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you are back! Lofree Crayon Shin-chan Mechanical Keyboard Experience: It’s hard not to love it!

If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. As one of the PC accessories, the keyboard is really indispensable in the work. Choosing a keyboard with excellent hand feel, excellent quality and your favorite will undoubtedly improve your daily office efficiency. After talking about a keyboard with good looks, you must not escape Lofree products. Whether it is the keyboard or peripherals, it has always been POSITIONING FOR FASHION LIFE! For example, its dot keyboard is one of them. Lofree optimizes the corners on the mechanical keyboard and transforms them into circular arcs, bringing a dot keyboard with round and lovely round keycaps. The silly Kumamon-themed model, the cute little yellow duck joint model and the colorful lipstick model, their appearance makes many people irresistible, this time Lofree Luofei’s dot keyboard has brought a new The theme, and the joint name of Crayon Shinchan, let's take a look

▲To be honest, this kind of co-branded box is reluctant to lose the series, and there is a big Xiaoxin on the front of the box. The cheap and cute Xiaoxin is so cute that people can't fall in love.

▲There are some keyboard parameters on the back, and those friends who play with Xiaoxin, which character do you like the most?

▲The interlayer paper in the packaging box is a familiar line, "You are back".

▲In addition to the keyboard itself, the joint keyboard of Lofree Luofei×Crayon Shinchan also comes with a super large mouse pad and a soft hand pillow.

▲This hand pillow is made of soft PU leather material, which is soft to the touch and can support the wrist.

▲This mouse pad is also a great value, not only the size is super large, but also can be used on both sides, this side is full of all kinds of Crayon Shin-chan is my favorite.

▲ Let’s take a look at the keyboard. Lofree’s dot keyboard is a popular keyboard, and you can see it everywhere. This time, Crayon Shinchan's co-branded model is in the F function area. It is a point that can best reflect the joint name. From dynamic superman to various funny Xiaoxin avatars, all kinds of emoticons are really interesting.

▲ But don’t worry. The characters of the function keys are all placed on the side, which is as convenient to operate.

▲ 79-key round keycaps, the whole keyboard is in an attractive milky gray tone, the small and fresh color is matched with 14 Xiaoxin cheap and cute expression package keys, and the mechanical tea switch that is very comfortable for typing is used, and it supports full-key wireless Chong, so you don't have to worry about typing quickly.

▲On the right side of the keyboard, there are function switching keys, power on and off keys, and a wired connection port for charging. This keyboard supports wired/Bluetooth dual-mode connection, compatible with mobile phones, computers, tablets and other devices, common Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other systems, and switching is also very easy.

▲The back is a non-adjustable foot support, but the angle on the table is just right, and the support and stability of the non-slip pad underneath are good.

▲Axis body: Lofree Luofei Xiaoxin uses Jiadalong tea shaft. The tea shaft is a weak two-stage paragraph shaft. It will have a slight mechanical feeling when knocking, but it is far less strong than the green shaft. There will also be much less noise. The red axis is a straight up and down axis, without a sense of paragraph, and the response is relatively fast. At the same time, its pressure is also very small, and it is not easy to get tired after long-term coding.

▲This Lofree Xiaoxin keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, supports intelligent automatic sleep, and has 4 adjustable levels of brightness. Basically, it does not need to be charged for two or three months when it is used.

▲The keyboard has an LED backlight, and the brightness of the backlight can be adjusted through the multimedia keys. By the way, do you like this kind of keyboard with backlight? However, with the backlight, the scene at night becomes different. The light transmittance of the keycap is also very uniform, the brightness is soft, and there will be no problems such as light leakage and glare when viewed from the side during use. Keycap concave arc design. Its F1~F12 keys support multimedia functions, and these shortcut keys can be conveniently used in daily use. The slender English font on the keycap is very concise.

▲In general, the Lofree Crayon Shin-chan co-branded mechanical keyboard is quite good, with a good appearance, and the touch feels moderate. If you also like this keyboard, you can try to understand it, I believe it will give you a different experience.

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