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KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard

2021-06-04 09:58:28


KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard 1
Education field KY-MK98 mechanical keyboard case
In 2022, KEYCEO received an ODM proposal from the American education sector in order to make the keyboard characters visible to teachers in class and invisible to students during testing. According to the buyer's request, KEYCEO launched the development of mechanical keyboards in the education field.


KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard 2
1. Demand Analysis
With the development of modern education, computers have become an indispensable tool in education. For a teacher, the keyboard is a necessary work tool, and the mechanical keyboard is favored by more and more educators because of its stability, durability, and response speed. In addition, mechanical keyboards for education also need to have some unique design requirements, such as luminous characters to make class more convenient, and at the same time, it cannot affect the teacher's test or use in other scenarios.


2. Design idea:

In this case, the designer needs to design a mechanical keyboard, the characters on the keycaps can glow in the dark environment, so that the teacher can use it in the classroom. At the same time, the characters on the keycaps should not be visible during the test, because it will affect the teacher's examination or test assignment. During the design process, designers follow the following requirements:

1. Appearance design: The overall design of the keyboard should be generous, simple, beautiful and durable. At the same time, designers need to consider the special lighting design and testing requirements of the keyboard.

2. Keyboard type: The target user of the keyboard required in this case is a teacher, so the designer will choose a 104-key mechanical keyboard.

3. Material selection: The designer chose to use strong ABS plastic and high-quality mechanical keyboard switches to make the keyboard shell and keycaps.

4. Keycap design: The designer uses a transparent keycap to make the characters shine. At the same time, the characters on the keycaps are realized through a forward openwork design similar to engraving, and the shape of the characters can be controlled by the openwork depth, font size, and line width.

5. Lighting design: The designer will use patch-type LED light-emitting diodes to emit light. The color of LED lights can be matched according to requirements. This method has stable light-emitting signals, high color saturation, and long life.


KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard 3


KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard 4
3. Process flow:
3.1. 3D modeling design: Designers use 3D modeling software to design the overall shape of the keyboard and the shape of the keycaps to ensure mutual fit and visual effects. The designer considers that the backlight circuit board can be used to control the LED to emit light, and the corresponding software code is written to control the light emission.
KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard 5
3.2. Mechanical manufacturing and processing: Designers use CNC machine tools to cut, bend, and rivet the keyboard shell to ensure that the overall structure of the keyboard is firm and beautiful. At the same time, select the special switch for mechanical keyboard for installation.
3.3. Production of openwork characters: Openwork characters need to be produced through precise CNC machine operations. Designers need to consider the precision and depth of each character in the openwork.


KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard 6
3.4. LED transmission: The designer fixes the LED light slot on the button with silica gel, and installs LED wiring to ensure that the LED light slot is focused and fixed.
3.5. Testing and debugging: Before final assembly, the designer needs to conduct testing and debugging to ensure the normal operation and quality of the keyboard.


KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard 7
4. Quality inspection After the production is completed, the designer will conduct quality inspection on each keyboard to ensure the stable performance and high reliability of the keyboard. The main test items will include keyboard repetition rate, key press force, luminous brightness, USB connection test, etc.
5. Production efficiency For the mechanical keyboard in this case, the production efficiency is relatively low. After the designer verified all the engineering prototypes, he started to invest in the mold manufacturing of batch and zero production. The engineering department will carry out the production of automatic production equipment and fixtures, which can not only ensure relatively high processing accuracy requirements, but also ensure the improvement of production efficiency. After all, for The education system needs to provide services with high quality and low price.




KY-MK98IDM Full-size mechanical keyboard 8
6. Market Prospects Mechanical keyboards for education are a new type of product with good development prospects in both users and the market. Teachers need to use mechanical keyboards in situations such as demonstrating courses, expressing their opinions, and evaluating students' homework, so as to give full play to their professional and human characteristics. Students need mechanical keyboards to simulate what teachers teach. Therefore, there is a wide market demand for mechanical keyboards for education, and at the same time there is more room for innovation worthy of development. KEYCEO welcomes more friends in the education field to work together to realize the future that has not yet been realized.



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