Retro Mechanical Keyboard KY-MK40

2022-11-07 16:05:54

Retro Mechanical Keyboard KY-MK40

Hand grip and wheels design: Users can change the backlit modes by pulling the hand grip to adjust the backlit modes, which makes the work is more interesting, and you can also adjust the volume and brightness of the keyboard by rotating the wheel.

Retro Mechanical Keyboard KY-MK40 1


Retro Mechanical Keyboard KY-MK40 2

Retro design: resembles a 1940s typewriter in appearance. Mechanical keys let you feel the charm of the typewriter. Ergonomic design: Ergonomically based, blue axis and circular key cap, easy to click, excellent input and responsiveness. You won't feel tired even if you use it for a long time. Crash-proof, HD printing : 83-key anti-collision button layout, double injection keycaps is not easy to fade, you can press multiple buttons at the same time, quick response, enjoy a better game experience and work.

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Retro Mechanical Keyboard KY-MK40

Wireless and wide compatibility: It can support up to three devices simultaneously via a Bluetooth wireless connection. It is widely compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Supported operating system :WIN2000 / WINXP/VISTA/WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10 / LINUX/ANDROID/ISO/Mac, also it can used as a wired keyboard by connecting Type C cable LED backlight : Equipped with Rainbow backlight, it can accurately view key positions even in dark places, with high operability. Compatible devices: Tablets/Apples/ Laptop/ Ipads/ Mobile phones Battery Capacity: Built in 2000mAh lithium battery which makes sure the keyboards can use for a while, no need to charge the keyboard every day or every week. Indicator lights: Bluetooth/ wired indicator light, Winlock indicator light, Caps lock indicator, Low battery indicator Multimedia function: For windows system, the users can work more easily by press FN+F1~F12 to achieve multimedia functions, like use the calculator, to adjust the volumes of the computers etc.

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