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Yuan Dai Qingyan, listen to the echo quietly - Dujia K620W mechanical keyboard experience

Since the last office computer in the unit was replaced by Duga K610W, the love for this keyboard has grown day by day. This time, the keyboard used by the home computer was also replaced with the sister model of Durga K610W - Durga K620W. In fact, the difference is very simple, the same is wireless, three-mode, hot-swappable, but one is 104 keys and the other is 87 keys. The small numeric keypad is often used in office use, and there is no need to consider portability. Naturally, 104 is more comfortable. Most of the family is playing games, 87 keys are more reasonable.

The outer packaging of Durga K610W/K610W is different from the traditional design, with a pure white background and simple text, revealing an elegant taste. The information on the packaging is detailed, and it is marked in multiple languages, which is very catchy with some international brands.

There are a lot of accessories. The box includes instruction manual, TYPE-A to TYPE-C data cable, TYPE-A to TYPE-C socket converter, shaft puller, steel wire key remover, Velcro cable harness with LOGO and for MAC System matching Option and Command keycaps. Put a large piece on the table~

The 2.4G receiver is designed into the storage compartment on the back, making it more convenient to carry temporarily and not easy to lose.

In addition to the fog blue, this keyboard now has another color option called the island. According to my personal preferences, I still chose the fog blue color scheme with white, blue and gray as the main tone. The overall look is fresh, elegant and lovable.

In terms of appearance design, the Durga K610W/K610W series has some new changes in the previous flat design. The newly added black frame and the white keyboard body form a layered double-layered structure. The chamfered frame is simple and retro, and the details are more abundant.

Like most Durgod brand keyboards, DURGOD's English LOGO is placed on the border of the lower right corner of the keyboard.

The switch key and TYPE-C data cable socket are located in the upper left corner of the frame.

This time, the version I chose is the matte echo version, which abandons the cool backlight in exchange for a battery life of up to 360 days. As a wireless keyboard, it can be charged once a year, which is cool enough to think about. .

The keycaps are made of high-content PBT material, which is durable and has a delicate touch. The characters adopt a two-color closed-end molding process. Because there is no need to consider light transmission, the character color is darker, the contrast is stronger, and it is clearer and more beautiful.

In terms of connection mode, Dujia K620W supports Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless and TYPE-A to TYPE-C wired connection methods, and can automatically identify win, os, Android and other systems, which is very convenient to use.

The indicator light display area is located above the direction key on the right, and the four indicator lights are the upper and lower case indicator (Bluetooth device 1 connection indicator), Bluetooth device 2 connection indicator, 2.4G wireless connection status indicator and battery indicator. The power indicator light is red when the battery is low, orange when charging, and green when charging is complete. The transparent twill decorative panel is a unique feature of this keyboard, which is both exquisite and retro.

K620W is set with 87 keys, which is slightly shorter than the full-size 104 construction committee keyboard, which reduces the use space and retains most of the function keys, especially suitable for home use.

There is an anti-slip pad at each of the four corners of the back, and the directions of the upper and lower anti-slip pads are different to ensure that the force in each direction will not easily cause displacement.

The foot support is a two-stage design, that is to say, we have a total of three tilt angles that can be adjusted, making it easier to find a suitable tapping angle.

Different brands of mechanical keyboards come with different key removers. Dujia has always provided a wire key remover, which not only reduces the damage to the keycaps, but also is more convenient to use. At least for me, I am not used to other types. key remover.

It can be clearly seen that the original sliding design is carried out on the constant contact edge of the space bar, which ensures the comfort of the hand feeling. As for the large keys, Dujia uses the satellite shaft design as always, which is not meaty or noisy, and has a better hand feel.

From the shaft puller included in the accessories, we can easily guess that this is a keyboard that supports hot swapping. In addition to the satellite axis, the full keys of Dujia K620W are hot-swappable, and high-end players can customize their own exclusive keyboards according to their own habits. On the shaft body, I tried to choose a silver shaft with a linear feel this time.

During use, Duga’s custom-made switch body feels clear and responds quickly, which meets the level of a thousand-yuan mechanical keyboard.

Duga's Zeus driver is very powerful. It can edit keyboard keys, macro settings and a variety of exclusive configuration files, which greatly improves the playability.

So, that’s all for this Durga K620W. In general, this keyboard with extremely high appearance, powerful functions, and superior feel basically meets all our needs. I believe it will be loved by many friends. See you next time~

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