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Z strong feel Daryou A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard evaluation

Dareu’s A98 mechanical keyboard is one of the earliest mass-produced 98 layout keyboards with a gasket structure. Its price is cheaper than its own customized keyboard with the same structure. The daily price of the three-model version is only 739, not to mention Double Eleven. When it is coming, it only costs 649, and even at the night of 10.31, you can grab it at the lowest price of 619. It is really a good price in the near future. Let me share it with you.

The packaging of the keyboard is relatively simple and elegant, without too many designs. The small blue circle label in the upper right corner of the front of the package indicates that the keyboard is the sky axis V3, and the key map of the keyboard is printed on the back of the package.

There are two layers of packaging, the outer color seal is pulled open, and there is a layer of hard carton inside. After opening, you can see that the keyboard body is covered by a dust cover, and the left and right carton partitions have a slight cushioning effect.

There are many instructions printed on the bottom of the box, like a small encyclopedia. It popularizes the parameters of shafts, Dareus purple gold shafts, sky shafts and four common shafts. It also introduces the size comparison of Dareus A98 and A840 with 104 layout.


In addition to the plastic dust cover seen at the beginning, there are also manuals, connecting cables, purple gold switches/sky switches parameter description cards, double-ended steel wire shaft pullers, and replacement keycaps.

The most conspicuous thing is this set of yellow substitute keycaps, which are made of PBT, and the fonts and patterns are sublimated.

The color of the keyboard is industrial gray, which is mainly composed of gray and white contrasting colors. It is relatively simple. When I bought it at the time, I mainly thought it was relatively low-key and suitable for office use. I did not expect to find that this gray color is better than I imagined. Medium good, lighter than the online picture, even a bit bluer, making the keyboard more stylish.

Especially with the yellow theme keycaps, although there are only a few, it makes the keyboard look more youthful. In addition to the industrial gray that I shared this time, the keyboard also has two colors, the blue and white scheme of the mech version and the red and white scheme of Riding the Wind and Waves. Users can choose according to their own preferences.

In terms of design structure, the keyboard has a traditional upper and lower cover structure, which looks thick and reliable.

The layout of the mechanical keyboard still adopts 98 key positions, and the standard narrow frame shape. The keyboard size is about 388×193mm, which is much smaller than the 444×131mm of the A840 with the traditional 104 layout, and it does not take up space on the table. Simple and beautiful.

The keyboard has separate arrow keys, and the arrow keys are slightly lower than the bottom row.

The original six editing keys are reduced to Del, Ins, Pgup, and Pgdn, which are located above the keypad and can be mastered with a little familiarity.

The 4 indicator lights of the keyboard, from top to bottom are num lk, upper and lower case keys, wireless connection, and charging indication.

The keyboard has two unique designs, one of which is the display screen located on the upper left side of the keyboard - between the ESC and F1, which can display the remaining power of the keyboard in the wireless state, allowing users to grasp the power status of the keyboard in real time, and can charge and last in time . In the state of wired connection, there will be [] scrolling on the display, indicating that the keyboard is charging.

Another design is the three-speed toggle switch on the left side of the keyboard. The position is designed to have a certain practicality, and the left hand can easily operate it. The top gear is wireless 2.4ghz, the middle is wired mode, and the bottom is bluetooth mode.

There is a storage compartment on the right side of the keyboard, which can conveniently and practically store the 2.4ghz receiver.

The keyboard itself is relatively flat, but the height of the keycaps is ergonomic, allowing players to have a better input environment.

The original keycap material of the keyboard is PBT, OEM height, and the difference from the replacement keycap is that it adopts a two-color molding process. The Pbt content is relatively high, and the keycaps feel dry and comfortable, and have good wear resistance, are not easy to oil, and have excellent performance.

The font of the keycap is closed, and the strokes are bold and powerful, which looks clear and easy to identify.

The spout of the keycap is very concealed, and the details are well handled. From the angle behind the keyboard, the spout is completely invisible, which is very beautiful.

The large key position adopts the satellite axis, the feel is well adjusted, there is no steel wire sound and noise when using it, and the consistency of pressing the keycap around the large key position is good.

The keyboard comes with a sky switch V3, which is a linear switch body, with a trigger pressure of 40g, which is relatively soft, and a trigger stroke of 4.0mm, which is suitable for fast input in games and typing.

The keyboard is a plug-in version, the sky axis is a tripod axis, a transparent upper cover, a white wall-type cross axis core, and a light blue axis seat, just like the color of the sky. If players don’t like the feel of the sky switch, they can replace it with their favorite switch body, and the switch plate is compatible with tripod and pentapod switches, which is widely applicable.

The keyboard adopts the GASKET structure. There have been many introductions to this structure on the Internet. In short, because the multi-layer structure of the keyboard adopts flexible connections, the interior is fully supported without too many gaps, so the sound of the keys is more pure and there is no cavity. Sound, feel more clean and neat.

The design behind the keyboard is relatively simple, without too much decoration. There are five strip feet on the bottom shell, which are very stable on the table and will not move easily.

The keyboard has two-stage feet, and there are 3 heights for players to choose the angle of input. There are also foot stickers on each foot, and the details are very thoughtful.

The interface of the keyboard is a type C port, which is located in the middle of the back of the keyboard. After connecting to the line, the keyboard becomes a wired keyboard. There is a guide groove at the interface to ensure that the wire is firmly connected. The keyboard also has a three-way wire groove, which is convenient for users to choose the direction of the wire. Every detail has been considered in place.

Although the keycaps are opaque, the keyboard is still backlit, and it is also RGB backlit, with a variety of lighting effects, which looks gorgeous at night and effectively enhances the atmosphere.

The keyboard has three connection methods: wired, wireless 2.4ghz, and wireless Bluetooth. The keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh large-capacity lithium battery. When the backlight is not used, the keyboard can last up to 45 days.


The keyboard is worthy of being a high-end product, with very comprehensive functions, enough to meet the needs of various players, the clean and neat feel brought by the Gasket structure, the convenience of wired and wireless three-mode use, the flexibility of hot-swappable switches, and the power display The intimate screen, PBT keycaps, gorgeous RGB backlight, etc., the once high price has become relatively affordable in front of Double Eleven, making up for the last shortcoming.

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