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Youyou Fir | Can the low-axis mechanical keyboard become a new office artifact? Come in and tell you!

?The sharing of life is the multiplication of happiness?——Hi everyone, Xiaoxue is here! Recently, the person at home often travels on business, but the office is inseparable from the mechanical keyboard. I want to buy a thin, portable and comfortable keyboard, so I recommended a low-axis mechanical keyboard to him. The key travel is short, the quick trigger is very light, Choose the gentleman style for the appearance, which is dirt-resistant and atmospheric, very suitable for office and business trips! If you also have the above-mentioned needs, you can come in and have a look, and learn about the new office "codeword machine" Lulian KU102 thin and low-axis mechanical keyboard. I hope it can help you in the choice of low-axis keyboards!

First of all, as the name suggests, the low-axis keyboard is thinner than ordinary mechanical keyboards. The shaft, backplane, and keycaps have been lowered to make them ergonomically more comfortable for the wrist. The need for a key rest will not cause too much damage to the wrist, which is a significant advantage of the low-axis mechanical keyboard in office work!

Greenlink recently launched the thin and light low-axis KU102 mechanical keyboard, which has a light texture and an overall weight of only 485g. Compared with the mechanical keyboard that is usually heavy to pick up, it feels light and easy to carry.

The stepped design on the back supports a comfortable ergonomic angle, and the four corners are clothed with foot pads for stable support, so that it does not shift or move during office work.

It is so small and light, and it can be easily put in an office bag. No matter where you go on a business trip, there is a code word artifact to follow!

The low-axis keyboard has a shorter key travel, faster triggering, and less effort for long-term typing. For some gamers, it can also gain the advantage of fast response. It is also suitable for friends who have just transitioned from notebook keyboards to mechanical keyboards, and can quickly get started. , and the more you use it, the more you become addicted to the feedback of the mechanical keyboard, and you become a code word maniac!

Lulian KU102 adopts the new version of high-tech short tea switch, 3.0mm stroke, triggering quickly, the unique micro-step feel of the tea switch is also very suitable for office use, the confirmation of feedback input without too much resistance, smooth and quiet typing, yes The perfect choice for the office.

The color scheme of Lulian KU102 is very special this time. With blue-green as the main tone, it has a sense of calm and high-end, revealing a cool style in the atmosphere. In order not to look dull, but also to facilitate the distinction of functional blocks, the The functional area is designed in bright orange, and the contrasting color treatment makes the appearance of this keyboard very bright and innovative, while adding a sense of jumping beauty.

The keycap is made of ABS material, with skin-friendly UV paint on the surface, which is more wear-resistant, and the touch is more delicate and non-slip.

Greenlink KU102 adopts 80% arrangement and 89-key layout. The compact layout makes it take up less space and the desktop becomes more free. The only downside, I think, is that the compact layout may easily cause false touches during operation, but the two are originally a contradictory pair, and there is basically no problem after getting familiar with them.

Lulian KU102 adopts a soft white light effect, which supports a total of 4 levels of brightness adjustment and 15 kinds of light effect changes. The keycap characters are transparent, and the light effect can be turned on at night, so that each key can be seen clearly.

The high-level lighting is soft and elegant. It is unobtrusive and not dazzling during use, but it just lights up a piece of your territory. Let your fingertips fly and take pictures of time!

Lulian KU102 has a built-in 1800mAh lithium battery, and has added smart sleep. The combination of the two achieves power saving. According to official statistics, it can be used for up to 150 hours after a single charge. .

It is usually used on business trips, and the backlight is rarely turned on during the day, so the battery is absolutely sufficient for use.

This time, Greenlink uses Bluetooth 5.0 chip to achieve fast and stable connection. With the cooperation of wired connection and Bluetooth, up to 4 devices can be connected at the same time, achieving the practical value of high efficiency and convenience.

There is a mode switch on the upper left end, switching modes is easy and free, and it is more convenient to be compatible with multiple systems.

In fact, the choice, feel, and appearance of any keyboard vary from person to person, but if you just need a thin and portable coding tool, want to free up more desktop space, and want a calm and restrained style that is not monotonous, If you want a smooth and fast code word feel, and want to try the coolness of a mechanical keyboard for the first time, then you can try to choose the Green Union KU102 Thin and light low-axis mechanical keyboard.

The short tea switch feels very friendly, the most tolerant, and the code is efficient. With the feedback of the mechanical shaft, you will feel that the code becomes so refreshing; the thin and light disc, with a suitable angle, puts the wrist just right, Let there be no soreness after every work; the unique color scheme, high coldness reveals inner heat, the more you look at it, the more you like it; the light weight and thin thickness make it a "goods" that you take with you anytime, anywhere. Right-hand man!"

The price is also very affordable, suitable for beginners and low-budget friends. Taking advantage of the hot sale of the new model, the price is really beautiful. It is really worth buying it for more than 200 yuan!

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