With a budget of less than 500, why Dareu A81 has become my first choice

Whether it is work or study, you cannot do without a computer. Where there is a computer, a suitable keyboard is naturally needed. Especially as the younger generation, while pursuing practicality, they also need to be personalized and cool, so more people will choose mechanical keyboards, but now there are a lot of companies that make mechanical keyboards, and it is really distressing to choose a suitable keyboard. In my opinion, I still have to choose a big brand and an old brand, and my budget is within 500. In the end, I chose the Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard.

After receiving the goods, just looking at the product packaging, I think it is worth the price. The silver gray looks very textured and high-end. I personally prefer it.

The keyboard is protected by a dust cover, which is also well done. In addition to the keyboard, there is also an accessory box, which contains a data cable, a key puller, and several replacement keys. With this key puller, you can buy some personalized keys according to your own preferences, and DIY at will.

The keyboard I chose uses a combination of yellow and purple, and is equipped with individual white keys. I like this color combination at first glance. It is very beautiful and eye-catching, and with the RGB backlight, it is simply amazing.

In addition to the online appearance, the design layout of this keyboard is also very good. 81 keys and a simplified 75% arrangement layout make the whole keyboard compact and compact, saving more space for the already not rich desktop.

Dareu A81 adopts elastic arm Gasket structure. The newly designed T-shaped PCB plate is combined with high-toughness silicone sleeve to increase the force of soft contact and increase the soft elastic feel. It feels quite good when pressed. The full key has no impact design, the key response is fast and fast, and the combination key is not afraid, and the simultaneous pressing does not conflict with each other.

At the same time, it also uses a two-color keycap made of PBT, which has a delicate feel and also increases the tactility, and it is not easy to oil up after long-term use. It is also very suitable for playing games or working. Moreover, this kind of material is also durable, and the characters are clear and not easy to wear, so you don't have to worry about the words on the few keys commonly used for playing games.

All the keys of Dareu A81 support hot-swapping, quick-plug and quick-pull switching at will, free replacement of the shaft body, and you can DIY your own keyboard.

Dareu A81 uses three connection methods, wired, 2.4G wireless, and Bluetooth. Meet different usage scenarios and practical needs. For example, if I am working and the Bluetooth of the company computer is banned, then I must choose wireless or wired. But if I play games, there is no doubt that it must be wired.

The last thing I think is very good is that it has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity battery, which can be used for seven days even with the backlight turned on, and can be used for more than a month when the light is turned off. Of course, in addition to the capacity, it also benefits from its smart sleep function. What's more, it also reduces the number of frequent keyboard switches, making it more worry-free to use.

Generally speaking, the Dareu A81 three-mode mechanical keyboard has won my heart in terms of appearance, comfort and even practicality. If your budget is also within 500, I don't think you can give it a try.

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