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Xiaoyuan's Unpacking Chapter 28: Because I thought it looked good, I bought such a keyboard-BOW630

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Most of the time when you buy things, you are paying for the appearance. Sometimes you can buy good-looking and easy-to-use things, and sometimes you don’t care too much about whether they are useful because they are good-looking. However, you still have to consider the cost performance when buying something.

For the keyboard and mouse, work and life are almost inseparable from the computer, so the keyboard and mouse are also tools that are used every day. There are also various peripherals on the market to choose from.

Why choose BOW630

First of all, I actually have a lot of keyboards, but they are all mechanical keyboards, and the sound is not small, so I thought about buying a silent membrane keyboard, and then the size should be small, not taking up too much desktop space, and then I used Xiaohongshu. I saw a lot of good-looking keyboards, and then bought one at random. It's really nice to take pictures.


For this membrane keyboard, the volume is really not big, very small, on my crowded desktop, the keyboard takes up a lot less area. They still have quite a lot of color schemes, such as swallow feather gray, tea cheese, and green daisy. They all belong to that relatively clean color. Out of my own desktop color, I chose a swallow gray for myself. It fits nicely on the table.

The connection device supports Bluetooth and 2.4G connections, which is good for those who have wireless desktop requirements, and it is also very convenient for carrying.

The built-in 350mAh lithium battery has a battery life of 120h. It adopts a universal type-c interface, and the data cable at hand can be charged at any time.

Of course, the Bluetooth connection can support mobile phones and tablets. For me, it is mainly for my desktop computer, so I use the 2.4g connection method.

For the main body of the keyboard, the swallow feather gray color scheme looks low-key, the combination of gray and dark gray, plus the special orange ESC key, it looks like it has a soul as a whole.

The keycaps are all round punk retro keyboards, which look a little cute. There is a row of function buttons on the right side of the keyboard, which can switch the connected device, and the knob in the upper right corner can also adjust the system volume. This is a very convenient keyboard that I have experienced before.

One-piece foot support at the back.

Regardless of its small size, it has many functions. You can get different operations through the FN combination keys. Just read the manual carefully.

After changing to such a small keyboard, my desktop will seem to have a free space.


The price is cheap, the appearance is good, and there are many functions. If you want to buy a membrane keyboard, you can choose it.

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