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Yan Mo must enter Chapter 4: A keyboard that can make your fingertips fall in love! The sweetness of tapping, Lulian Fun+, my first mechanical keyboard!

?The sharing of life is the multiplication of happiness?——Hi everyone, Xiaoxue is here! Today I want to feed the babies a box of "macarons", the Green Union Fun+ mechanical keyboard that captures the hearts of boys and girls. The dreamy gradient color is like a boyhood love. The fresh and pure feeling comes slowly and is unforgettable. Ups and downs and ignorant liking, is it your confession of life? ! Then let's share the high-value mechanical keyboard of Lulian, which made me fall in love at first sight, unforgettable goodbye, and inevitable. How much do you know about the sweetness of typing? !

The Lulian Fun+ keyboard really gave me a sweet crit to my heart. When I searched for products on the homepage of Lulian as usual, its fresh and dreamy colors and soft and smooth lines are like a shadow of an 18-year-old Reflected in the heart, the pure time and dreams, the pure love and nostalgia, awaken the beauty deep in the memory, as if the boy in the sun that year has not gone far, and you are still within reach. . .

This is my first mechanical keyboard. As a veritable Yan Mo, my first mechanical keyboard must not be simple! This is also the first mechanical keyboard of Lulian. It can be said that the design is really thoughtful, which makes people love it! This Fun+ keyboard has two colors, you can say it is a couple model or you can say it represents different moods, one is "Island Holiday" with a fresh and refreshing style, and the other is "Dream Paradise" with a sweet and warm color , in short, they are all good-looking and attractive appearances! As a young lady who is a daily coder, I chose the "Dream Paradise" model. Let's take a look at it below. Don't worry, because every part of it makes people like it!

From the outsourcing point of view, it is simple and elegant. There are bronzing patterns and words on the pink box, marking the layout and logo of the whole keyboard, so that the arrangement of the 84-key mechanical keyboard is presented to us at a glance, and at the same time, it adds protection. The delicacy and quality of the packaging make the temperament of this keyboard outsourced all of a sudden!

Open the interior, and the theme pattern of "Dreamland" with mint green as the background color unfolds amazingly. The macaron color elements are combined with the cute food castle composition. This set of color matching is really a dreamy color that melts the soul, so beautiful Huan's theme is simply the dream of countless girls! And the theme of this keyboard of Lulian is to believe in fairy tales and live like a dream!

This is a keyboard with 84 keys. Open the inner cardboard, and you will see the gradient color of macarons, which is fresh, sweet and clean. It feels like a pure dream when you were young! The 84-key arrangement retains most of the function keys and the F area, and omits the number area. It is also practical while being compact and portable.

Excited and trembling hands, count the internal parts in detail, dust cover, data cable, 6 supplementary keycaps for the MAC system, key puller, manual and warranty card, complete accessories!

This Fun+ "Dream Paradise" keyboard is not only beautiful in color, but also hides countless ingenious designs in its appearance, creating a beautiful and flexible arc shape. Let me talk about its highlight design first--the "mushroom"-shaped keycap, the front is designed with an outer circle and an inner square, and the upper end surface is concave, which highlights a kind of well-behaved and gentle feeling in appearance, and highlights a kind of stability in touch. , Round touch.

Esc, Delete, Enter and the space bar are designed to be convex on the upper surface, which makes the key drop more refreshing and the pressing down more smooth.

The overall casing of the keyboard is made of injection molding material, and you can see that the sleek and streamlined shape complements the design of the keycaps. There are two big and two small meaty spherical feet on the back, which are integrated with the bottom of the keyboard. It is very stable to use. The overall slope is 6°, and it feels very natural to put it on by hand!

The keycap characters adopt a light-transmitting design, the character design is small, and the touch has a certain sense of damping. The keycaps on the main keypad have a certain slope, similar to the design of a ball cap, and the wrist feels more relaxed when tapping!

The keyboard adopts the high-tech short tea switch, and the new version of the low tea switch has a dust-proof side wall, which has a longer service life and better axis stability. There is a slight difference in use from the tea shaft of the Cherry MX structure, and the stroke is lighter and softer. When actually tapping, it also has a very slight paragraph feel, and the typing sound is very small.

The keyboard is lightweight and compact. Its three-dimensional data are: length 313mm, width 124mm, height 25mm. The weight is only 1040g, so it is a mechanical keyboard that saves desktop space and is very portable.

The Fun+ keyboard supports both wired and Bluetooth modes, and is compatible with Win and Mac system users. The switch is set at the bottom case position on the right. The keyboard can be paired with up to 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time, and the function keys can be used to switch between devices freely, which is very convenient for modern multi-device office.

All keys on the Fun+ keyboard have no impact, all the keys on the keyboard are pressed, and the computer can recognize them, which will not cause system confusion, no conflicts, reduce stuttering and mistakes, and respond quickly during use, without fear of all combinations of keys. Immediately. The stability and delay of the link are also realized well!

Although the Fun+ keyboard is compact, the design of the function keys is very convenient. In addition to the commonly used function keys, its search, arbitrary screenshot, emoji expression, and one-key lock functions are very user-friendly, which is quite practical and convenient for office work.

The Fun+ keyboard has a built-in 1800mAh lithium battery, uses a Type-C charging interface, and is equipped with smart sleep mode. If there is no operation on the keyboard for 3 minutes, the backlight will automatically turn off and enter the first-level sleep mode. If there is no operation for 30 minutes, it will enter the second-level sleep mode. Press any key on the keyboard to wake it up. , so as to ensure stable battery life, the battery life can reach 180 hours when the light is off, and 15 hours when the light is on. In the actual application experience, the battery life is longer than the product introduction.

In addition, the Fun+ keyboard uses a white LED background lighting effect on the lighting, which is very suitable for office use scenarios. The brightness can be adjusted in 5 levels of 0, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%, plus 15 switching light effects , Enough to meet your desktop style!

To sum up, the first mechanical keyboard Fun+ launched by Lulian this time can be described as a leader in the beauty industry. Combining practicality, convenience, dreaminess and sweetness, it is very suitable for friends who code and write in the office , it can be said to be a very cost-effective one in the same price range, and the actual experience is also full of praise! The fresh and beautiful shape and comfortable and light feel, coupled with the flexible function keys, make this mechanical keyboard popular among the public, and the moment I sit on the desk in my hand, this mechanical keyboard has already been loved by women. Colleagues and male colleagues watched, Indeed, there is no female friend who does not love its sweet appearance, and no male friend does not want to give it to his lover. A high-quality, high-value mechanical keyboard with high quality and high price makes your code words more ceremonial, and every day is full of crit-like sweetness. I believe that at this point, your heart must have been captured by it, and you have no resistance!

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