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Why did I buy the same Dujia K620W three-mode wireless keyboard? No, this time it's the white light version!

The last Duga K620W wireless keyboard with a mute red switch was used by my wife in the company, so I thought about adding a mute wireless keyboard to the desk in the bedroom. I bought a lot of Duga keyboards, and I have a good impression of the Duga brand. The wireless and Bluetooth are also very stable, and the chain has never been dropped. But I am unwilling to buy another K620W of the same model, because I have used it. After Dalong’s silent red switch, I feel that I have discovered a new world, and I want to experience Kaihua, Gaote, and TTC.

But just in time, when I paid attention to Kaihua, I found that Kaihua has launched a new Turbo shaft. The shaft core material of the "Turbo" series of shafts is made of high-smooth composite POM material newly developed by Kaihua, which is highly smooth. High performance and low coefficient of friction for a smoother experience. And the first launch of this Turbo switch is Dujia’s new K620W white light version of the three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard. Compared with the K620W, the K620W white light version not only has more lights, but also the switch body has been changed from Jiadalong’s customized crystal switch to Kaihua Turbo. axis.

So, I bought another keyboard with exactly the same appearance! That's right, the K620W in front of me is also the "Echo" in blue and white color. I like the appearance, so I also chose the same appearance for the white version of the K620W I bought. Not only the appearance is exactly the same, but the packaging and accessories are also exactly the same, except that the word CORONA is added on the packaging.

Duga K620W echo color, pure white panel, pure white letter area, with light blue functional area, with Klein blue as the finishing touch. And because it is a light-transmitting keycap, the characters are made of light gray translucent light-transmitting material, so the contrast in appearance is not high, it looks soft and low-key, elegant and restrained, and you will never tire of it.

The keyboard shell of the sandwich structure is essentially an improved hull structure.

The shortcut key function is marked on the side of the keycap, so it looks cleaner and tidy from above.

I found a small change, the WIN key and the Alt key directly became the dual system logo, and the Option and Command of Mac OS were also marked, so that there is no need to change the keycaps when switching systems!

Due to the white light, the keycap is also replaced with a light-transmitting keycap, light gray translucent light-transmitting material + PBT material two-color injection molding. Durga's keycaps have always been very good in workmanship, with no obvious spouts, neat edges, and uniform colors.

The hot-swappable Kaihua Turbo silent red switch, the high-transmittance switch cover, and the sheathed cross keycap can effectively prevent dust and foreign objects from entering the switch.

The hidden receiver storage compartment is more beautiful and not easy to lose. Two-stage folding foot pad, height adjustment more freely.

Compared with K320w Misty Blue, we can see that K620W has a more mature color scheme and more delicate handwriting. I like both colors!

In terms of workmanship, both are very good, but the workmanship of K620W is more complicated, so it has a sense of class.

On the desk in the bedroom, just right!

The main color of white matches perfectly with the pure white table top. The blue embellishment just sets off the red mouse.

My wireless earphones are also white, Samsung Level Over Bluetooth noise-cancelling wireless earphones, which have been used for many years, and they are very coordinated when put together. The speaker is relatively low. I originally wanted to buy the white version of the Audioengine A2+ Wireless. It is small and exquisite, and the sound quality is not bad. Unfortunately, my wife does not approve...

Dujia K620W white light version, the light is soft, not dazzling, and looks comfortable.

There are many modes of light, such as constant light, wave, ripple, superficial water, starlight and so on.

Of course, turning on the white light consumes more power. As a wireless keyboard, I usually turn it off.

The structure of the Durga K620W is based on an improved hull structure, similar to the Gasket structure, and it also uses a large area of ​​sound-absorbing cotton and cushions, so it is also very quiet. I also have a Gasket structure keyboard on hand, but in fact it is difficult to feel the structural difference from the K620W in use, and the shaft body has a greater impact on the feel.

There are four types of Turbo switches newly launched by Kaihua, red switches, silent red switches, silver switches, and brown switches. My model is a silent red switch, and the conduction stroke is a little shorter than that of the red switch, which means that the trigger will be a little faster, but in fact, most people can't feel the difference at all. In terms of feel, compared with the cherry red switch, the Kaihua Turbo switch is obviously smoother, without friction, more stable and less shaking. The end of the silent red switch has a rubber cushion to reduce impact noise. The Q elastic has a little cushion, just like running in running shoes, with less impact and a less crisp mechanical feel, but it is more comfortable for long-term use. And the sound is indeed significantly smaller than the ordinary red shaft. The feel of this kind of Q bomb is a bit close to that of an electrostatic capacitor keyboard, so it is the same as the electrostatic capacitor keyboard. People who like it boast that it is the ultimate fever reduction, while those who don’t feel it feels like wearing a cover, and there is no pleasure.

Compared with my K620W K620W’s K620W, the pressure, stroke, and conduction are basically the same. However, the Kaihua Turbo’s silent red switch has more sheaths and structural reasons. I feel that the upper shaft is shaking. smaller. It feels good in the hand. The last K620W was taken by my wife to the company, so I can’t make an AB comparison between the Kaihua Turbo silent red switch and the Jiadalong silent red switch. It’s a pity!

In general, the Dujia K620W white light version of the silent red switch meets all my expectations - exquisite, elegant, quiet, smooth, long battery life, and stable connection. This is why I bought the K620W again!

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