Keyceo Last 2.4g+BT mouse recomment

2022-05-19 14:59:31


KY-R584 is mouse with an ergonomic shape:

It is a mouse in an elegant finish & ingenious design 

1. Rubber feeling injection top cover supply you with super comfortable during using. 

2. Electroplated or rubber wheel give you different options while choosing.

3. Two side buttons increase the practicality of the product. 

4. Top hidden battery cover & receiver cover design makes it more convenient for you during using. 

5. If you need to transport it, hide it in a dedicated compartment and don’t worry about losing it. 

Keyceo Last 2.4g+BT mouse recomment 1

KY-R584 is mouse with multi-versions:

The mouse supports wireless connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters. The 2.4GHz nano receiver allows for comfortable operation and offers interference-free connection. 

Besides the standard 2.4GHz version, R584 also available for another version of 2.4G+ BT 5.0 dual model. Which enable you to use it via Bluetooth connection. 

Keyceo Last 2.4g+BT mouse recomment 2

Meanwhile, put aside these obvious advantages; 

Its’ precise sensor allows you to work efficiently, and the automatic sleep mode allows you to save energy. 

It has been enriched with a high-quality optical sensor with a resolution for up to 1600DPI, what’s more, thanks to the DPI switch button, you can easily adjust the cursor speed to your preferences in three variants (800/1200/1600) 


Keyceo Last 2.4g+BT mouse recomment 3
Keyceo Last 2.4g+BT mouse recomment 4


Welcome to choose KY-R584 for a better office working experience! 


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