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What’s the best selling keyboard in 2022?

2022-05-09 09:26:55

Buying a better keyboard is one of the easiest things you can do to upgrade your PC setup. But which to buy?

Whether you need a gaming keyboard, a mechanical keyboard, a wireless keyboard, or even just a basic work keyboard, we will give you good ideal choice .

As popular as mechanical keyboards have become, many people still prefer quieter, simpler keyboards for work and general use. That's where the Microsoft Surface Keyboard comes in. Its simple grey aesthetic is bound to fit well in most desk setups, and the build quality is as good as it gets.

What’s the best selling keyboard in 2022? 1

This full-size wireless keyboard feels comfortable and familiar to type on too, which is just what you want. The layout puts everything you need in reach, and thanks for the rechargeable battery ,it’s support wired ,wireless , Bluetooth ,then you can connect to any device which u need working with . 

What’s the best selling keyboard in 2022? 2


What’s the best selling keyboard in 2022? 3


What’s the best selling keyboard in 2022? 4


KEYCEO KY-MK61 is a fantastic, compact gaming keyboard that ditches the number pad for a more dense, portable design. Not only does it sport a more restrained form, but it also has a unique feature in the way you can swap out the mechanical switches if they die (or you just don't like them). Its match to different user demand . 

And the PBT keycaps is also welcome in 2022

PBT keyboard comes with keycaps that are made up of PBT plastic, which is a high-performance plastic that does not degrade with time and is very highly durable. Let’s first learn about PBT plastic, its properties and where it is commonly used.

PBT or Polybutylene terephthalate is a high-performance semi-crystalline polymer thermoplastic that has a wide range of applications. It is a strong, stiff, tough plastic that is resistant to stains, solvents, environmental changes, discoloration, UV radiators and has better impact resistance. It is used for making electrical switches, computer keyboards keycaps, computer parts and has a wide range of applications in electrical, electronics and automotive industries.  


 The advantage for PBT keycaps is 

Enhanced Typing Experience

Harder, Stiffer and Durable

Resistant to Oil & Smudges

Longer Lifespan & Textured

Generally thicker than ABS Keycaps

Support DIY from factory

What’s the best selling keyboard in 2022? 5

Ergonomic keyboards can come in a bewildering number of shapes and sizes, but keyceo hit gold with this KY-K880 model, which provides important wrist support without being intimidating to use. The angled key sections, plus the cushioned rest, help keep carpal tunnel at bay, while the sloped design and scooped keys ensure your fingers won’t easily get tired even during long sessions of work.

What’s the best selling keyboard in 2022? 6
The slope and rest are also adjustable to three different levels, so you can change them to find which works best (for sitting versus standing, for example). But the keyceo KY-K880 keyboard isn’t just comfortable -- it also has several features ideal for professionals, including FN keys that can use the multimedia keys very easy. 

Most keyboard buyers in 2022 are looking for a wireless option. But if you're old school, whether it's because you're a hardcore PC gamer or because you just would rather not deal with recharging, the KEYCEO KY-MK04 is the best keyboard for you.

It’s support 2.4G+BT+USB triple mode , so you can use it is on any device .

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