for those who are used to right-angle keycaps, it takes a while to get used to them.

Although the ambient light of HiKeys is only white, which is a bit monotonous compared to many RBG light effects, there are various lighting methods, which can be switched at will according to different moods.

In terms of connection, it adopts a combination of dual-mode Bluetooth + 2.4G wireless, and can connect up to three devices at the same time. Switching through the indium-plated wave switch on the top of the keyboard can connect up to three devices at the same time. (Baidu took a look at this indium plating, which is an electroplating technology that can make objects more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and can also maintain surface gloss.)

This function is especially useful when using more than two computers at the same time, saving every inch of space on the desktop.

Don't ask me why I have two computers!

Although the wireless keyboard is very convenient to use, frequent charging is also very irritating. The battery life of HiKeys is very good. In the Bluetooth mode with the ambient light turned off, the battery life can reach up to 360 days, even if you forget where the charging cable is. Don't panic. And even if the ambient light is turned on, it can have at least 7 days of battery life, which can be described as a very long-lasting performance.

HiKeys is currently selling dark blue/silver and white color options. The dark blue is simple and elegant, while the silver and white are lively and generous. Personally, I prefer dark blue. In terms of the switch body, there are silent red switches and brown switches to choose from. I usually type late at night, so I chose the silent red switch.

If you also like this keyboard, take advantage of the recent discount, you might as well go to the official flagship store of DURGOD Dujia Tmall.

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