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Young people's first mechanical keyboard Super high value + super high cost performance cheap donkey RS6 mechanical keyboard

More than 400 yuan

hot swap

RGB backlight

Three-mode wireless

Large capacity battery

There is also a super high-value fully transparent shell

Adding up the above is the keyboard in my hand today.

How pretty is it? My two-year-old daughter was fascinated by this keyboard when she saw it. She pulled out all the keycaps for me with a cap puller, and said "it looks good" while pulling it out.

Daughter's achievement ↑

Next, let me briefly talk about this keyboard for you.

First of all, everyone must not be scared away by this bohemian brand name. I can tell you clearly that the products made by it are very serious. This RS6 keyboard is no exception.

The packaging style is very straight, once the line draft is released~ it's over~

After opening the box, the family portrait inside~

The entire keyboard has a layout of 96 keys.

The overall use of bright red and frosted transparent body, button layout color matching is very beautiful, coupled with the red metal positioning plate, with the lines of the mecha style, directly hit my aesthetic point.

Let’s first look at the buttons themselves. Different functional areas and special buttons of the keyboard use different colors. The color system is in a range, and the matching is reasonable and has a color contrast effect.

There is a multi-function multimedia knob in the upper right corner. Turn it left and right to adjust the volume, and press it down to mute the volume with one key. Super convenient for daily use.

On the left side of the keyboard, there are switch keys and system switch keys. The switch comes with a small window, so you can clearly know what kind of working mode it is now. This design is very well received.

After removing the keycap, I found that the material of the keycap is two-color injection molding PBT, and the surface is frosted, which is not only comfortable to touch, but also not easy to oil after long-term use.

In addition, the switch body is Jiadalong's G PRO brown switch, and the main material is transparent, which can well let the backlight from below shine through. This keyboard supports hot-swapping, so I can remove the switch body with confidence.

After removing the keycap, I found that the positioning board is also bright red, and the PCB is also red through the material, which can be said to be a complete set.

Come to the back.

The back is also bright red, the upper middle part has silk screens and parameters, and the white foot pads are very conspicuous.

It contains two sets of foot supports with different angles, which are convenient for people with different habits.

I like to use the highest angle.

At the same time, you can also find the missing 2.4g receiving module here, so when you can't find it, don't call customer service first.

There's a metal plate in the middle of the back, which looks really cool, though it doesn't really do anything.

In addition, the PCB components inside can be seen through the shell on the back, and the pins of the shaft body are also clearly visible.

The switches used in this keyboard are Jiadalong’s G PRO brown switches.

I personally like this shaft. The trigger force is small and has a relatively clear sense of paragraph. It is effortless to use. It feels crisp, has a sense of confirmation, and is not easy to trigger by mistake. It is especially suitable for people who type a lot and press a lot of times. Both gaming and social animals are applicable.

Not only that, the shaft itself is not loud, and with the Eva sound-absorbing cotton between the positioning board and the PCB, in the process of daily typing on the keyboard, the cavity sound becomes less, and the sound becomes smaller and better It has achieved a good sense of hearing and mute effect.

What attracts me most about this keyboard is that it has a built-in numeric keypad area under the compact shape, which is very convenient for daily office input.

The keyboard has a built-in large-capacity battery of 5000 mAh that is visible to the naked eye. According to official data, it can be used for more than 4 to 6 weeks after being fully charged, and there is basically no power anxiety. Moreover, it can also be plugged into the computer when charging, without affecting the use.

It is worth mentioning here that using fn+backspace, you can see the remaining battery capacity through the keyboard backlight in the digital area. This design is really unexpected to me, it is innovative and practical.

As for the connectivity, I haven't used it in wired mode yet (although that "telephone cable" is really cool), so far it's mostly bluetooth to my computer.

In Bluetooth mode, it does not interfere with my Bluetooth mouse, mobile hard disk and WIFI, and there is no perceivable delay in daily use. Even in the process of playing games, such as Call of Duty and Fortnite, you can play smoothly without stress, and the delay is negligible. Of course, it will be better to use 2.4G or cable.

Due to the fact that the keys are opaque, the RGB lights can only pass through the gaps in the keycaps~ a little regrettable~

It would be better to replace it with a light-transmitting keycap haha~

The cheap donkey keyboard, whether it is the red transparent appearance or the actual use experience, is very in line with my wishes. It is worthy of the price of more than 400 yuan in all aspects, and it can be regarded as a cost-effective high-end mechanical keyboard. If you are buying a keyboard for the first time, you might as well try this one, it will definitely satisfy you like me.

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