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Who's not a girl Chapter 101: Who can refuse cute cats, let's start with Luo Fei Xiaoqiao cat theme keyboard!

Hello students, I am Miss Si, a graphic designer in Shanghai!

Who can refuse such a cat, and I can't, especially for students who have cats at home, I can't refuse. Although I don't have a cat at home, I always go to my friends to pet the cat.

The love for cat people is incomparable. Many things in the house have more or less cat elements. My previous keyboard also has cat elements. This time I saw the new Xiaoqiao accessories released by Lofree , decisively chose the themed keycaps with cat elements, fulfilling a small wish of my own.

In fact, there are many manufacturers of cat claw keyboards, such as Heijue, Lofree Luofei, AKKO, Daryou, and ZOMO's cat claw theme keycaps are more popular. Of course if you like it, buy it.

For a Lofree fan, the first thing I bought was this lipstick keyboard, and I still love it so much after a few years. It can be said that Lofree's lipstick series keyboards have really played tricks. Many girls are happy to spend money.

The new generation of Xiaoqiao is also another masterpiece of Lofree after the lipstick keyboard. It adopts the DIY sales mode. You can choose the combination of the shaft body and the keycap, or the combination of the keyboard theme and the theme keycap. more choices.

As for the choice of 100 or 68, it depends on your own needs. I have some needs for the arrangement of the number keypad and full keyboard, and I am going to take it to the office, so I chose the 100 arrangement with the red switch as my main input. tool.

This generation of Xiaoqiao adopts Jiadalong's switch body. The red switch as the main text input switch body can be used by most people. I like it very much. Of course, this is also a matter of personal preference.

The Lofree keyboard is powered by three AAA batteries, and supports Bluetooth, 2.4G, and wired modes. It supports a maximum of 5 device connections. Basically, one keyboard can meet the needs of multiple devices on the desktop. .

Lofree Luofei can use two ways to order this time, no matter whether it is 68 or 100 series. Through the small program mall built by Lofree Luofei, you can choose the theme keycap and keyboard theme, and you can also choose the axis body and keys to choose yourself. Favorite feature. You can see that the price of customized theme keycap 68 is 199, and the price of 100 matching is 249. You can also choose to tip the designer.

This time, I chose a cat claw 100 series for the theme keycaps. After all, cats are the most beautiful match for girls.

However, in order to meet the needs of different groups of people, Lofree has assembled a variety of themed keycaps, which are very rich, and it depends on personal choice!

Lofree released a lot of themes this time, I am relatively simple, just like it at a glance, it is easy to pick and choose. I don't want to choose entanglement.

This set of cat claw theme keyboard is made of PBT material, which is not oily after long-term use, and the surface is frosted, which feels great, especially the various kittens in the letter key area and function key area are really cute, who Can reject cute cats.

After the completion, the small keyboard is really the most beautiful keyboard on my desktop. It has a wireless design and can be easily connected to my laptop, tablet, or even a TV. The multi-mode design is indeed very convenient.

I usually have a lot of white things on the desktop. In fact, I didn’t like it very much at that time. The main reason is that I don’t like the monotony of the desktop. Now with this small warp, the desktop becomes lively and cute. As a girl, who doesn't like such a desktop.

Using such a cute and lovely keyboard every day has become a cute thing, and you don’t have to worry about running out of electricity, just plug in the cable and continue to use it.

Compared with the previous membrane keyboard of the unit, the feel of the mechanical keyboard is undoubtedly more comfortable, especially for the designer to use it more conveniently and smoothly.

In addition, if you are new to the keyboard, you need a simple process of using and adapting, and I am no exception. After a few hours of familiarization, I can already adapt to the feel of this little warp. Students, do you want to do it together? cute love.

I'm Miss Si, see you next time!

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