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Xiankan Evaluation Chapter 60: Shaft replacement can only be done by hot-swapping? Bloody ghost 3 player T98 mechanical keyboard test, just one key

When it comes to keyboards, it feels like a common thing, and there are indeed countless keyboard brands on the market.

But when it comes to keyboard types, there are generally two main types, namely membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. The bottom structure of the keycaps, percussion sounds, service life, and selling prices of these two types of keyboards are completely different. For a long time, low-cost, short-lived membrane keyboards were very popular. However, with the rapid rise of industries such as e-sports games and self-media, mechanical keyboards have become more and more popular among consumers due to their better user experience. s Choice.

Objectively speaking, in addition to the design and texture of the membrane keyboard, the biggest advantage of the mechanical keyboard is that the trigger stroke of the axis body is shorter and the operation speed is faster, so in "League of Legends", "Tomb Raider", "Original It has more operational advantages in games such as "God". However, for friends who use a higher proportion of daily text work, the advantage of the short trigger key travel has become a disadvantage, because the short trigger key travel will increase the number of keyboard accidental touches, which is a headache.

Usually, if you want to get a more extreme experience, there are only two ways, either change the keyboard, or change the shaft through hot swap, but either way is very troublesome, if there is a key to switch function, then don’t be too concerned awesome.

Not to mention, there really is, Shuangfeiyan bloody hand ghost 3 player T98 mechanical keyboard (abbreviated as bloody hand ghost T98) is such a mechanical keyboard, and brother Kan just happened to start it recently, today I will briefly talk about such a mechanical keyboard. Worth it or not.

Cool camouflage style, super practical keys

Many times, Brother Kan is thinking about a question, what should a mechanical keyboard look like, dazzling RGB lighting effects, or crazy personalized customization? Or should it be both? Later, Brother Kan found out that it was neither. The best design of a mechanical keyboard is to make your heart beat when you see it, and the Bloody Ghost T98 at least gives me that feeling.

Bloody Ghost T98 has two different color schemes, pixel green and pixel gray, which can meet the needs of different aesthetic lovers. Among them, pixel black is mainly black, but with the addition of 25 keys, it will become a cool camouflage style in seconds. How about Which boy does not have a "dream of being a soldier" in his heart, and which girl does not have a love affair with a "brother soldier"? The pure camouflage design of the SHIFT button and the space button on the left interprets the main color of the entire keyboard, and the LT variable speed optical axis on the right side of the F key is presented in red, which is a finishing touch.

Under normal circumstances, the keyboard is divided into 87 keys and 104 keys according to the number of keys. The former has the advantage of saving desktop space, but lacks a numeric keypad, which makes daily work inconvenient; More desk space, both designs have pros and cons. The bloody ghost T98 uses 98 key positions, which retains the basic functions of 104 key positions and has the space advantage of 87 key positions. It can be said that it is the most comprehensive key position design at present.

Now that we're talking about keys, let's talk about keycaps. Keycaps are mainly divided into two materials: PBT and ABS. Although ABS has better light transmission, it is extremely poor in oil resistance, especially easy to stick to oil and not wear-resistant. It is a beautiful appearance and poor practical choice; The degree of grinding and smoothness are better than ABS material, and it is more used for flagship-level keyboards.

The bloody ghost T98 keycap is made of PBT high-purity material. Through the sublimation process, the ultra-fine frosted texture design of the keycap is realized; the keycap selection is the OEM keycap, with a thickness of 1.3mm. Conventional keycaps make the keys feel clearer.

On the back of the Bloody Ghost T98 keyboard, it is mainly divided into USB TYPE-C interface for plugging and unplugging wires; the three-way integrated wire slot design is more convenient for daily wire organization; the surrounding non-slip feet naturally ensure that the entire keyboard is more stable; The 3° and 8° adjustable two-stage support feet on both sides of the top point and seem to hide swords meet the height needs of different users.

Brand-new LT optical axis, one-button cut three-axis

Compared with many mechanical keyboards on the market, the most innovative and personalized function of Bloody Ghost T98 is the LT optical axis. Eliminates the trouble of plugging and replacing the shaft body.

Simply put, what is the keyboard stroke, that is, the displacement that occurs when a key is pressed. If you feel the ups and downs of the keys are more obvious when typing on the keyboard, it means that the key travel is longer, which will make people feel full of elasticity; a keyboard with a moderate key travel will make people feel soft and comfortable, and a keyboard with a shorter key travel will be more responsive. , applicable to all kinds of games.

The LT optical axis of the Bloody Ghost T98 provides three optional settings for 2.0mm trigger travel (blue backlight), 1.5mm trigger travel (yellow backlight) and 1.0mm trigger travel (red backlight), which are respectively suitable for normal hand speed Players, regular gamers, and e-sports players with extremely fast hands, three different trigger strokes meet the different needs of our daily office and games, which is almost unique among similar products.

At the same time, in terms of LT optical axis, the performance of Bloody Ghost T98 is also very good. It uses a linear axis body with 45gf pressing feel, which is somewhat similar to the feel brought by the red axis of our traditional mechanical keyboard. The overall operation is smooth and light, with excellent performance. Stable; at the same time, its optical axis has been specially adjusted, and the deflection angle is only 0.5° when compared with the traditional axis body, which means that its axis core is quite stable, and there will be no errors caused by excessive shaking during operation. touch the problem.

In addition, the shaft core of the LT optical axis is a special gear material, which is quite powerful in terms of oiliness and wear resistance. With the dustproof and waterproof design, the life of the keys is as high as 100 million times; and the rebound point and bottom point TPE (synthetic rubber) ensures the mute effect of the entire LT optical axis, whether it is playing at home or going to work, it will not cause noise to the surrounding people.

The real test sees the truth, the game is super fun

The design is amazing and the function is very practical, but how to actually use it depends on how you use it.

Typing is of course the most important thing in daily office work. From the actual experience, the bloody ghost T98 has a very good typing fluency. It can quickly input fonts under light touch, and the whole process has no lag, and the fluency performance is excellent. .

Of course, the most important thing is play testing.

For large-scale 3D client games like "League of Legends" and "Original God", the quickness and connectivity of skill release during the game are very important. The entire operation process means that we can realize the skill in the game first. Release or skill combo release. Through the 1.5mm trigger stroke and 1.0mm trigger stroke of the bloody ghost T98, we can find a more suitable setting for ourselves and realize the rapid release of skills. It is recommended that you try several times to find the most suitable trigger itinerary for you.

From the actual game operation point of view, the release of skills in the whole game process is simple and neat, and there is no problem of sloppy, and the whole keyboard feedback does not feel straight up and down. A sense of delay. Of course, I still want to emphasize that the adaptability of ultra-short key travel varies from person to person. If you are not a friend who often plays games, it is recommended that you adapt to it in the order of 2.0mm-1.5mm-1.0mm.

Brother Kan is here to talk, it's worth it and sincere

In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned configurations and functions, the Bloody Hand Ghost T98 also adds a sound-absorbing sponge between the positioning board and the PCB, which reduces noise while further improving the feel, and adds a waterproof and dustproof nano-coating to the PCB. , the service life is also better; and it comes with 25 PBT keycaps, which can be said to be very user-friendly.

After nearly half a month of hands-on experience, Brother Kan believes that in addition to the advantages of conventional mechanical keyboards, the T98 mechanical keyboard of Shuangfeiyan Bloody Hand Ghost 3 player has the two biggest advantages of the 3rd gear brought by the LT optical axis. The adjustable trigger travel function significantly improves the practicability of the entire keyboard; the 98-key design combines the dual advantages of 104-key and 87-key, fully functional while retaining enough desktop space.

As one of the earliest brands in China to deploy computer peripherals, Shuangfeiyan always pursues exquisiteness and practicality in products, and refuses to be flashy. Shuangfeiyan bloody hand ghost 3 player T98 mechanical keyboard obviously perfectly interprets this concept, and is confused about choosing a mechanical keyboard. For friends who are hesitant, Brother Kan thinks it is the standard answer.

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