Advantages of Bluetooth 5.2

2022-05-19 14:51:18


Advantages of Bluetooth 5.2  

It’s no secret that Bluetooth technology has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Whether we’re sharing files across devices, talking on the phone, or setting up the ultimate smart home, Bluetooth is everywhere.

Like many technologies, changes and improvements over time are inevitable, and Bluetooth is a great example of that as well. Bluetooth has evolved over the years, and most recently, rolled out a 5.2 version in 2020, which is the newest Bluetooth version.

the most efficient and advanced level of all Bluetooth versions to date.

If you want the latest and greatest in Bluetooth technology, you’re going to be better off choosing Bluetooth 5.2.

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Here are some of the major advantages of Bluetooth 5.2: 

Bluetooth 5.2 offers an upgraded version of the original Attribute Protocol (ATT) called Enhanced Attribute Protocol (EATT), which is more efficient and more secure than ATT.  Bluetooth 5.2 offers isochronous channels (ISOC) - which is a brand new feature that supports both connection-oriented and connectionless communication.  Bluetooth 5.2 features LE Power Control and LE Audio, which is the latest in audio technology.  With these advancements and efficiency improvements, Bluetooth 5.2 offers faster pairing capabilities, as well as longer battery life.

To meet the current market demand for Bluetooth products, Keyceo launch a cost effective BT5.2 mouse, KY-R521.

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This mouse used latest Bluetooth 5.2 connection technology, it has the characteristics of low power consumption, anti-interference, long distance and low cost. 

It’s virtually any Bluetooth enabled computer, laptop, or tablet: Connects to Mac, Windows, Chrome OS and Android

You just need to turn on the BT of your device, then put a AA battery into the battery compartment of the mouse, on the bottom. Then you will find the mouse on your device. You can use it on your computer, your tablet.

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It has 4 buttons, right button, left button, middle button, and DPI button. 800-1200-1600DPI available for this mouse. 

There are two shapes for you to choose from, one is round and one is contoured.  

Check out all of our favorite Bluetooth products here to better connect your devices and streamline your day-to-day life!

We also support OEM orders, so if you have any interests in our this mouse, please feel free to contact with us

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