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Logitech Unveils G Aurora "Aurora" Series Keyboard and Mouse Peripherals, Designed for Female Gamers

Logitech Unveils G Aurora Gaming Series with Female Players in Mind

Logitech has recently launched the G Aurora "Aurora" series, specifically catered to female gamers. The initial release boasts a range of products including the G735 wireless gaming headset, G715 wireless gaming keyboard, G713 gaming keyboard, G705 wireless gaming mouse, and eight customized accessories.

The Aurora line showcases a unique design aesthetic featuring a sleek white exterior, allowing for personalization with custom accessories and color choices. Beyond its appealing appearance, the series packs a punch when it comes to performance, incorporating Logitech's cutting-edge gaming-grade technologies like LIGHTSPEED high-performance wireless technology and Blue VO!CE microphone technology.

Logitech Unveils G Aurora Aurora Series Keyboard and Mouse Peripherals, Designed for Female Gamers 1

The Aurora G735 wireless gaming headset features an ethereal RGB lighting effect against the white backdrop. It supports Blue VO!CE microphone technology and offers an adjustable equalizer alongside an impressive battery life of up to 56 hours (with backlight turned off). Additionally, it includes LIGHTSPEED low-latency wireless technology for seamless connectivity.

Both the G715 and G713 mechanical gaming keyboards are compact and boast an impressive battery life of around 25 hours. These keyboards also support LIGHTSPEED low-latency wireless or Bluetooth connectivity options. Furthermore, they come equipped with a Cloud-Soft palm rest for added comfort during gaming sessions.

Designed specifically for female gamers with smaller hands, the G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse provides a compact fit and weighs just 85 grams, ensuring comfortable use for extended periods. Similar to other products in the series, it also supports LIGHTSPEED low-latency wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, gamers can enjoy DPI switching capabilities, enabling them to play according to their preferences.

Logitech Unveils G Aurora Aurora Series Keyboard and Mouse Peripherals, Designed for Female Gamers 2

In addition to the main gaming peripherals, Logitech offers a wide range of whimsical expansion peripherals for keyboards and mice. These include cloud-shaped palm rests, cable charms, heart-shaped suitcases, ear pads, microphone booms, replaceable panels for the G713 and G715 keyboards, keycaps, key pullers, and brushes.

With the G Aurora series, Logitech aims to create a gaming experience tailored to female players. Through its elegant design, advanced technologies, and customization options, Logitech presents a range of powerful and stylish gaming peripherals that cater to the preferences and needs of female gamers.

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