Xiaoyuan's Keyboard Part 7: Pay for feelings, regardless of age, ikbc Gundam joint mechanical keyboard

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Many times I am reluctant to buy things that I think are useless, and many times I will buy a lot of things to satisfy my little preferences. I think people are a contradiction, but spending money to buy things you like is also a happy thing. In the past two years, it can be said that a lot of money has been spent on mechanical keyboards. Of course, I have gradually learned more about mechanical keyboards. It is considered that a small group of people like them, and there are various mechanical keyboards for customization. . Today I will talk about a relatively simple mass-produced mechanical keyboard, from ikbc Gundam joint mechanical keyboard, many people are familiar with Gundam, and they are very sentimental. After all, they all came here when they were young. At that time, mobile suits still liked it very much, so what will happen when Gundam and mechanical keyboard are jointly named.

Gundam joint mechanical keyboard

First of all, the appearance of the joint model is highly recognizable, such as the classic Gundam color scheme, red, yellow, blue, and white. This is also in line with the armor color scheme of the first generation of mobile suits. The overall white keyboard upper and lower covers, plus white keycaps and some yellow, blue and red keycaps form this joint keyboard. ESC, enter key, shift key, and space bar are all keycaps with obvious high-level elements. There is E.F.S.F. on the Enter key in the letter area.

The keycaps are made of PBT keycaps with two-color technology, which has a good touch and is not easy to oil. There is a little curvature in the middle, and it feels good to type.

The keyboard in my hand only has a wired connection. Compared with Bluetooth and other 2.4G connections, the wired connection is much more stable. For those who like wireless, you can also consider the joint name of the three-mode version If you look carefully at the bottom plate, you can see that there is a split wire slot for the overall wire, which is much more convenient for the wire to be placed on the table.

The one-piece foot support allows the keyboard to have a certain height, and it can be opened when needed.

The 98-key configuration with a number area is my favorite, because the number area is basically used frequently. For a keyboard with a number area, it can be said to be a sharp tool for work.

The switch body uses the classic red switch, which is relatively more versatile, and is very suitable for ordinary games or code words.

written in the back

Basically this keyboard is like this. I think the co-branded keyboard is a preference upgrade based on the usual keyboard. For those who have a co-branded feeling, it is their favorite co-branded model. Why should there be the previous one? , what do you say.

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