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KY-MK94IDM TKL mechanical keyboard

2021-06-04 09:58:28


KY-MK94IDM TKL mechanical keyboard 1

1. Demand background:

With the rapid development of the smart hardware market, mechanical keyboards, as one of the peripheral devices, are sought after by more and more consumers. Especially in the field of games, mechanical keyboards have become a must-have for players. The mechanical keyboards currently on the market are mainly based on parameters such as mechanical key shafts and trigger force. As consumers pay more and more attention to appearance design and craftsmanship, it is no longer enough to compete solely on performance and parameters. KEYCEO received an ODM bid from a century-old European brand to customize a personalized mechanical keyboard.

2. Design ideas:

This case was entrusted by the buyer to design a mechanical keyboard that not only meets the performance parameters, but also has a personalized appearance and excellent craftsmanship. KEYCEO solidifies the demand into the following manufacturing elements:

1. Selection of mechanical key switches: select Cherry MX, Kailh and other brands of mechanical key switches according to customer requirements, and make timely optimization and adjustments according to customer test feedback results;

2. Appearance design: It adopts independent steel plate structure, which is made by grinding, sandblasting and other processes, and the corners are polished to make the keyboard more delicate, beautiful and high-end.

3. Backlight design: At present, the backlight design of mechanical keyboards on the market includes RGB lighting, monochromatic backlighting, and no backlighting. The direction of this case is to use RGB lighting design to better meet customer needs.

4. Button tactile details: The target customers of ODM manufacturers are mainly gamers, so KEYCEO focuses on adjusting the tactile details of buttons, such as quick-response triggers, correct feedback, etc., to achieve flexible, easy-to-control, and better experience .

KY-MK94IDM TKL mechanical keyboard 2

3, the process flow:

1. Production plan: The mechanical keyboard of this case adopts an independent steel plate structure, the surface is polished, sandblasted, and multiple chamfers are polished to produce a high-quality mechanical keyboard appearance;

2. Main process flow:

(1) PCB board production: PCB boards are made by cold-plating and hot-reverse-dipping lead-plating process, with double-sided panels and green paint on the surface. The furnace temperature is 170 degrees and the pressure is 30kg to ensure the quality of the board surface;

(2) SMT placement: adopt modern SMT placement machinery and equipment to automatically place PCB boards to greatly improve production efficiency;

(3) Keyboard layout: adopt the 92 keys keyboard layout required by the customer to ensure that each key occupies an accurate position;

(4) Keyboard production: Glue the mechanical shaft mounted by the Pick & Place machine to the keyboard layout, and finally assemble the keycaps to complete the production of the entire mechanical keyboard.


4. Quality inspection In order to ensure the quality of mechanical keyboards:

Before leaving the factory, KEYCEO has conducted quality inspections on each mechanical keyboard produced to ensure that the products received by each customer are of the highest quality.

1. Performance test: connect the keyboard to the computer for performance test, check whether each key is working normally, and test the normal working condition of the backlight;

2. Appearance inspection: Appearance inspection is mainly aimed at the appearance surface of the keycap and steel plate to ensure that the font of each keycap is clear and meets customer requirements, and the surface of the steel plate has been sandblasted and polished to ensure a beautiful appearance.


KY-MK94IDM TKL mechanical keyboard 3
2.4G+USB DUAL MODE TKL Mechanical Keyboard
KY-MK94IDM TKL mechanical keyboard 4
High quality metal  case ,Full keys anti-ghosting ,Double injection keycaps & Lasered keycaps supported 



5. Production efficiency:

KEYCEO adopted modern production processes and equipment in this case, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved to meet the high-quality production needs of customers, shorten the production cycle, and improve the overall competitiveness of products.


6. Market prospect As an important part of the peripheral market, the demand for mechanical keyboards is gradually increasing, and KEYCEO will become an important partner of brand owners and superstores through continuous research and development and innovative design. It can be foreseen that in the future market competition, not only the brand, but also the creativity, design and manufacturing process quality will determine the success or failure of brand owners and superstores in the segmented field.



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