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Who said girls don't like mechanical keyboards? That's because you didn't send Luo Fei Crayon Shin-chan Keyboard Set

Speaking of the collective childhood memories of the post-80s and post-90s, Crayon Shin-chan is one of the funny roles. In this anime, we can see the funny but always united Nohara family, and we can see the critical moment. Kazama Nini and other friends can also see everyone who is still optimistic after going through various events. These are the stories we can see when we were young. I believe that many friends have kindness buried in their hearts at that time. and wonderful.

Now that we have grown up, we have more or less struggled in the workplace. We have experienced successes and setbacks. Although we are gradually smoothed by life, the innocence in our hearts remains unchanged. people feel relieved. No, Lofree, a well-known domestic peripheral manufacturer, has recently reached a joint cooperation with Crayon Shin-chan IP to launch a new DOT dot mechanical keyboard. I believe it will be a must-have new product for many young women in the workplace.

This mechanical keyboard co-branded by Lofree and Crayon Shin-chan IP, you can see a lot of designs with Xiaoxin animation images printed on the outer packaging. I like to throw away the packaging after opening the box. I also decided to throw this The packaging of the keyboard remains. After opening, you can see the DOT dot keyboard, PALMER palm rest, REVERSIBLE double-sided mouse pad, data cable, and product instruction manual. The same above products all contain the theme elements of Xiaoxin, and the rich details of the accessories are also perfect. , A whole piece of mouse pad looks great on the desktop.

Luofei Xiaoxin’s co-branded keyboard and accessories all adopt a more retro gray and white color scheme, which is very attractive and attractive. As a product of the dot series, the keyboard and keycaps are designed to be more rounded, which is more cute in visual effect. The small desktop in the office or at home is simple and versatile.

Of course, the favorite part of this co-branded keyboard is that the F button on the top bar deliberately displays Xiaoxin's multiple funny expressions and daily images of Xiaoxin, and it is processed with 3D printing technology, allowing users to press You can get a brand-new tactile feedback when you touch it. The Enter key and the space bar are also printed with cute patterns and LOGO. It can be said that the details are really rich and full. Both boys and girls can't put it down.

On the left side of the Lofree Xiaoxin co-branded keyboard are the platform switch button, Bluetooth connection and switch button, and the Micro USB interface that can be used for charging and connecting to the keyboard at the same time. It is a pity that the popular USB-C interface is not used. Fortunately, the quality of the attached data cable is quite good, the learning cost of each button is not high, and there will be basically no major problems in operation.

This time, the Lofree Xiaoxin co-branded keyboard is equipped with GATERON Jiadalong tea switch. If you don’t know much about the switch of mechanical keyboards, you only need to know that this is a switch with a relatively balanced experience for playing games. Or there is no problem with text input, the feedback is quick and the pressure is moderate, and there will be no exaggerated "click" sound affecting other people in the office when typing, which can be described as a good news for social fear.

Since we want to carry out the appearance value to the end, how can we not add RGB? The Lofree Xiaoxin co-branded keyboard has a built-in white LED monochrome backlight, which supports 4 levels of adjustable brightness. You don’t have to worry about not seeing the keyboard when you work at night, which will affect your work efficiency. Well, being a worker also has to maintain a sense of sophistication.

As mentioned above, the Lofree Xiaoxin co-branded keyboard supports both Bluetooth and wired connection methods, and is compatible with Android, iOS, iPad OS mobile platforms, as well as Windows and Mac PC platforms. It is very convenient to plug and play without downloading additional drivers. , The 4000mAh large-capacity battery in the Bluetooth connection state can bring about a week of battery life for the keyboard. It can be said to be very friendly to friends who often forget to charge. It is simply the coexistence of appearance and strength.

Finally, let me talk about some ingenious ideas in the design of the Lofree Xiaoxin joint keyboard. We all know that the keyboard, especially the mechanical keyboard, can only be used on an ergonomic basis if it is used at an angle, and it will not feel tired after long-term use. The two foot pads at the back of this keyboard are designed to be a little longer, so that the keyboard is slightly tilted when placed. Many friends, especially girls, actually don’t adjust the height of the keyboard after buying it. Luo Fei’s ingenuity is still commendable.

In general, I am very satisfied with this mechanical keyboard co-branded by Lofree and Crayon Shin-chan, no matter from the invincible and lovely design or the simple and easy-to-use experience. The free palm rest and mouse pad also have Crayon Shin-chan. At the same time as new themes, it will not fall behind in quality. If you want to buy it as a gift for your girlfriend, or want to recall your childhood and hope to get Crayon Shin-chan peripheral products, the performance of this joint keyboard will never let you down.

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