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KY-M1049 ODM Gaming Mouse DIY

2023-03-21 10:18:09


KY-M1049DIY mouse custom ODM case.

1. Demand background With the rapid development of the game industry, the gaming mouse has become one of the necessary equipment for gamers. In the field of gaming mice, there are a wide variety of products on the market, and various designs also increase the difficulty for players to choose. Today, consumers are not only looking for performance, design and ergonomics when purchasing gaming mice. For game enthusiasts, he hopes to configure the mouse by himself. Entrusted by the winner of a game global league championship, KEYCEO needs to design and manufacture a game mouse with appearance and performance up to the standard. The core accessories can be replaced according to the different needs of consumers to meet the needs of professional players. Professional needs of gamers.

KY-M1049 ODM Gaming Mouse DIY 1
Meet all the requirements of DIY enthusiasts, switch, case color, back cover shape can be DIY;
The whole body of the product adopts screw free structure design, which can be disassembled without the aid of any tools;
Added the key rebound power spring, the spring press strength can be adjusted according to the user's habit;
Can be customized according to the needs of buyers button color, spare switch brand model, and other personalized marketing needs;



2. Design ideas In this case, a game mouse is designed that not only meets the performance parameters, but also has a powerful DIY function. KEYCEO solidifies the demand into the following manufacturing elements:

1. Appearance design: The target customers of KEYCEO are mainly gamers, so the overall design should not only be beautiful and elegant, but also have cute and trendy elements to attract young consumers.

2. Button touch details: The designer designed the main left and right mouse buttons, the scroll wheel and two buttons that can be customized as forward and backward for the gaming mouse. KEYCEO focuses on adjusting the tactile details of the buttons, such as quick-response triggering, correct feedback, etc., to achieve flexible, easy-to-control, and better experience effects. At the same time, the most important thing is that the left and right switches can be easily replaced.

3. Selection of manufacturing materials: ODM manufacturers choose high-quality ABS materials, which are treated by high-temperature spraying and UV spraying processes to increase the durability and appearance quality of the products.

4. LED light design: The gaming mouse uses LED RGB backlight, providing 16.8 million colors, and can set different lighting effects.


3. Process flow

1. Production plan: In this case, designers are expected to perfectly combine the shape, size, color, surface and function of the mouse from the perspective of ergonomics without affecting the flexibility of use.

2. Main process flow:

(1) Model making: KEYCEO uses 3D drawing software to model the mouse in 3D to ensure the perfection of the design.

(2) CNC engraving: Use a CNC engraving machine to process and polish the outer shell and inner frame of the mouse to ensure that the surface of the product is smooth and smooth.

(3) Assembling electronic components: Completely install small parts such as mouse actuators, chips, connecting wires, axes, and axles on the circuit board.

(4) Assemble the shell: put the internal electronic components into the shell and process the details, such as adjusting the length of the mouse, adjusting the size and shape of the buttons, etc.

(5) Marking process: deep metal engraving marks to ensure that the fonts will never fall off and are not easy to wear.

KY-M1049 ODM Gaming Mouse DIY 2


KY-M1049 ODM Gaming Mouse DIY 3


4. Quality inspection After the production is completed, KEYCEO conducts quality inspection on each mouse to ensure the quality standard of the product. 1. Performance testing: each button press test, sensitivity test, reliability test, and mouse sensor test to ensure a low failure rate of the product.

3. Appearance inspection: manually inspect the appearance quality of the product, such as bright surface, uniform color, clear font and strokes, and fine workmanship. 5. Production efficiency KEYCEO adopted modern production processes and equipment in this case, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved to meet the high-quality production needs of customers, shorten the production cycle, and improve the overall competitiveness of the product.


5. With the continuous development of the game industry, the gaming mouse has become a necessity in the market, and the DIY gaming mouse will have more and more market opportunities. At the same time, more and more consumers will put forward more needs and expectations for DIY mice. These expectations and needs are the future direction of KEYCEO in the field of DIY mice.

KY-M1049 ODM Gaming Mouse DIY 4



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