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When the freshness meets the mechanical sense, the practical evaluation of Gasket structure Dalyou A98 water-permeable three-mode mechanical keyboard

For people who need to work on a computer every day, especially those like me who work on a laptop every day, nothing can improve happiness more than a stylish and easy-to-use keyboard. In the busy work, typing on a favorite keyboard, with the clicking sound of the keyboard, the work becomes easier. After get off work, when playing games with friends, a keyboard that can be operated precisely and does not break down can also make the game more handy. Today, I would like to recommend my new favorite——A98 water-permeable three-mode mechanical keyboard.

The earliest mass-produced customized products, Gasket structure, word-of-mouth and strength coexist

The Gasket structure is the most popular keyboard structure in the past two years. Unlike traditional keyboards, its keyboard is connected by precise extrusion of the upper and lower covers. The inner tank structure has no rigid structure and screw support, and the feel is more moist and even. It does not produce some disturbing noise like traditional mechanical keyboards, so it is well received and sought after by many customized players.

In this regard, Dareu A98 is the industry’s first mass-produced Gasket structure mechanical keyboard. Among the several series currently on the market, no matter it is fashionable shape or actual use experience, all of them are loved and respected by users. In the field of mechanical keyboards Its reputation and strength are obvious to all.

PC material transparent keycap, crystal clear, creating a different sense of fashion

The first time I got it, I was amazed. Even my friends couldn't help but praise: "It's so beautiful!" The keyboard of Dareu uses transparent PC material keycaps, which can be seen clearly. As for the internal structure of the keyboard, in order not to be too smooth, there is a layer of frosted material on the surface, which will not leave fingerprints and increase the comfort of the touch. It will not look greasy after a long time.

Under the perfect lighting effect of full-color RGB, the color is gorgeous and the atmosphere is full. It has the soft beauty of women and the rigid beauty of a mechanical keyboard. It is a super easy-to-use desk item.

Sky axis V3 spool body, stable structure, bring better user experience

In terms of the shaft body, this Dareu A98 water-permeable version adopts the sky shaft V3 structure, straight up and down linear feel + high-density gold-plated spring; coupled with the big key of the purple gold satellite shaft, not only the structure is stable, but also not fleshy. It won't shake, giving people a solid and heavy feeling. The newly upgraded EPDM rubber and high-toughness silicone filling together with the fence-style Gasket structure eliminates noise while increasing the soft elastic feel. My personal feeling is that there is a crisp pressing sound.

Let's put it this way, when typing, it's like tapping on something that has a certain degree of elasticity, and the rebound is fast and smooth. Whether it's playing games or working, it feels very good. In order to save desktop space, this keyboard adopts a 98% column layout, which perfectly retains the number keypad and is very convenient to use.

Three-mode connection, suitable for various life scenarios

This Dareu A98 water-permeable version supports 2.4G+Bluetooth 5.1+wired three connection modes, can quickly connect to laptops and desktops and other devices, compatible with WIN, MAC, IOS, Android systems, it is equivalent to daily use, no matter Both wired and wireless are supported. For example, I like to use bluetooth to connect, but my husband is used to using wired, this is equivalent to a keyboard, we both can use it, so it saves money, haha~

Thanks to the 4000mAh lithium battery device, the performance of this keyboard in terms of battery life is also very impressive. If the light is turned off, it is no problem to persist for a month, and it can also meet the battery life of a month when the light is turned on. In addition, the sleep function can also be set in the case of not charging the surface, which is very convenient.

Rich SKUs are available, there is always one that suits you!

As one of the earliest mass-produced customized brands, in addition to our water-permeable version, Dareu A98 currently has organic armor version, industrial gray, underglaze green, water-permeable version, time white and tiramisu, etc. There are multiple styles to choose from, and anyone can find a mechanical keyboard that suits them according to their preferences.

In short, this Dareu A98 water-permeable version not only has the stability of the traditional mechanical keyboard, but also has the rebound and fullness of the Gasket structure. At the same time, the transparent shape and design, which looks like ice cubes, are clean and clear, and it feels both small and fresh, while taking into account the rigidity of the machine. Therefore, whether it is appearance, shape or configuration, this keyboard is very recommended. If you need it, you can start it~

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