Xiaobai GK980 keyboard kit + gold powder switch V2, Xiaobai's first customized experience

A few days ago, I bought the GK980+ kit of the little nerd. The unboxing content is in the previous article, so I won’t repeat it here. If you are interested, read "Unpacking the Nervous GK980+ Keyboard Kit, Is the price of 238 worth buying?" "This time the content is mainly about assembly and sharing experience, so let's go directly to the topic.

Kit is bought back. But the shaft and the keycap have not yet started. And this kit doesn't have a satellite shaft yet. Although you can customize the switch body, keycap, satellite switch and the like from the small nerd, the price is relatively expensive. Or you can choose to buy additional ones according to your needs.

PS: The minimum cost of the small worm's axis is 100, and the most expensive is more than 200 (gold powder axis v2). The satellite axis is also 40.

After doing homework on the Internet, the hyacinth of the bald brother used for the satellite axis. A set of 19 yuan can be said to be very affordable. The only thing is that you need to lubricate the shaft and assemble it yourself. It may not be friendly to novices, but it is not difficult. It's my first time too.

A set of satellite shafts can be made of 9 (1 large and 8 small), and a small bottle of grease, brushes, foot pads, two adjustable iron posts, and a pack of white ones.

The switch body was originally planned to buy the ash wood switch V3, which is the king of cost-effective rolls. Toto usually has more than 50 and 100 pieces. However, after reading the news, there is a discount at 8:00 pm on Duodu. You can buy 100 for 36 yuan. So I decided to try squatting for three days. However, it didn't come out for three days. Instead, I saw a TTC gold powder switch v2 in Xianyu, with an asking price of 170 for 112 pieces. I'm a little interested, I tried to chat with the seller, and finally got it for 150 free shipping.

This set of gold powder shafts has been machined. The seller also made no secret that it was collected from Xianyu. When the previous seller collected it, some shafts were filled with soot. I'm fine, as long as it works.

The TTC gold powder switch V2 is a linear switch, and I have been attracted to this switch body long ago. The last rk98 was equipped with colorful axes. It is said on the Internet that it is a gold powder shaft for skin replacement. The last rk98 is pretty good in terms of typing. It just feels draining after a long time. This time, by chance, I entered the gold powder shaft, and I will have a good experience in a while.

I want to buy a set of keycaps on Xianyu. I feel that buying keycaps in Yuli is either cheap or not good-looking, good-looking but not cheap, and most of them do not include postage. So in the end, I bought a set of programmer keycaps for 40 yuan in Duodoli. This price must be a replica (imitation).

As a money-saving expert, I don’t think about box packaging, and it’s affordable to pack directly in bags.

Regarding this set of keycaps, it is not very recommended. Although it is good-looking. But the workmanship is average, and the overall texture feels thin. Moreover, the burrs on the inner wall of several keycaps have not been dealt with properly.

I lubricate the satellite shaft before assembling. In fact, it doesn't matter whether it is moist or not. Some people like customized things and some don't. I also shot a video before the break, but there was that kind of steel wire sound. Those who are interested can take a look.

Before wet

It is also the first time for me to moisten the satellite shaft. I thought that the inside of the shaft should also be moistened. (I thought, anyway, it’s so lubricating, so it’s not for nothing. ), the result is a super-meat feel, and it will not rebound when pressed. Checked online, too much grease was used. So it was removed again, and the grease in the shaft was wiped clean, and only a little grease was applied to the two rods.

Of course, applying grease is also a personal preference. Some people may like the feeling of this kind of meat, so they should apply more oil. I don't like it very much, just brushed it a little bit. It feels better in the hand, and the sound is crisp and crisp as I like.

After moistening

Install the shaft body, there is nothing to say. Insert it directly into the alignment port.

Satellite shaft part.

After the programmer presses the keyboard, you're done.

I always feel like something is missing. By the way, the optional rotary button has not been installed yet.

Installation is also very simple, just plug it in.

The assembled keyboard weighs 1239 grams.

Typing experience: The gold powder shaft is known as the best shaft for codewords. I have experienced it myself, it feels really good. It feels very carefree, and the sound is also like the sound of mahjong. The trigger is relatively soft, and there is no sense of exhaustion like the colorful switch on the rk98. But I have a disadvantage when using the gold powder scroll, that is, typing too much is very tiring. I don't know if it's a personal reason.

big key sound

Wireless Latency: The current experience of this part is very good. I plug the 2.4G adapter directly into the interface on the back of the computer. The same connection is very stable. It's never disconnected, it feels like a wired connection. I just don't know if it will be a problem for a while.

RGB lighting effect: To be honest, I don't pay much attention to this point, as long as it feels good in the hand and the wireless connection is stable. The effect is still there, but the keycaps are opaque. So it's hard to see the lights.

Let me talk about its shortcomings through a few days of experience.

Computer Software: It seems that many functions can be set, such as lighting settings, key settings, macro settings and the like. But the summary of my experience is that it sucks. I found that the simple setting of lighting effects did not preview when I clicked the keyboard, and it did not take effect when I clicked save and apply. Anyway, I didn't bother to study it later.

shop service : Bad, as mentioned above, I want to ask how to use the customer service software, the answer is: Dear, you can follow our official account, there are the latest tutorials. However, it didn't pay attention. Also, it was found that there was no shaft puller, and I asked the customer service and said there was. Respond to him, ask me to send him a photo, and after sending it, ask me to send him a video. After sending it, please ask us for after-sales feedback on a working day.

Data line interface: The design of this keyboard charging interface is really difficult to use. As shown in the figure below, the interface is inside, and the basic blind insertion cannot be inserted. Moreover, this kind of design port is not easy to insert, it needs to be turned over, and coupled with the hard data cable, I don't want to pull it out every time I plug it in for charging.

Because I am not satisfied with this set of programmer keycaps, I just saw the EVA zero-themed keycaps for sale in Xianyu, and the free shipping is only 30 yuan. Start decisively. After getting it, I really feel that I have earned it. The quality is better than programmer's. After pressing it, the appearance is also very good. I won't go into details here.

There are two sets of keycaps, which one do you guys prefer?

Overall, I am very satisfied with the GK980+ keyboard kit. The appearance is very high, and the functions you want can be used stably. It is recommended if you want to buy it.

Well, this is the end of this content, thank you for your patience to watch. Give me a thumbs up if you like it.

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