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With 98% configuration of fairy fights, can the Mechanic K600 break out?

Today's 98% equipped with mechanical keyboards can really be said to be a fight between gods and gods. Everyone knows that domestic mechanical keyboards are also booming, and it can be said that they are much stronger than many foreign brands in terms of playability and choice. Today we will first take a look at the 300-priced Mechanic K600 dual-mode mechanical keyboard.

The packaging is ordinary, basically a bunch of English, with purple text and black packaging, it looks very boring.

The accessories of the keyboard are relatively simple, such as thick and thick Type-C cable and key puller. The others are instruction manual, warranty card and a small product certificate.

The keyboard adopts a contrasting color design, and the gray and white keycaps are stitched together. The mechanical advantage of the 98% configuration is that it is almost equivalent to the key function of 104keys, but the desktop size occupied is similar to that of the mechanical keyboard with the 80% configuration, which is one of the reasons why it has become popular in the peripheral circle in recent years.

The size of 87key with a small keyboard is really comfortable for workers, maybe this is the charm of the 98 series.

The appearance of the Mechanic K600 is still relatively bulky, but the interior is actually nothing, plus the plastic shell, the overall appearance is not very heavy, and the appearance is average from the side (the three-mode model looks much better, and the shell has various semi-transparent colors).

On the upper right of the keyboard is the Bluetooth/wired switch push button and the Type-C connection port.

The light transmission performance of the keycap is average, but the touch is really comfortable, and the characters are also very good-looking.

The large key position is still a common satellite shaft, the grease is a bit too much, and there is too much oil, so it is recommended to choose a little less. The shaft body adopts the shaft customized by the mechanic, and there are green/red/tea/yellow options. I personally prefer the green shaft, which has a strong sense of paragraph and loud sound. It takes off directly when coding.

The Mechanic K600 uses a metal positioning plate, so the internal structure will be relatively empty, and the sound of the keys is relatively loud. In addition, the key cap is relatively thin. When using it, the sound of the keys is many times clearer than that of the bare shaft body. It is a pity. In the era when domestic mechanical keyboards are basically hot-swappable, the price of this type has reached almost 300 or it still uses welding.

In fact, the buttons feel quite good. The most comfortable part of the keyboard should be the keycaps. It will not feel harsh or oily, and the touch is relatively mild and moderate.

The backlight is a common monochrome SMD lamp, and the lamp beads are very bright, so that the light-transmitting keycaps can also be very light.

Compared with the current domestic mechanical keyboards that are in full bloom, this dual-mode K600 is relatively average in cost performance, but the upgraded three-mode version has improved a lot from appearance to design (hot-swappable), and I personally recommend using the three-mode keyboard directly. Or choose the same type of mechanical keyboard with hot-swappable, multi-mode connection and 98 configurations.

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