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Wish List Winner and Alien Keyboard and Mouse Set Unboxing AW510K+AW610M

[This is the first time I am writing an article, please bear with me] On March 30th, I received a call starting with 010. Because I received too many sales harassment calls recently, I hung up the first one, and the second one was still the same number. Pick it up and tell me this winning insulator hit the jackpot? !

The night after Aunt Zhang’s revision and I updated, after coaxing the baby to sleep, my daughter-in-law looked at Douyin. I never go in, because the rules are often long and require too much, even if I operate, I often win the prize and it has nothing to do with me), but I don’t know what happened that night, I clicked on the list, and I saw 5 or 6 empty, Just balbalba wrote it. Later, I don’t know whether it was Athena who kissed the finger, or the child’s sleeping profile touched the god of luck. In the next few days, when I forgot about it, I received a call from Aunt Zhang.

(The current wish list is actually closer to a questionnaire survey. Several are three multiple-choice questions and two fill-in-the-blank questions. One of them is the gift you want. I filled out the Dujia mechanical keyboard (I just read the community before filling it out) keyboard evaluation , I watched it on Jingdong and Xianyu, and I fell in love with it. )

The call was made by a little brother, the number starting with 010, I only answered it for the second time, the little brother told me, you are xxx, you won a prize in the wish list activity worth buying and participating in, and you filled in at that time Duga XX mechanical keyboard? But we can only purchase from JD.com itself. Do you think it is possible to replace it with a similar product? I was so happy. At that time, there was no keyboard word in my head, only the word "winning". Happiness filled me, and I said such a sentence, you look at it and buy it, I like it all! ! ! Who doesn't like aunt whoring for nothing! ! ! The little brother is very good. He repeated the rules and asked me to watch a mechanical keyboard on JD.com within 3,000 yuan. If it takes time, he will come back later. We agreed to speak in 30 minutes.

The little friend in my office heard our whole conversation, and he was not calm anymore. He walked to my station, took out JD.com, and chose "self-operated, mechanical keyboard, price from high to low", and said to me, buy it Buy it, it's the most expensive. , so we initially planned the alien keyboard and mouse set AW510K+AW610M (2399 yuan), and the authorized version of the Cherry MX8.0 Pokémon tea switch (2399 yuan). Thinking that if we are not limited to mechanical keyboards, we will try to say this (the order we thought at the time was ipad-alien keyboard and mouse-cherry keyboard). When the time is up, "Why hasn't he come back yet, is he lying to you?" Pacing, "Why hasn't he called you back" Hehe. After the phone call, my brother told me, no, I can only buy a mechanical keyboard. We chose this keyboard and mouse set, and he didn't refuse, so we knew there was something to be done.

While waiting for it to come back, I went to station B to search for videos of this keyboard and mouse, and found very few. I searched in Aunt Zhang, and there were revelations about the high price, but there were no comments, and there was only one revelation from the community. I also took a look at the Jingdong comment area.

The popularity of this keyboard and mouse is not high enough, directly speaking, the price is relatively high. I looked at it, and generally there are not many main keyboards, and its keycaps are not compatible with other brands. If you want to change the keycaps, add highlights , seems more difficult to operate.

Therefore, before the machine came back, my mood had changed from being excited to calm down every day looking forward to the express delivery. At the same time, I felt a little bit regretful, and felt that I made a wrong choice at the time, and should have chosen Cherry MX8.0.

It feels very silky, just like Dove.

If you set up the lights,

The light driver can be downloaded from Dell’s official website (aw510k: https://www.dell.com/support/home/cn/zh/cndhs1/product-support/product/alienware-keyboard-aw510k/drivers), but I found nothing after searching for a long time I found it, and finally I found the link that Jingdong customer service wanted. -Technical Support-Download and install the keyboard driver, download and install the control software Alienware ***mand Center and set the light effect.

1. Static lighting effect (always on) → all buttons → effect → select RainWare → save and there will be the following

rainbow wave effect

2. Button lighting effect The settings are similar to static lighting effects, as well as macros, sleep timers, etc.

First of all, I would like to thank Aunt Zhang. I am sincerely grateful. Although I am an old user, I click every day, browse every day, buy as appropriate, and rarely comment, speak, especially when posting articles. I am a good boy who has relatively low participation but supports silently. I didn't expect it to be overturned by the official. I hope that Aunt Zhang will prosper and become better and better.

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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