Wireless customization, a powerful tool for office - Keychron K2 Pro feels in hand

I have a lot of mechanical keyboards on hand, with different sizes and different layouts, but the scenes I use are all at home. I have never used mechanical keyboards in the real office area. Considering the factors of the working environment, the value of the keyboard is too online. It is really not suitable for use in the office, so it is just necessary to start with a mechanical keyboard with a simple appearance and comfortable typing. After browsing the site, I found that many bigwigs recommend Keychron’s keyboard. Looking at the single picture, the keyboard is simple and very suitable for office use, so I decisively bought its Keychron K2 Pro.

Keychron has many fans in overseas markets, especially YouTube. Although it is not very famous in the domestic market, it is still very recognized in the customization circle. try.

Appearance , K is all black, pure black packaging with laser characters and renderings of the keyboard, highly recognizable, I don’t know if it is mainly for overseas markets, and the outer packaging has no Chinese introduction information

The packaging is very solid, and the foam partition protects the keyboard and accessories well. All accessories include the mechanical keyboard body, USB A to C cable, key puller and shaft puller, screwdriver, manual, and keycap set for replacement

The orange card is printed with precautions for plugging and unplugging the key shaft, which is very friendly for novices

When I got the Keychron K2 Pro, my first impression was that it is compact. It adopts a 75% arrangement and a compact layout of 82 keys. In addition to retaining the keys except for the digital area as much as possible, it achieves a compact size and basically does not need to be used when using it. A false touch has occurred. The whole keyboard frame is square, very suitable for office use

K2 Pro adopts Keychron’s classic color scheme, black and gray dotted with two red dots, calm and unobtrusive, it seems that all the keyboards I have seen are in this color scheme, which is also its iconic feature

On the left side of the keyboard is the Type-C interface, and on the right side of the interface are dual system switching and connection mode switching buttons, which can be used to realize blind operation. Compared with some keyboards, which are arranged on the back of the keyboard, the layout design of Keychron is very convenient. , in most cases the left hand can easily complete the operation

The back of the keyboard provides two-stage support feet for adjustment. When using it, we can adjust it to the height that suits us according to our habits. For office use, comfort is still very important.

Shaft You can choose red switch, brown switch and green switch. My choice is red switch. K2 Pro uses its own K-Pro red switch, which is different from the Jiadalong switch used by most domestic keyboards. Regarding the Keychron self-developed switch There is not much information about it. From the introduction, it can be seen that the operating force of the red axis is 45±10gf, and the total stroke is 4.0±0.4mm

The hot-swappable design makes it very convenient for us to replace the shaft body, goodbye to welding

Through the interface under the shaft body, the cotton interlayer and PCB board can be vaguely seen, so the design of sandwich cotton and bottom silica gel further improves the noise reduction effect, and there is almost no cavity sound and spring sound when knocking

pressure feeling Still, it's excellent. Factory self-lubrication makes its tapping very smooth and smooth, straight up and down, the trigger is fast, and it can be activated with a light touch without pressing all down, so the fingers will not feel sore when typing for a long time

Keycaps , K2 Pro is equipped with OSA-standard PBT two-color ball caps, using two-color injection molding technology, the surface of the keycap is frosted, the touch is relatively moist, the keycap is wear-resistant and not easy to oil

The keycap can be easily replaced with a key puller, and there is no sense of disobedience when the u1s1 is replaced with a "value" keycap

The Keychron K2 Pro mechanical keyboard has cool RGB lighting. RGB has 22 color lighting effects. The RGB lighting effects brought by the non-translucent keycaps do not have the feeling of a marquee. It is low-key and not dazzling. It is still suitable for office work.

Keychron K2 Pro uses qmk firmware, all in wired mode, supports VIA open source key change, although VIA is not as convenient as some brands' own software adaptation, but for daily office, use VIA's layer function, combined with macros, can be combined Create function keys that improve efficiency. For example, I don’t use the F1 function key much, so I changed it to ctrl+alt+A. This shortcut key combination is the shortcut key for me to open a certain software, so I changed it to After that, I only need to press F1 to complete the above operations, which is very convenient to use

In the wired mode, let’s take a look at the texture of the cable made of braided material. You don’t have to worry about the wear and tear caused by long-term use. The keyboard can be charged in the wired mode. Provides 70h of battery life, no problem for daily use

The last thing I want to say is that the first time I experienced Keychron K2 Pro, its performance is quite amazing. Although its price is not very prominent in the inward-rolling mechanical keyboard market, the texture of K2 Pro and the good switch make it in the market. There is a place in the niche circle of customization. As a Bluetooth dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard that supports QMK/VIA, I believe it is worth a try for both mac and win users. I think it is a good choice as an office keyboard!

Above, I am pp, see you next time~

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