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Xiaoxin’s joint name, the one with the crayon: Lofree Luo Fei Crayon Shin-chan joint set

At present, as far as peripherals are concerned, Lofree is undoubtedly the most pleasing goddess among them. The excellent design makes the "appearance" always online. Now the Lofree dot keyboard is five years old, just like Xiaoxin's opening remarks: "My name is Nohara Shinnosuke, and I am five years old this year!"

Lofree Luofei×Crayon Shin-chan joint mechanical keyboard is a new member of the dot series. The headshot on the box reminds me of my childhood in junior high school. In the early days, I didn’t even know that the little guy with such a distorted face was called Xiaoxin. .

After opening the box, you will see this lovely keyboard. The accessories include keyboard, data cable, REVERSIBLE mouse pad, and PALMER palm rest. This mouse pad is generously sized and can be used on both sides. The biggest advantage of the suit is that it has complete accessories, and you can have a more comfortable experience when you buy it in the next step.

The black and white sides of the cartoon elements look better to me personally, and I will use this side to lay the desktop after a while~

My first impression of the keyboard is that it is "round, cute and interesting", from the keycaps to the frame and even the feet at the bottom are round. The weight in the hand is moderate, and the rounded frame is more comfortable in use.

The keycaps in the F functional area are the key point of the keyboard that best reflects the joint name. From the dynamic superman to the funny Xiaoxin, various emoticons fill the upper key area, and the 14 emoticons fully show the fun and good looks.

The cute dot keycaps also have a separate character design on the big keys, and there are enough cartoon elements, which also shows their joint identity at all times.

The operating area on the right contains the Micro USB charging port, Bluetooth switch, and system switching lever operation keys. As a bluetooth + wired dual-mode keyboard, it will be more convenient to use the pad with a mobile phone in bluetooth mode. You need to switch devices to get it done with a single tap. Windows and MAC can be easily matched.

The flatness of the bottom shell is very high, and the support and stability of the four silent anti-slip pads are good. At the same time, the angle on the desktop is just right, and the angle during the coding process is still very comfortable.

As for the switch, Xiaoxin is equipped with Jiadalong tea switch. The feedback of paragraph switch in use is clear and intuitive, and the sound is not noisy. The tea switch is also used by many players to code words or play games, and the performance in all aspects is very balanced. The shaft body, the light-transmitting appearance of the keycap characters after the light is on is still very comfortable.

The 4000mAh lithium battery provides a reliable and long-lasting battery life. The keyboard can last for two months when used for about 4 hours a day in Bluetooth mode. The keyboard will automatically enter sleep mode when it is not used for a long time.

experience feelings

After the desktop is arranged, you can feel the exquisite and comfortable experience when you get started. The soft and quick-rebound characteristics of the palm rest can provide good support.

The monochrome backlight can be adjusted in 4 levels, and the look and feel is still very comfortable. The dot keycaps can fit naturally with the fingertips during the tapping process, and the side of the keycaps of the function keys are marked with individual functions, so that a more intuitive experience can be obtained during use.

The outstanding appearance is the most prominent highlight of this keyboard, and desktop productivity is its fixed attribute. Good-looking, interesting, easy to use, and complete accessories also improve the comfort a lot.

Interesting desktops are what many peripheral parties are pursuing. Xiaoxin’s joint name highlights the meaning of cuteness, and the round and exquisite appearance and carefully decorated keycaps just set off this atmosphere. In terms of feel, it is light and smooth, and the stability of the Jiadalong tea switch is also good. The light-transmitting keycaps and monochromatic backlight will have a great viewing experience in dark light environments, and it is quite practical to support Win/Mac dual systems. Being with the computer every day, it is natural to have a little more fun to not be boring. Seeing Xiaoxin's naive emoji pack, my mood also improved.

Cute and soft, versatile and fun, the Lofree×Crayon Shin-chan co-branded mechanical keyboard is especially suitable for cute girls who are fans of comics, and it will bring you back to your childhood. Are you excited?

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