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You have to use a mechanical keyboard to play e-sports, experience using the Bloody Ghost S510N!

As an e-sports enthusiast, the requirements for the keyboard are very high, and the consumption of the keyboard is also very high. Basically, it will not be long before you need to change to a new keyboard. At this time, you need a keyboard with a low price and strong configuration performance. , and recently I heard from a friend that I bought a mechanical keyboard called Bloody Ghost S510N. Bloody Ghost is a game brand under Shuangfeiyan. I have been deeply impressed by this mechanical keyboard in the past few days.

First of all, this keyboard feels very textured, which is much better than the keyboard I bought before. I have to say that it must be a mechanical keyboard to play games. Composed of wires, the surface of the keyboard is dark black, with a few red keycaps in the middle, which looks different. This mechanical keyboard uses BLMS custom shafts, which can extend the life of the keyboard.

The Bloody Hand Ghost S510N mechanical keyboard has three types of switches to choose from: "red switch, brown switch, and green switch". What I got is the green switch, which is also my favorite switch. The sound is crisp and has a strong sense of paragraph. When playing games, the sound of clicking and clicking makes people feel very happy in the game.

The key response speed of 1 millisecond allows you to realize instant transmission and rapid response. The keyboard knows what skill you want to play the second you press it. With the intelligent "Full Anti-Ghost" full-key non-response technology, you In all games, you can output commands according to various skills, respond accurately and quickly, and achieve the effect of controlling the enemy first!

In terms of transmission response, the bloody hand ghost S510N mechanical keyboard adopts USB full-speed 1000Hz transmission response, which is more than 8 times faster than ordinary keyboards. No matter how fast the hand speed is or how complicated the multi-key commands are, the screen can also achieve feedback without delay. And no lag, always one step faster when playing games.

The ladder-shaped keycap design and the ergonomic ladder-shaped layout are more comfortable in actual use. Of course, the bloody ghost S510N is also equipped with support feet on the left and right sides. The inclination will be better after opening. Of course, I like the appearance after opening. , It is really fragrant to use.

For the racing game "Need for Speed", under the normal 2.0mm trigger key stroke, it has a fast control feel, and all kinds of buttons can be operated freely, and in the 1.8mm stroke, the acceleration and deceleration keys are pressed down. They all reacted more quickly, and one thing to say is that the experience in the game is still very refreshing.

What makes me scream the most is the iridescent backlight. After connecting with USB, each keyboard character is transparent and very beautiful. The whole keyboard emits a soft glow, which is amazing. From under each character of the keyboard, the light is different. The large command key is green light, the red hat key is white light, and then there is blue light like an elf. When the blue light comes, there are large red and orange lights, and two A green light, so intricately intertwined with light, really makes people wonder if they have picked up a treasure.

What's more considerate is that the manufacturer also gave an additional set of 9 black DIY keycaps, which are matched with black and red, which makes the game more simple and elegant. If you don't like which color, users can DIY keycaps by themselves. The keycaps I set up by myself can bring more different experiences to the game. I really like this kind of setting from the manufacturer. Maybe one day, I will be a little tired of the unchanging colors, and I will personalize them at that time Create a different keyboard keycap.

As a mechanical keyboard in the early 100s, the Bloody Ghost S510N definitely gave me enough surprises, and I have to be impressed by him. I currently feel that I will not replace the mechanical keyboard of the Bloody Ghost S510N, because It has a lot of controllability, not only can DIY keycaps, but also can be matched with keys in the blood hand control key collection.

Of course, this keyboard can also be used with the Bloody Hand Ghost ES30Plus lightweight gaming mouse. With the combination of the two, the desktop not only becomes more cool, but also directly promoted from Xiaobai to a master in the game. If you are interested Friends can rush!

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