Xiaoyuan’s keyboard Part 9: This time it’s a set, Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao three-mode mouse unboxing experience

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The keyboard and mouse are the keyboards and mice we commonly use. Almost everyone who uses a computer has a keyboard and mouse. It is a joy to choose a set of keyboard and mouse that you like, and it will be much more comfortable to use. I remember that I experienced different keyboards in the previous year, and only occasionally changed one or two experiences with the mouse.

Xiaoqiao keyboard is loved by many people, especially the tofu color is very simple and clean, and a little round and cute, I also have one, this time the Xiaoqiao three-mode mouse is also tofu color, it just makes up a set of keyboard and mouse .

Xiaoqiao three-mode mouse

Most of the mice currently on the market are not too novel, basically they are not the same in terms of appearance, size and materials. It is not the same as the mouse we usually use. This mouse has its own design language. For example, the tofu-colored appearance is integrated with the Xiaoqiao keyboard. There is also a small display screen to display some parameters. The most distinctive one is of course It is its replaceable left and right buttons. With some features of the customization of mechanical keyboards, and their family has introduced mouse buttons with different themes that can be replaced, there are more ways to play with the mouse.

I believe that many people will have the experience of oiling when using the mouse. Xiaoqiao only uses PBT material. This material is not easy to oil, and it will be very comfortable for long-term use.

This small mouse adopts three connection methods, Type-C wired connection and charging port, 2.4g connection (the receiver is stored at the bottom of the mouse), and Bluetooth connection. You can use the three connection methods according to your preferences. The mode switch can be realized by pressing the M key at the bottom.

The switch key is set next to the M key, and the 2.4G receiver and these keys are set at the bottom, which also considers not affecting the appearance of the mouse. Most mice are designed like this.

The mouse of Xiaoqiao is thicker, the left and right width is slightly narrower, and the overall volume is relatively small. It is more suitable for users with small hands, and it is more suitable for users with large hands to grasp and use.

In addition to the left and right buttons, the mouse also has two buttons on the side and a thin button in the middle. The small display behind the right button can display the mouse mode, dpi, and power display after it is turned on.

Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse uses the original phase 3805 sensor of the same level as Logitech Master series, which not only has the powerful optical capability of high-precision feedback of up to 4000dpi, but also makes Xiaoqiao three-mode wireless mouse capable of tracking most material surfaces Even when used on a glass surface, it can be smooth and silky like flying, making it a high-performance mouse that does not pick the desktop scene.

This mouse supports the adjustment of 800-4000. In the connected state, you can perform fine dpi adjustment by long pressing the thin bar button combined with the scroll wheel. You can set it according to your own habits. Visual dpi adjustment can be regarded as one of its bright spots.

Built-in 650mAh battery, wireless mode use theoretically meets 3 to 4 weeks, and wired use does not need to worry about power.

It has to be said separately that this mouse has better left and right keys. Like a mechanical keyboard, the mouse can also replace the "keycap". Luofei currently provides street attitude, pharaoh, cute cat, community animal banana, Alice 5 Themes are available. You can choose your favorite theme.

Displayed on the table, the original tofu-colored keyboard and mouse are definitely a bright spot on the table. Check out my desktop keyboard and mouse.


For such a more personalized mouse, the three models can be replaced with the keycaps of your favorite theme. If you also have a small keyboard in your hand, you may wish to add a mouse to form a set. Good things come in pairs.

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