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What is a hot-swappable shaft ?

2023-03-10 15:12:52

The traditional keyboard connection method is solder connection, which is commonly known as "welding". It is necessary to de-solder the internal circuit board, which is extremely unfriendly to the peripheral novice and handicapped party who want to change the axis by themselves.

What is a hot-swappable shaft ? 1

And what about hot swapping? As the name implies, the shaft of the mechanical keyboard can be removed separately, and the replacement of the shaft does not require the use of electric iron and other tools, and can be easily done with a key puller!

The hot-swappable keyboard just solves the pain point of players wanting to "easily change the axis". This type of keyboard is more common in the customization circle at first; In some cases, the shaft body can be directly inserted and replaced through the shaft puller, and there is no need to disassemble the shaft, which is troublesome and time-consuming.

What is a hot-swappable shaft ? 2


What is a hot-swappable shaft ? 3


3 hot-swap solutions:

1: Copper cornets are hot-swappable

The earliest hot-swap solution is compatible with most of the mechanical switches on the market. This solution is used for ordinary keyboard PCB transformation, but it is generally not used in customized kits because the opening is relatively large and it is easy to use for a long time. Oxidation leads to poor contact. Although proper bending of the pins can relieve it, it is not safe after all.

2: Sleeve hot swap

Compatible shafts are relatively small, and can only be compatible with some shafts with thinner pins, such as Gauter, Content, etc. Generally, they cannot be compatible with CHERRY shafts, and individual shafts with thicker pins will feel very, very tight when inserted. The solution is: use pliers to pinch thin pins or sleeves to flatten them. It is less difficult to refit and weld than copper corns, the connection is relatively tight, and there is almost no oxidation.

3: Shaft seat hot swap

One of the most widely used solutions for customized kits is a connecting part with metal shrapnel, which has an independent and special mechanical structure and must have special circuit support. The PCB board needs to redesign the circuit and cannot be directly soldered. The cost will be relatively high; but its connection is more stable than the sleeve, less prone to poor contact, and compatible with 99% of mechanical switches on the market.


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