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Xiaoyuan's Unboxing Chapter 36: I like it just looking at it, and I want to have a cheese-themed keyboard-Heijue AC067

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The keyboard is really getting more and more fancy. The simple input keyboard is not only a demand, but it is already very personalized and creative for the customized keyboard. If you have paid attention to the keyboard, you will find that every once in a while, different manufacturers will launch a keyboard that is eye-catching. For example, the transparent keyboards that are more popular this year, such as the aluminum tuotuo that I like very much, and the camping-themed keyboards, etc., keyboards with different structures are also the standard for selection.

Today I want to talk about the piece of cheese in my hand, it is indeed a cheese-themed keyboard. The AC067 cheese version from Hei Jue’s family, if you follow me, I also posted an article about their family’s Al Tuo Tuo Hei Jue Yuanfeng Blue. In comparison, the cheese version has more personality.

Cheese Version AC067


For Heijue’s customized series, AC067 series, their outer packaging is basically the same, and the cheese version has the words “Cheese Custom Edition” on the outer box, indicating that it is personalized.

The packaging accessories include the keyboard body, key puller, aviation plug-in cable, mac supplementary keycaps, and a small hexagonal wrench.

The first time I saw this yellow cheese, I liked it a little. If you have seen Tom and Jerry, you will think that Jerry Mouse likes to eat cheese. Naturally, this keyboard is hooked with cuteness.

The first feeling when picking up this keyboard is of course that it is heavy, because the aluminum is not light, and the metal on the surface feels smooth and delicate, which is also due to the effect of the special CNC process.

The shell has been processed by a special process and made into a cheese-like shape. The whole looks like a big piece of cheese, and the keycap has white and yellow color matching, and the whole is integrated. There is no switch in appearance, only a type-c interface on the back of the upper left corner. The bottom is imprinted with cheese.


From the front, you can see that the keycap colors include white and yellow. The yellow-white keycap and the yellow shell match the cheese theme very well. Among them, the ESC, Enter key, and space bar are also personalized cheese-themed keys. Cap, looking at it, there is an urge to tap a few times.


Pull out the keycap, you can see that its switch body is also milky yellow, the switch body is Kaihua linear switch, and the switch body looks cute. Of course, this keyboard also supports hot swapping. If you want to experience other switches The body can also be replaced by yourself, but I think the whole cheese theme, the theme is missing something if the shaft is replaced.

Theme aviation plug-in

From the aviation plug cable included in the package, it shows that the customized version of the theme is special. This keyboard does not have the three modes that you often see, and it supports wired mode. This is relatively conservative for this keyboard. However, the specially equipped aviation plug-in cable and keyboard are also very eye-catching when placed on the desktop. The length of the aviation insertion line is also sufficient.

Backlight RGB

I like RGB lighting. When I saw the RGB of this keyboard, I really fell in love with it. The RGB lighting effect flickering between the metal casing and the white and yellow keycaps is not dazzling and very soft. Using such a keyboard should make typing faster Bar. There are 18 lighting effects that can be switched at will. Because it is a wired version, there is no need to worry about battery life. You can keep the RGB lighting effect on all the time. Isn’t this very YYDS?

This keyboard structure is still the main structure of the AC067 series, the gasket structure, which was also introduced in the previous Yuanfeng Blue. For mechanical keyboards, the experience of this structure is still very good.


The appearance of this cheese is really amazing. Looking at the few pictures I took, you can see that it looks very good. I always feel that the keyboard is not only used for typing, but also for viewing and collecting.

YYDS has RGB lighting effects, 18 kinds of lighting effects, choose whichever you like, turn off all the lights in the room, leave only the ambient light in front of the computer, and play some music, I always feel that I can code thousands of words tonight.

The keyboard with the aviation plug looks more professional. I don’t know if you have it, but I have it myself.

The 67-key arrangement is small in size and does not take up too much desktop space. It is also quite suitable as an ideal peripheral. Of course, there are also small front teeth.


I like personalized things, so for this cheese version of the mechanical keyboard, in addition to using it, it can also be pleasing to the eye, and it can also satisfy the idea of ​​wanting to enter the gasket structure, and it is also very comfortable to use overall.

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